Every year 36 million people are dying all over the world due to non-communicable diseases. Most common non-communicable diseases include diabetics, cancer, respiratory illness and heart related diseases. 2/3rd of deaths are due to anyone of these diseases. If conditions proceed this way, count may increase up to 44 million very soon. 65th World Health Assembly held at Geneva gave preference to this matter and came forward with many measures to reduce the death rate to 25% by the year 2025. Of all deaths caused by non-communicable diseases, 17.3 % (that means half) are related to heart. 82% of those people belong to developing nations including India. Seeing these shocking reports World Heart Foundation has already started researches to get control over heart diseases. But economically backward countries can’t afford its huge expenses. If it’s the case of an Indian middle class family heart disease of any one of its members can increase their total expenditure by 20%. It may even reach 40% if conditions are severe. So, it’s better to prevent the disease than treating it later and researches say, through different control measures it’s possible to control heart diseases up to 80%.

Conditions in India are really worrying

Most recently a heart study was conducted by Indian Health Watch (IHW) to know the reasons are for this increased rate of heart patients in India. Its report was submitted in annual meeting of Word Heart Federation held at Dubai. How different life styles are influencing the heart – it was their research subject. According to reports conditions in India are worse than America and Europe.

79% males and 83% females of India are employed in sectors where they have no physical or manual work. So, they are leading an exercise-free life. 51% men and 48% women are eating fat content food. 60% men and 57% women are not using sufficient vegetables and fruits. 12% men and 0.5% women have a bad habit of smoking. 41% males and 45% females are suffering from obesity problems. High blood pressure was found in 33% males and 30% females. 1/4th of people included in their studies had cholesterol problems. Diabetics and Metabolic syndrome were found in 34% males and 32% females. Reports are really shocking and it points to the fact that very soon, India will become the ‘Capital of heart diseases.’ Most shocking is that educated people are more prone to heart diseases and they are less aware of importance of heart health too – only 57% where 75% of developed countries are aware of heart health.

September 29 – World Heart Day

This year as always, World health day gave preference to heart health of each home. That means first step towards heart health must be taken from each home itself. ‘One world, one home, one heart’ – this message was given this time. This year, importance was given to heart health of ladies and kids as ladies neglect their diseases most. 35% of women deaths are happening due to heart problems and according to statistics 1 lady is dying every minute due to heart attack.

Women get heart problems later

Comparing to man, woman is attacked by heart diseases 10 years later. Till her menopause estrogen hormones protect her heart. That’s the reason. But now also, less preference is given to female hearts comparing males.

Factors that drag her to heart diseases

Age, heredity, cholesterol, high blood pressure, menopause, and smoking – these are the common reasons for ladies. So, age is an important factor in the case of women. Once she reach 60, chances to become a heart patient see a sudden rise. After 65, one among every three ladies is a heart patient. Obesity caused to bad food habits and lack of proper exercises are the main reasons behind this. Diabetics is another factor that makes her condition worse. A diabetic male has 2-3 times more chances than a normal male to get heart problems while it’s 3-7 times in the case of females. 80% of ladies who have passed 65 are carrying high blood pressure as well.

The four steps suggested by World Heart Foundation this year

So, recent studies have proved that condition of aged females is more worrying compared to same age group males. Though they are attacked by heart diseases later, their condition becomes worse than males. Also, females give less importance to their body and health. Modern ladies are doing less physical efforts also, which increases her chances of becoming a heart patient soon or later. So, as a part of World Health day, WHF put forward four steps giving importance to female heart. This time it has given importance to kids as well.

Regular and energetic exercise to body

womenheart3According to reports, more than 30% of adults are not giving proper exercise to body. Due to this reason itself 3.2 million people are dying every year. If you are able to spare at least 30 minutes daily to do some energetic exercise heart diseases and strokes can be prevented. Instead of sitting in front of televisions and computers do some manual work or go outside to keep your body engaged in any work. You can choose any exercise according to your preference. Most important is that you should enjoy those 30 minutes while doing your exercise. Brisk walk, yoga, shuttle etc are the most common exercises. Always keep yourself busy in something to avoid problems in future.

Good food habits

womenheart4Wrong food habits invite blood pressure, diabetics, obesity, cholesterol etc at last leading towards heart problems. As people are reducing the intake of fruits and vegetables, chances of both heart problems and cancers are increasing day by day in geometric progression leading to the death of 1.7 million people every year. According to 1960 reports only 43% of the world population had consumed calories above 2200 per day. In the year 2000, that percentage has increased to 90. Most worrying fact is that calories given to the body are mainly through fat and carbohydrates. So, absence of protein rich diet, fruits and vegetables is an important point to be noted. What’s a dangerous food? It’s nothing but high calorie food supplied to the body through sugars and oils as trans-fat avoiding fruits and vegetables in the diet. Excess fat will be gradually deposited in blood vessels reducing the free flow of blood thus blocking the function of heart and its valves resulting in heart attacks and other severe heart problems. Another problem is skipping a meal or not having food at regular intervals. Both habits can affect body functioning a lot.Keep a fixed timetable for your meals.

No smoking at home

womenheart5Through passive smoking, chances of becoming a heart patient are 15%. 26% of adult females have this bad habit. But in India, percentage of lady smokers is considerably low. Yet 40% of males are addicted to tobacco products.

Be aware of the health of family

womenheart6Through regular checkups it’s possible to know the health condition of the family. Once you have reached 30, do regular check ups to see if you have possibility of diabetics, blood pressure or heart problems. Be aware of your body mass index and if needed, reduce your body weight to keep your body conditions in equilibrium. Also check your blood glucose level once in a while.

Heart problems in kids too

This year, many suggestions were put forward to proper maintain kid’s heart. Chances to become a heart patient begin in the fetal stage itself.  Irregular food habits, less importance to balance diet and nutrition and less healthy food of mother affects her kid too. Also, it gives bad impulses on her baby giving his chances of obesity, diabetics, cholesterol and heart problems in future. Also over feeding a baby can lead to obesity in future. Another factor is fast food and bakery items. It can give fat deposits to vessels during early stages itself leading to many complications in future. Also, smoking of parents can affect a baby too. Such conditions should never be neglected and given proper attention at early stages itself. Otherwise such possibilities can grow in future making him a heart or diabetic patient! That’s why this year’s suggestions were mainly concentrated on ladies and kids.
Yes, chances are there that anyone may become a heart patient in future. When such conditions are diagnosed, instead of neglecting them slightly change your life style to completely dissolve those possibilities for ever. That’s what World Heart Foundation aims at. Let us do our part to make this mission successful so that we can live on earth free of all disease treats. 

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