Women are the bosses but most careless

Trust me you are the boss of your family as far as healthcare and food related matters are concerned. Ask any one in the family and this is you and you alone who is being looked at, every one including your husband, children and guests are your responsibility ask any one in your family and he would name you but do you ever get enough time for yourself! Do you take care of your own health the way you do it for others? Despite doing your best for your family members for such a long time so selflessly, I am sure your answer would be in negative and ‘short on time’ would be your main excuse. 


Isn’t it high time you took your own care in a proper manner and spared some time for your own health! You should not think for a moment that you need no care, do it now before it is too late. You maybe right but the facts do suggest that in cases of death of women were due to late detection of diseases because women were not careful enough. Do you think that diseases in women occur after informing them? Therefore, this is better to have a regular medical check up for different problems common in women and stay healthy and fit. The right time to begin a routine medical check up of your health is when you have completed the age of thirty.  

The basic check-ups for you 

Woman, being finance minister of the home keep a close watch on the budgeting and savings and forgets that she too is part of the household when it comes to spending on self especially, in case of health related expenses therefore I must add it here that these tests are neither expensive nor complicated. You can have these tests like other ordinary tests in case of blood or test for hemoglobin etc. Once you are through these tests, you would be sure about your physical condition.

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Most women with tendency to avoid their illness unless the condition reaches to the stage where there is no alternative but to approach the medical care with complications taken over. There are cases of cervical cancer and other complicated problems related to women, which could be easily avoided with a little bit of extra awareness or regular check ups. Therefore, the women are the best judges of their own health related problems because only they can feel the changes taking inside their body. Most of the diseases have no outer symptoms but signs best known to the woman suffering from a disease.     

Thirties are most crucial

The modern lifestyle has changed life of most women and they are now more likely to suffer from diseases like cervical and breast cancers however with little extra awareness they can keep away of such problems to survive  ending up invariably at operation tables for breast and uterus operations.  

There are different tests you might want to go through once you are prepared to take your own care but at this age examinations for gynecological and breast tests must be the priorities. These tests are mandatory for women who find their menstruation periods painful or history of cancer in the family or women with pre-matured delivery cases. Women in this age group should have test for Pap smear to avoid the risk of cervical cancer.

A woman passes through different phases in her life span beginning from menstruation to menopause and even after that, there fore this is must for her to take proper care of herself. Here are the tests in different age groups-

During teenage

When a girl enters into her teens, the tests required include Hemoglobin for iron, Thyroid for hormonal tests, Blood sugar for sugar level in blood and urine test for general purposes. 

After twenty 

Women tested after twenty include Liver function for proper detection of liver related problems, hemoglobin and blood cholesterol. If a particular woman is suffering from obesity or irregular periods, in that case there are some special tests like Hormonal profile test, Ultrasound, X-ray of the chest region etc. There are certain other tests depending case based.

During pregnancy 

There are certain tests, which advised to the women during pregnancy like Hemoglobin, Blood group, Rh factor test, Torch test a group of blood tests, Triple test especially in cases of a genetic disorder history of in a previous delivery, HIV test, Blood sugar, HPV a DNA related test, Urine and ultrasound. All these tests are not common but help to determine the defects and diseases in mother and child taking shape in womb. A timely detection can help get rid the problems. 

After forty

This is one of the most crucial periods of the life for women as this is the period where the women have to be most careful because the slightest of carelessness may prove fatal. There are certain tests, which are must for women in this age group like Hemoglobin test, Ultrasound, Liver function, Kidney function, Pap smear, Memo graph (Women can learn to self-test) Bone densitometry for bone mineral density and strength, ECG and Chest tests.



Most women go through menopause stage after 40 any time but in most cases after forty-five in our country. The tests required in this particular period are almost the same as in case of after forty but with a slight difference, the tests mostly conducted as per the symptoms of a particular woman.      

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