History of Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is as old as civilization itself. The practice of manipulating life energy which is also called Prana  was prevalent in Ancient Egypt. Egyptians are Sun worshipers. They found that the Sun is a great source of energy. This practice of Sun worshiping might have prompted the Egyptians to use and treat ailments  harnessing Sun’s energy. That is why, Sun takes a prominent place in the therapy of Pranic healing.

The practice of Pranic healing and its prevalence is believed to have been existing in ancient India also. Because these beliefs and rituals were only taught to or understood by members of a special group. Those groups used to pass on the information about Pranic healing from generation to generation only through their kith and kin. Owing to this reason, historians could not find when the usage of Pranic healing started exactly in India.

But it is believed that Chinese also utilized the universal source of energy that comes from Sun in treating the ailments effectively.

Different countries use different words to describe Prana. In Sanskrit it is Prana. Chinese call it ‘ch’. The same in Japanese language is ‘ki’. Ancient  Greeks called it as ‘pneuma. For Polynesians ‘manna’.

It all points to the fact that the art of Pranic healing was prevalent in the days ever since we know. As I said earlier, this practice of Pranic healing was kept secret by a few people. Which is why it remained under wraps for many centuries.

However, in the year 1987, a Philippine scientist by name Choo Kok Sui reinvented Pranic healing. Choo Kok Sui was Chinese by birth. He, after studying many methods of healing practiced by South East Asian countries arrived at the conclusion that the practice of harnessing vital energy was very successfully used by these countries in healing the human ailments.

Being a scientist, setting aside the beliefs and rituals of those respective countries researched and found that the Sun’s energy, which is a universal source of energy can actually be used for healing the human ailments.

After getting convinced the truth behind the Pranic healing, he founded ‘Pranic healing foundation’ in Manila. From that time onwards Choo Kok Sui practiced this art, taught in a scientific way. With this Pranic healing has found its way in to many countries across the world.

Pranic healing works on these principles.

The  basic principles on which Pranic healing is based are given under.

The first among the principles is that human body has the capacity to recover on its own. Second principle is that the body can be recovered and brought to normal conditions with the help of Prana. Because the body knows how to heal itself  A body knows how to heal itself. In this process nature plays a vital role. And nature provides all the resources needed for curing ailments. 

The third principle is that if the body is supplied with the necessary Prana, affected body quickly recovers and frees itself from the clutches of ailments in a natural and inexpensive way.

It's through breathing we get our life energy.

Life is a series of Breaths. We have to breathe from the moment we fall on the earth. And it continues till our death. Breathing is essential to stay alive. What do we get from breathing? We get the vital energy. And we get this vital energy from air. This vital energy is depleted with every action of our body. With every thought and with every movement of a muscle. So it implies that the spent vital energy has to be replenished constantly. In the absence of replenishment of vital energy, human body will become a victim of a plethora of life threatening ailments. 

It's here Pranic healing comes in to picture.

Pranic healing is both science and art.

Pranick healing is the ancient art of healing.

Pranic healing utilizes "Prana”, the vital energy present in every one of us. In Chinese, Prana is known as "Ki”. Pranic healing uses to heal the whole body. Healing the whole body means, setting the Ki or vital energy in an optimal position. At the same time Pranic healing does the required manipulations in the bioplasmic matter of the victim’s body.

What is bioplasmic body?

According to the science of Pranic healing, there are two types of bodies. The outward visible physical body what we see  and the invisible energy body. This invisible energy body is known as Bioplasmic body.

The other names of Ki or vital energy.

Ki is known with many other names. They are Medical qigong ( pronounced as Ki Kung ), psychic healing, Vitalic healing. Therapeutic touch, laying of the hand, magnetic healing, Faith healing and charismatic healing.

The process of Pranic healing involves, a healer who is an expert in transferring the Ki or vital energy in to the body of the patient, who has inadequate quantity of vital energy.

Where from the vital energy comes?

Vital energy has three sources. They are Solar Prana, Air Prana and Ground Prana.

As the very name indicates, Sun is the source of Solar Prana. Solar Prana rejuvenates and invigorates the entire body and helps in maintaining a sound health. It can be gained by staying or exposing the body to Sunlight.  Another effective way to supply Solar Prana to the body is by drinking the water exposed to sunlight. One has to be cautious not to expose the body for a longer time as there is a risk of damaging the physical body by the Solar Prana.

