Thinking and feelings matter 

There is a saying: A man is as old as he feels and a woman as old as she looks. whosoever said so had gender bias. Woman has always been perceived by men as an object and so her beauty and looks are considered very significant. On the other hand, a man is the user and woman his article of use. This approach is unacceptable. Both man and woman are as old as they feel. 

This follows that feelings are most important determinant of how old one is. This differs from chronological age. A seventy years old person living as a young man is really young. There are others who become too mature and are mentally much above their chronological age. Many times we see that cetain old persons easily mix up with youngsters and feel uneasy with persons of their own chronological age. They dislike gossip on matters like criticizing younger generation, modern times, spirituality etc and are still interested in sports, cinema and glamor. 

Active and healthy 

But is it easy to feel young when you are really old?  This is possible only if you are active and healthy. Many get inactive even at age of fifty. The women leave domestic work when son is married leaving everything to young daughter in law. The men transfer all their responsibility to their grown up sons. The employees get in retirment mentality even a few years before retirement. No doubt, these people undergo aging fast.

Thus, it is necessary to be active irrespective of chrnological age. One should not count his years. The humans are unlucky in this respect. The animals never count their years and thus  do not go through the feeling of growing old. No doubt, everyone loses strength and physical capacity as years pass. But this never comes to zero. Hence, one may slow down or curtail his activities but never cease. Aging is a slow process. Nobody gets old suddenly one fine morning. So, the feeling of getting old at certain age say 60 years makes no sense. People get feeling of getting old suddenly at age of fifty or sixty. This is what needs be avoided.

A question may arise as to what a man will do after compulsory retirement at certain age. It is best to take this as formal retirement. Real retirement is only at death. It is no use getting inactive before death.  Death is nothing but inactivity. There are opportunities for post retirement employment. One may also take up consultancy job in the area of his expertise. Thus many Income tax and Central Excise department personnel take up taxation consultancy after retiurement. There are also other religious and social activities that one may choose. Tour and travel is another area. 

Old age disorders 

But can one feel young and cheerful if he is sick. There are some old age disorders like hyper tension, diabetes, arthritis etc. Youngsters may also suffer from such diseases as is happens these days. But elders bother and fear more. Those in healthy mental state do not fall sick easily. If you have positive thinking and active life, there is very little possibility of getting seriously sick.  Many disorders arise from inactivity.  Dementia or forgetfulness arises from mental lethargy. If you have no mental job to do, solve cross word puzzles, play sudoku. Similarly the disorders like arthritis arise from physical inactivity. Seeking more physical comfort may impair limbs. It is better to use stairs instead of lift, walk instead of using vehicle. If one always uses Indian style latrine seats instead of western, he will not feel uneasiness in getting up and own. Never seek others' help for small things like water, tea. It is best to go to the water point, fill your glass with water and drink. If you feel any physical difficulty, it is better to consult a doctor immediately. This is actually not about the aged. This is about everyone. Most of the disorders and their causes we know. For example, if you have cold, avoid taking refrigerated water and chilled beer. Take hot tea, coffee, soup or whiskey.  

Stop worrying 

It is very necessary to avoid needless botherations and thoughts. Care killed the cat- is an old proverb. You start living when you stop woirrying. Most of our problems are recurring. So, if you solved any problem in the past, you need not think much now as you are experienced one.  If this is new, just think for a while and find out the alternative actions. If undecided, may consult some expert. If problem cannot be solved, even this realization is a solution. What cannot be cured must be endured- is an old saying.

Styop worrying and start living is better said than done. Practical suggestion is to arrange your affairs in a way that lawyer, doctor and travel (other than pleasure trip) are avoided. Be at peace with neighbors and other and be courteous and sweet tempered. This will ensure good will and avoid any fight/ quarrel and thereby police and lawyer all.  You will also need no doctor to cure injury likely from quarrels. Healthy eating, mental and physical activity will keep you healthy and avoid need for visiting doctor.

Food habits 

What to eat or drink in old age.  Smoking is bad but this is not particlarly about aged. Sir Winston Churchill smoked cigar and drank beer till end of his life and died healthy. Noted journalist Khushwant Singh drinks whiskey even in his nineties. Noted film star Devanand was young till end of his life. He was known as evergreen hero. It is best to eat and drink what you are used to. Just there is  a need for moderation. It is also fallacy to believe that faith in God and religion helps any way. Many deeply religious persons and devotees including some holy men suffer from serious diseases. On the other hand, atheists like Khushwant Singh live well. If you are non vegetarian, there is no need to turn pious at fag end of life and turn vegetarian. This may also be bad for health. You are used to certain type of food. It is best to continue till end.

Will and nominations  

Nobody knows when he will die. This is uncertain.  One may die at twenty. He may die at one hundred and twenty. But what is important be active and worryless till end. There may be worry about what will happen after death. Solution is simple. Just make a will and make nomination in all bank accounts and financial papers. Then live without thought of death.     

Financial planning 

Financial difficulty is a major issue with most. If you have not provided enough for old age, you may feel handicapped and depend on children.  everyone should save for rainy day. But oversaving also leads to misery. There is no sense in spoiling certain today for uncertain tomorrow. As a rule of thumb, one should spend seventy percent of income on current needs and save remaining for old age. Present and future both will be secure. Less income or no income in old age will be subsidized by past savings. One may use the past savings to live well and even accomplish what could not be when in active job.  

Needless to say that with little planning and little botheration about age, one can stay young till end of life- even at 100.  

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