It’s normal that as age passes by we lose many precious things little by little – our beauty, freshness, health and of course, memory. Are you also feeling the same? If you are a person who does ‘mental workout’ everyday, you are not among those who complain about memory loss. What’s this mental work out? As you are doing exercises for physical fitness some workouts for your mind helps you to increase your memory power even at your 90’s. I am providing 10 simple workouts which makes you feel still you are at 20’s.

Give frequent tests to your memory

It’s common to forget even simple things as age passes by. Instead of saying, “I forgot!” just sit somewhere comfortably and try to recall it from memory. Instead of keeping a shopping list, it’s better to train your memory with memorizing items. Instead of keeping phone numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, vehicle number of your nearest friends etc in diary keep them in memory itself. Also, recall them once in a while, thus testing your memory power. It’s really refreshing to remember stories, incidents, poems etc of your early childhood days. Try to recall them often.

Read and write a lot

Always keep your mind and brain busy with new thoughts and words. Reading and writing is really a workout for brain. In addition to reading newspapers and magazines, you can involve in group discussions and friendly chats to sharpen your memory. Blogging is a good method to keep you engaged in thoughts and actions. When you are writing from your memories, it’s refreshing your memory power a lot. Also responses from viewers give you more interest to work again.

Learn a new skill

Learning something new needs a lot of mental work. Try to start a new hobby. If it is something related to hand-eye co-ordination, it’s the best. You can learn a new art in painting or a new type of embroidery work in stitching. Hand ball, gardening, craft work, flower arrangement etc are the best. If the hobby needs a creative and artistic mind, no doubt it’s the best. Also such hobbies keep you busy searching in new requirements needed to finish that work. For example, if you have most recently started gardening as your hobby you may search for new plants or plants you have seen at your friend’s home. If you are working with colours your mind will try to find new colour combinations to fill your picture.

New lessons

Learning always promotes co-ordination of brain cells thus preventing the brain from memory fading. It’s best to choose something of your interest and you can join some evening classes as well. Learning a new language is really a nice idea.

Change habits

Let’s go to some place you have never visited before. Choose a new path. Never choose your normal path leading towards your home or tourist destination. Changing position of furniture in home is also a better idea. If you are a right handed person try to have food with left hand. Such changes of usual habits refreshes your memory once again.

Challenge your intelligence

Just watch 10 common things around you and try to find their new uses. Inducing your mind in this way is something similar to a challenge given. Dream new and dream big! Share your new ideas and findings with your friends. New perspectives of same things give more dimensions to your memory.

We can increase our concentration

Try to find some activities to increase your concentration. For example, a puzzle or mathematical problem gives some work to your brain increasing its concentration. Try to practise a new problem everyday. It may be a mathematical problem or reasoning. Dedicating a few minutes for finding its solution is a good mental workout.

Self renovation

Try to learn new ideas of the youth and latest technology. It not only helps you to remain up to date but improves your visions as well. Also, keep some young friends in your list.

Remember the last situation of that meeting

If you are suffering with problems like forgetting the face of an old friend or his name there is a solution. Just try to remember the place where you have seen him last. Slowly everything will come to your mind, the situation, other people who were along with you, things around you at that time etc. Automatically, your friend’s name will also strike you along with that list.

Try to link two or three incidents together

If you are trying to remember a person, just try in which field he is working – teacher, sportsman, doctor, engineer etc. Try to remember his family and family members as well. If he is a doctor, try to remember his specialization stream and hospital where he worked. Also try to remember any friend of yours who consulted that doctor. If he is a sportsman try to remember his sports and his achievements. Then you can remember its equipments and grounds where a game was conducted. Thus make such small things a big chain. It not only helps you to restore the lost memory, but also gives your memory an exercise to recall many things – related or non-related to that particular person or object.

Many people, when they reach their old age lament their lost memory. It’s true, brain has lost many cells and it has stopped growing. That’s the reason why such memory losses occur. Yet it’s possible to train our brain to remember many old things. For that you need a little patience and time. Not only old people, kids and youth also forget many things. As we move forward we are losing memory of many things of our childhood. It’s mainly because we are never trying to remember them. When new things are conquering our mind we are forgetting old things and giving that space to new incidents. So make a habit during early ages itself to remember old things, incidents, friends, teachers, rhymes etc. It gives your memory new rooms to add new ones instead of giving already occupied ones. Also, this habit will surely help you a lot to recall many things of past when you reach old age as it’s difficult to start it as a new habit at later half of life.

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