Megastar of Malayalam film industry. Now he is 61. Father of two kids – both married. His son has most recently debut as hero. He has 2 grand children also. Yet, heroines of 20 and 22 see it as a credit to act in his films as heroines. Every girl carries a secret ambition in her mind to act as this actor’s heroine in at least one movie. What’s the secret behind it? Who is this lucky hero to keep this status even after 60+? He is none other than megastar Mammootty. Winner of 3 National awards and working in Malayalam film industry from 1979 as hero! So, successive 33 years as ever green hero on silver screen. 50 directors have debut through his movies. He is the only actor in Malayalam industry remembered for both – talent and physical fitness. He is one among the heroes who know that ‘body and fitness’ is everything if you want to stay here and get appreciation! He can be said to be ‘the Big B of Mollywood’, such a lovely personality, talented and dedicated as well.

His secret lies in his secret food

Two years before I read one Malayalam article in a magazine and couldn’t stop laughing. It happened in Malappuram – the district where Mammootty has a huge fan. It occurred during a movie shooting. He took a break for lunch. One of his great fans was eager to know what his lunch is and he peeped through window curtain. He assumed that his hero eats some royal food like chicken biryani everyday. But when he saw his favourite hero eating 1 chappathi and a handful of rice, he lost his control and burst into tears. He was complaining just one thing, “When I eat good food everyday, the person whom I admire most starves everyday. I can’t see it!”

Yes, his secret food tells everything, the secret behind his health and fitness. We may feel that even after earning a lot, why he is starving himself. But he knows well, the day he losses his body, he will be out of the industry. For him, body health is his wealth.

Mamootty is growing young day by day

Yes, Mamootty is every Keralite’s pride. He is someone on whom anyone can feel jealous of. How many characters has he handled in the past 33 years! Yet Mamootty is growing young day by day.

The director of his most recent released movie Thappana, asked him to change himself to the hero of movie ‘Samsung’. When Mamootty asked, “It’s an old film released 20 years back?”, “You have also not changed too much”, replied Johny Antony, the movie director. Yes, he has not changed too much from early 90’s.

He was not handsome during his early days

80’s was an era of multi-star movies. Yet Mammootty, through his acting skills established as a good actor. He was lean, dark and had a belly too. He was not counted among the handsome heroes like Jayan and Shankar. But now, he has changed a lot. Now, when we see his movies of 80’s we really feel surprised seeing his effort to tune his body and acting skills to fight with youngsters. Many actors have come and many gone. Some have given their own footprints. Yet, everyone sees Mammootty as a role model – both for his flexibility and physical fitness.

What are his secret plans?

Everyone known he is very much aware of his body and health and that he is ready to do anything to keep it so. Though it’s a secret, we people know a few things about him.

He carries his cook everywhere
When whole actors and actresses carry their assistants and makeup artists everywhere they go, Mammootty carries his cook. Also, he is given strict instructions on the food to be served. He never eats outside even while attending functions.

Strict and regular exercises
He can compromise with anything, but not with his health. He exercises regularly for 20-30 minutes in his home gym that helps him to stay fit in the long run. When we are seeing all Malayalam heroes with big tummies and fat bodies, he stands odd. Sweat tastes sweet to him. Most recently, I have seen him in a marriage function. It was attended by many film personalities, young and old. Yet, he was the center of attraction. It’s really a pleasant sight to watch him. We will truly adore him seeing his attitude towards health and body maintenance. 

Strict diet
If someone hear about his diet, it is really surprising. One chapatti or a small bowl of rice is his main diet. He says no to carbohydrates and junk food. He intakes food that a 5 or 10 year old child takes as he knows well, as age passes by we need only less calories.

Tension free life with music and TV
If he gets some free time, he spends it for watching a few TV channels. As film is a part of his life, such entertainments have always kept him young, fine and fit.

Others feel anxious for his age

In one interview reporter asked, “Are you feeling anxiety over your age?” His reply was, “Anxiety of my age is there. Others are worrying, not me! When this night sets, everyone’s age is increasing – a child’s, yours and of course, mine!”

His advice to young heroes

Never live forgetting your body. Keep discipline in life with good life style. Otherwise your body will revenge you in your future. Good body is the most precious instrument of an actor’s life. Never forget that.

Yes, his advice to young heroes is equally applicable to we people as well. When we are eating too much and not giving proper exercise to our body, we reach that last phase of life more easily. This living legend, after completing his shashti, instead of staying home and looking after his grand kids, lives a young life full of enthusiasm. Everyone says Mammootty is becoming younger as time move forward. It’s absolutely true. He is still active as a hero who has just entered the film industry. Every actor gives some message to the society through his roles played. But Mammootty is one actor who has given a message through his life style, for we people to follow. ‘Body is a wealth. Keep it strong and fit’ and through his life, he has showed us that it’s possible, 100%.

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