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Heart is the most crucial and delicate part of our body that needs special care and protection from the problems especially in present age when due to present day lifestyle your heart is at a greater risk than more than ever before. Today the heart problems have become the greatest risk factor for the humankind and heart failure considered most killer disease the world over. I am sure you know about people increasing in your own circles who might be going through by-pass surgeries, change of heart valves and strokes as common problems. In fact, the diseases beginning from common blood pressure soon converted into heart problems. On the other hand maybe the blood pressure is the initial sign of would be heart problems. 

Heart problem is no more considered a problem limited to aged people only but spread to younger people and even the children are not out of the risk factor. The main cause of the disease spreading at a fast rate may attributed to smoking habits, poor life style, heredity, Cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, tension and age factor. The most effective ways suggested to keep our heart healthy are supposed to be a healthy and regular life style and keep weight under control although, persons with controlled weight and a good life style cannot be ruled out of the grip of this dreaded disease. 

Your heart is at risk

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The number of heart patients in our country is increasing at an alarming rate and the worst of the fact is that the younger generation with their lifestyle is coming into the grip of this deadly disease at a brisk pace, than the usual aged people who are natural victim of the same. People today have forgotten the old age saying that to keep our heart health one has to keep healthy our body and mind. One must get rid of laziness and spend some time exercising to keep fit and kicking. Exercise helps your heart pump a little more blood into your body essential to keep fit and healthy.

Food intake is an important factor

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One of the most important factors in heart care is what and how you eat. In case you buy canned food, make sure to look at the fat contents especially the saturated fat is more harmful, use of toned milk is safer in place of full cream also one should eat fish and white meat and avoid Ice cream, eggs, butter, Ghee, and meats with more fat contents.

Lean protein foods- Foods with lean proteins are good for patients of heart as these help reduce the weight due to its ability to make one feel full consuming such foods. Therefore, eating lesser food makes one feel fully satisfied, which certainly helps keeping weight under control. Food items made of Soy, Salmon fish that contains omega-3 fatty acid, a helpful fat for heart patients, mushroom are healthy for patients suffering from heart related problems.

How to cook 


The way you cook your food is as important as what you eat. This is better to grill, poach, bake, broil, and dry heat or maybe steam cook in place of frying your food. If you are seriously considering reducing fat content from your food, the best way is to replace your high fat food with vegetables and low calorie food. Use refined oil of sunflower, groundnut, olive, corn or soy to cook your food as high fat containing oils, butter and ghee are certainly harmful for patients of heart related diseases. Use food items with fiber like pulses, brown bread, unpolished rice, whole grain and high fiber flour to have enough fiber content in your food.

Cut sugar, Maida and salt

This is highly recommended to avoid the use of these items to a limited level that helps keeping your heart healthy up to a certain level. Use of salt especially as additional ingredient while eating salads, fruits, pickles or curd is a high-risk practice for patients suffering from heart problems and hypertension. Salt should be used to the minimum possible quantity and certainly not satisfying your taste buds. Use onion and garlic instead to give your helpings a different taste and enjoy a longer life. Try to avoid salt while cooking your vegetable instead use corn or pea with refined oil and add salt later to change the taste. That will make sure that you know the quantity to use as per your need.

Your snacks

I am sure you are one of the Somosa or Pakoda (The Indian varieties of sandwiches) lovers like most Indians but I am sorry to say that you shall have to cut these items out of your recipe book. You shall have to eat fruits or salads instead, rich at containing minerals, vitamins, fibers, and low at calories at the same time. Fruits and vegetables contain are full of useful ingredients those help patients of cardiovascular patients and help fill your system that certainly helps to cut on items like meat, snacks, junk food containing pizza, burger, noodles, pasta, and other bakery products, which are full of calories and harmful for you. You can eat cherry if available in your area as it contains no fat or cholesterol, contains very low calories and helps increase your immunity system. 

Vegetables are most useful


The vegetable and fruits are most useful items for people with heart related problems especially rich with vitamin C and K, calcium, iron, folic acid and natural power to fight with diseases. Onion and garlic are two natural antibiotics, which should be used as much as possible to keep your immune system, digestion, gastric problems, fighting with diseases and getting rid of inflammation. You must wash vegetables and fruits well before using them and never keep them sliced much before use to take the maximum benefit. 

You need a fixed training program

A regular and fixed training program helps you increase your metabolism good for your heart and fitness. You can walk longer distances without getting tired or climb stairs with ease a sure sign of your healthy heart. A regular training program helps your blood pressure under control, reduces body weight and level of cholesterol under control. A regular training program is also helpful in increasing insulin sensitivity that helps reduce the dangers of diabetes. 

The regular training program is helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol. The other benefits include the reduction in stress level. The regular flow of extra blood during training period helps increase the quantity in system, which is good to keep our heart in good state and the heart and other body parts remain in good shape. If I was to suggest you briefly, your regular training program is your key to a healthy body, heart and mind, never neglect it. 

Training program

People with heart problems or tendency must- mind it must, go for exercise on a regular basis. They should avoid heavy exercise beginning with 15-20 minutes a day to go up to 30-40 minutes for at least 5 days a week. Patients with known problems must consult their doctors before taking up certain particular exercises like weight training etc, as these not recommended in cases of heart patients and even if a doctor allows these should kept under strict limit. Walking at brisk pace is one of the best exercises recommended to heart patients for longer distances.  


Precaution while training

Exercising is must for every one and so is for heart patients but patients with heart problems, high blood pressure etc must do it with extra care. In case they feel dizzy, pain in the heart, headache, sudden feeling of darkness and finding hard to look or concentrate, tiredness or suffocation or breathing problem. They should stop immediately and take a rest or if the problem persists, they should visit their doctor to have a thorough check up.

Make sure you are regular

Regular exercise is a good way to keep fit for normal persons also and more useful for patients to remain normal. There are certain exercises like meditation, Yoga, walking, jogging, weight practice, skipping rope and laughing therapy are some of the popular exercises, which practiced regularly, considered very good treatment for the patients of heart, high blood pressure, arthritis, spondylitis etc. Laughing makes an extra ordinary effect on our heart therefore a laughter therapy considered as good as heart tonic for heart patients. Walking through gardens watching flowers and plants, fields, rivers, ponds looking at different natural creations is also considered good for heart patients in particular.  

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