Fitness awareness

A fit body makes you successful in every field of life including job, friends’ circle or your own personal activities also. Today we can see a far better awareness about fitness and health programs in common people to keep them face life with more strength and self-confidence. Most people are doing their best efforts not leaving any thing to chance while doing all-out efforts to take as much benefits of fitness programs as possible. However, the shortage of time especially in case of women in particular, who find it tough to manage time from their busy schedules to keep fit and healthy. 

True, today’s lifestyle makes it little difficult to spare time from the busy schedule for necessary workouts and health programs however, everyone should manage to find some time by making adjustments in their lifestyle. Health is an important issue, therefore there should be no choice but to manage a proper program to follow particular plans, which should motivate everyone in proper way to do better. Here are some points for your consideration-

Set your goal

-Fitness-landscapenYou should know your exact goals for an ideal weight according to your height and body structure as the weight may differ for different persons of the same height as their heredity and bone mass etc counts. You should set a long-term plan if trying to reduce or increase weight because a rapid loss or gain may prove harmful however; the figure fixed should be achievable. One is advised to set his goals in phases like week wise or for a month because an abrupt gain or loss could prove harmful and disturb metabolism.

You should find a training expert for a proper guidance according to your personal requirements and kind of exercises you need. Keep motivating yourself because that counts more than any thing else.  

This is your first tip- Set your goals and keeps motivating yourself. If you can manage to reduce or gain your weight according to your plan in the first week that would certainly motivate you to do the same the next week with extra happiness. Make exercising your habit so that you can do it whenever you find time without making time problem an excuse for skipping your schedule. Tell others that you achieved what you planned, that should make you more motivated and this is your tip #2.    

Take it as a challenge

Most people find it tough in the beginning to achieve their targets because they are too tensed. They became tensed because they had their friends in their minds those did not get success and failed. Nevertheless, you are not aware about the reasons of their failure; you should not worry but keep your eyes set on your target, the success is yours, take it as challenge and overpower it, you sure can do it. Your fitness is more important than your unjust worries. You should avoid monotonous workout programs but you should make changes in your exercise schedules at a regular interval. For instance if you walked and jogged last week for reducing your weight try differently, go for cardiovascular or weight training next week, that would help, however do every program under proper guidance, this is your tip #3.

Make it forever- Good things are forever

You know most people want to make a perfect body with lots of efforts but they never make wholehearted effort to maintain it. A body is as good as long it stays perfect once you cease taking proper care to keep it in good shape the chances are it would get worse. You shall have to work continually for years to make it perfect and then keep working regularly to keep it that way. There is no alternative of regular maintenance for a healthy and fit body; this is your tip #4. There is no need to workout for hours together but once you get over your weight problem, FloorCrunchthis way or that way simply workout to keep it maintained. I must repeat here that you should do nothing against the advice of your doctor because overwork may harm you! Try some yoga postures to keep yourself fit, recharged and relaxed, in place of regular exercises.  

Keep a watch-That is important

Although there is no place for a doubt if you are doing your workouts regularly but this is important to keep a strict watch on outcome of your efforts. You must see that your targets are achieved successfully and if you find that you are not reaching to your expected result, you must find out the reasons to amend your ways but again that should be with the help of your trainer. Here is a word of caution, keep an eye on your progress but that does not mean that you should sit on a weighing machine 7x24, do it maybe once a week to make sure, whether or not you are anywhere near your targeted weight. Here is tip #5 for you- If you must skip a day’s schedule workout because you have to go out for shopping nearby, walk to the market place if you possibly can. Do not engage a rikshaw that should help you keep in shape. By the way, have you ever tried a cool window-shopping in your nearby mall without using elevators? That is one of the best exercises when you are not feeling like exercising.

Be very careful about your eating habits

Your dietary habits play as important a role in keeping you fit as your workout schedules, either way whether you are trying to reduce or gain weight. If you are on a tight workout schedules your eating habits are as important. You must avoid junk, processed or high fat contents and must eat fiber rich, whole grain, balanced calories, rich proteins, green veggie, carbohydrates and not to forget your dietician who is thePersonal Training best judge according to your weight control program. Never eat beyond your capacity that will only prove harmful in place of adding to your cause. Here is final tip- eating less would not make you healthy, you should never try to starve to reduce your weight in a hurry because you’ll eat extra later to add to your problems. 

Let me conclude

To keep slim and trim or gain weight according to your height and built there is no alternative but to work regularly and with a proper diet under a trainer. You can have fun while working on yourself but do every thing according to a foolproof plan. Keep a close vigil on your schedule and diet to improve chances of your success. Keep your exercises regular as per instructions of your trainer even while your training is over and you have achieved your target. I would skip the routine and let you decide as you are the best judge of your own and I hope that there is no tip needed to tell you that.

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