The next source of Prana is that is obtained from air called Air Prana. Air Prana is also known as ‘Vitality globule.’ While we breathe, Lungs will receive the Air Prana,. At the same time, the energy centers which are known as “Chakras “ in the bioplasmic body receive and absorb the Air Prana. In order to receive more advantage from the Air Prana, one has to breathe slowly and rhythmically.  Through short and shallow breathing the body cannot receive as much as  Air Prana received through deep and rhythmic breathing. Those who are trained can receive the Air Prana through the skin pores also.

Ground Prana or Ground vitality globule is derived from the earth. When we walk on the ground barefoot, the ground Prana is absorbed by the soles of the feet and the ground Prana thus absorbed will be received by the body. With the increase of Ground Prana in the body, the vitality in the body increases. Similarly the capacity to do hard work, ability to withstand fatigue and the capability to think more without any increase in mental fatigue.

Nature, the richest source of Pranas.

Water absorbs all the three kinds of Pranas. Plants also  absorb Prana or vital energy from all the necessary vital energy from air, ground and water. Which is why for the survival of all the living organisms, Nature has to be preserved and protected. Nature provides not only the vital energy, but also food to all the living organisms. Some trees like Banyan and Peepal have excess Prana in them. This is the reason why resting under their cool shades people are rejuvenated instantaneously. Pranic healing says, people who touch or hug such trees will experience an instant change in their bodies. But it should be remembered that the change in the body experienced by touching a tree is very subtle. In the beginning people may miss this experience. After a constant practice the experience can be fully felt. 

Prana can be transferred to another person.

Why the presence of some people make you happy and cheerful? Why in the presence of some people you feel tired, fatigued and drained?

According to the science of Pranic healing, people who have excess Prana in their bodies will create a pleasant atmosphere around them. Their presence electrifies the atmosphere. In a similar manner people with depleted Prana will create a dull and dreary atmosphere  around them.

It may be recalled here that a person who receives Prana from different sources will become an epitome of bubbling energy, enthusiasm and liveliness. These qualities are contagious. Which is why others around such persons also will be rejuvenated. Above all they will be free from diseases.

Pranic Healers are those trained people who can transfer the Prana or vital energy from a person who has excess Prana to a person who has less Prana.

Other effects of Prana.

Whenever, a person falls sick, the reason for falling sick can be attributed to the depletion of Prana in them. Its not uncommon to hear a doctor’s advice, “Have a change of place. It will do good. “ Can living in a particular place make difference ? Pranic science says, “Yes.” According to Pranic healing certain places are endowed with excess Prana. Owing to this reason, such places are considered as highly energized places. And due to the same reason such places earn the name of “Ideal Holiday resorts.” 

During bad weather days or change of seasons many people fall sick. The reasons are obvious. On a cloudy day, the solar Prana will be absent. Similarly in extreme hot weather, the excess heat in the atmosphere will annul the good effects of Solar Prana. In such conditions, one should consciously absorb Prana from other resources like Air Prana from air and ground Prana from ground by sitting in a cool shaded place on the ground and breathe in a slow and rhythmic way.

It was observed that the presence of Prana is more during daytime than in the night.

Bioplasmic body.

Bioplasmic is a combination of two words. Bio and Plasmic. Bio means life and Plasma is the fourth state of matter. The other three forms of matter are solid, liquid and gas. Plasma contains positive and negative charged particles. Hence a Bioplasmic body is made up of invisible matter which is subtle. This invisible subtle matter is also known as etheric matter. This invisible subtle matter was photographed by the scientists with the help of Kirlian camera. Its this bioplasmic body that absorbs Prana or vital energy and distributes to all the organs of the physical body.

As mentioned above, a human’s body is a combination of two bodies. One is the physical body that is visible to all and the other is Bioplasmic body. This Bioplasmic body which is the luminous energy is similar to visible physical body. For this reason the Bioplasmic body is also known as “etheric double or eheric Body.” 

Chakras are the energy Powerhouses.

Chakras constitute the most important part of Bioplasmic body. It has three types of Chakras. They are Major, Minor and Mini Chakras. 

Major chakras are about 3-4 inches in diameter. These chakras provide and control energy to all the organs of physical body. So it's understood that the health and function  of the physical  body completely depends on the condition of these Chakras.

Minor Chakras are around 1-2 inches in diameter. And the Mini Chakras are lesser than 1 inch in diameter.

