Healthy season on its way

Nature has provided us with certain months in winter season to allow improvement in our health every year. We should take full advantage of this healthy period to keep us fit for rest of the year when conditions are not so helpful. The coming few months have every thing in plenty including fruits & vegetables and foods to allow improve our health with the help of natural resources. We should take full advantage of coming months November through March when one can eat as much as he can or digest easily. 

Most places in our country experience a healthy weather in winters when we have lesser problems due to diseases mostly heat related or water born beginning from April to end of October therefore the winter period that provides a good opportunity to eat quality food available in  Sharad and Hemant, which is the weather of health and happiness. 

Charka the wandering doctor


One of the inventors of Ayurveda way of treatment Charak used to believe that your body was as good as the environment and atmosphere allow you to stay and winter was the time when you can rejuvenate yourself all over again for rest of the year. Charak, the master of Aurveda thought that only physician who knows his patients and prevailing conditions including atmosphere and environment inside out of their patients can treat them in a proper way because the reason of illness hidden mostly in backgrounds.

According to Ayurveda, winters are good for human being as body conditions of human adjust with winters especially digestion. Imbalance of Vaat, Pitta and cough the main reasons behind diseases in human find a good coordination in, which result in shape of good metabolism and good health. One can eat and digest more in winters compared to summers or rainy seasons. Besides, the nature also provides enough healthy foods in shape of vegetables and fruits to make it still better for the health purposes.

Basics of life and health

The beginning of winter is crucial and needs a few precautions to condition your body for utilizing the weather to take full of advantage. As the Ayurveda ‘the knowledge of life’ preaches and believes in five basic elements those make any thing living or existing in this universe consists of Fire, Water, Sky, Earth and Wind. In addition, when our life ends our dead body finds shelter somewhere in between these five basic elements according to traditions.  

Benefits of these five basic elements

The weather gives us immense pleasure of sun as this does feel pleasant in place of troublesome like other weathers, which is useful for improvement of our body’s immune system and needs of vitamin D, helpful in keeping our bones solid. The light of sun is helpful for our eyesight and increases overall beauty of the body providing better energy level. Sun is helpful in producing hormones, blood cells and increase immune system!

The sky is related to ‘Dhwani’ or ‘Shabda’ (the sound or words) provider of hearing powers. Wind associated with touch, the healer that provides a comfortable and soothing touch of air to our body, free from all irritations thus making us comfortable. Water the basic provider of life helps in shape of better digestion, disturbance of water content in body may increase cough and earth associated with smells the season of flowers keeps you healthier. All these five basic elements working at their peak in this particular period help keep you fit for rest of the year. 


Winters- the time to enhance your immune system 

The winters are supposed to be best season for health point of view as whatever you eat is digested easily besides variety of items available to choose from in this weather. One can eat dry fruits like Cashews, almonds, Raisins, pista, figs, dates, apricots, walnuts, honey, ginger, garlic, Tulsi, ghee and different spices considered hot but good for health purpose in this particular weather. The weather with enough produce of lime, sweet limes, oranges and apples is good for your health as good source of vitamins etc.

A word of caution

Keep in touch with your physician or dietician, as some of these may prove harmful for you for particular health problems. There are certain food items like, which may prove harmful in case of people suffering from diseases those, have bad effects especially in winter season, avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food in excess quantity because these may increase level of bad cholesterol, fat and cause extra calories harmful for blood pressure and heart patients.

Healthy time for aged people

Aged people can enjoy winters with a word of caution. The winters are especially healthy for people who love to walk in the sun that gives them enough vitamin D. Food items beneficial for seniors in winter season-

  1. Choose food products with anti aging properties
  2. Foods with antioxidant properties help keep your system clean and help   enhance life span.
  3. Avoid foods, which increase fat round your waist.
  4. Do not delay your breakfast because that is your best helping of the day.
  5. Eat multigrain made chapatti and groundnut oil, helpful to keep muscles in    shape.
  6. Eat meals with enough proteins and vitamins to keep your metabolism in proper condition. Try green tea and salads in good quantities to keep fit for longer period.
  7. Eat whole grains, oats, corn, rice and pulses to have a proper combination of diet.
  8. Sprouted is one of the best foods for long life.
  9. Green chili, lime, garlic and onions should be used in routine.
  10. Try red rice that is helpful for people having low hemoglobin levels.  

Aging would not affect you  

Aging brings effects of it in multiple ways but one can keep them away with certain methods especially natural supplements like eating oranges, grapes, watermelon, apples, dry-fruits, which contain antioxidants and other contents helpful for our vital organs to remain healthy. 

There is no alternative of a good immune system to fight with diseases to keep you in best physical conditions according to your age. However, your activities and exercises on regular basis would also be helpful to keep you in good shape, blood circulation, healthy heart and better bone joints. Take full advantage of this winter season.

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