Minor and Mini Chakras look after the duty of supplying and controlling the energy to less important organs of the visible physical body. The uniqueness of all the Chakras lies in the fact that they penetrate beyond the periphery of the visible body.

Chakras and their functions.

Chakras are the  energy distributors. After digesting the Prana from its different sources, Chakras start distributing the energy to different organs of the body. They see to it that the required energy for each organ is properly distributed.The most vital and important endocrine glands and its functions are controlled by a few major Chakras. Whenever the visible body needs more Prana, the related Chakra can be stimulated. Similarly, when the visible body needs less amount of Prana, the related Chakra or Chakras can be inhibited.

It should be borne in mind that it is due to the malfunctioning of the Chakras, many ailments are caused.Some Chakras are responsible for creating psychic powers. Whenever the body wants to feel the subtle energy one of the Chakras which lie in the palms can be activated. These Chakras which are known as ‘Hand Chakras’ are the easiest to stimulate.

There are Eleven Major Chakras.

Basic Chakra as the very name suggests performs some of the major functions of the body like proper functioning of adrenal glands and sex organs. It sees to it that the whole physical body is energized and function in a hassle free manner. Its jurisdiction is muscular, skeletal, blood and the internal organs. In all it can be said Basic Chakra is responsible for a healthy human survival.

Sex Chakra is located at pubic area. This Chakra sees to it that sexual organs, bladder and most importantly the legs are functioning smoothly.

Meng Mein Chakra, located at the backside of the navel looks after the smooth functioning of kidneys and adrenal glands.

Navel Chakra is located at navel.  This chakra is responsible for the healthy functioning of large and small intestines.

Spleen Chakra is located at the left part of the abdomen. It is responsible for the smooth functioning of some major Chakras. And it is the entry point for air prana. There are two Spleen chakras. They are Front Spleen Chakra and back Spleen Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakras are of two kinds. They are Front Solar Plexus and Back Solar Plexus Chakras. located at the  front and back of the Solar Plexus region between the ribs.  Front Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for the smooth functioning of the Pancreas, liver, appendix, stomach, diaphragm and large intestine.

Back Solar Plexus Chakra performs the same functions as that of Front Solar Plexus Chakra.

Heart Chakra has two types of Chakras. Front heart Chakra which is located at the center of the chest and Back Heart Chakra which is located at the back of the heart. Both the Chakras together see to it that the ailments related to circulatory and heart and lungs are prevented

Throat Chakra as the name indicates is located at the center if the throat. It is responsible for the smooth functioning of throat, lymphatic system, thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Ajna Chakra is located between the eyebrows. This Chakra looks after the welfare and smooth functioning of Pituitary and endocrine glands.

Forehead Chakra is located at the center of the forehead. It is mainly responsible for a hassle free functioning of nervous system and Pineal gland.

Crown Chakra is located at the crown of the head. It looks after the proper functioning of  Brain and Pineal gland.

 Bioplasmic body has many channels.

In the Physical body, there is a provision for transporting the blood through blood vessels. In the same way bioplasmic body has its own channels also known as Meridians to facilitate the Prana to flow and distribute it through out the body. There are both major and minor channels in the bioplasmic body. In yoga these channels are known as Nadis.

Application of " Ki" or Prana or vital energy can be found In other forms of traditional medical systems .


Acupuncture is a traditional therapeutic system born in China. In this system, needles are used to open the  blocked meridians or channels of the bioplasmic body. By this operation the vital energy will start flowing as usual .

It’s the same principle used in Acupressure and reflexology but with a little difference. Here the person who is trained as a healer will use his own  excess Prana depending on the situation.

Other benefits  of Pranic healing .

Through Pranic healing high temperature in children can be brought to normal effectively without side effects and without causing weakness to the children.

Pranic healing gives instant relief to the victims of headaches. Toothaches, and muscle pains.

Pranic healing besides curing cough and cold, it can stop loose bowel movement in a couple of sessions.

Pranic healing is not just restricted to minor ailments alone. In a few sessions, it can cure major ailments related to eye. Liver, kidney and heart.

Healing is much faster in Pranic healing.

Above all, Pranic healing cures the ailments without any side effects.

It should be borne in mind that an effective cure by Pranic healing is possible only when the Healer is a Master of Pranic healing. Wisdom lies in identifying and avoiding pseudo Healers.

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