Everyone is busy. So can’t find enough time to go you a health centre or a morning walk to nearby park. For such persons, treadmill is a good blessing. If we want to remain health and fit we should burn those extra calories supplied to our body. For a healthy person, only 2200 calories is needed per day. So, if you are taking excess that what your body actually needs your health is at risk. So, choose any exercise that you can enjoy.

Nowadays ladies are most health aware than before as they want to remain young and slim. So, the best and easiest way is to use a treadmill at home. It gives a good physical exercise and saves a lot of time as well. Working ladies who are doing doubles roles in their life can best make use of it. So, buying treadmill at home is a most common practice seen nowadays. Through this article I am giving a few tips on its buy and use.

When you buy a new treadmill

  • Never choose a treadmill with less purchasing cost, thinking that it’s for home purposes only. Consider the weight of the person also, for whom it’s purchased.
  • For a person of 70-80 kilogram body weight, 2HP treadmill will be sufficient while in the case of a person of 100 kg, 3HP treadmill is most suitable.
  • Treadmills are available in AC and DC motors. For home purposes DC motor treadmills will be sufficient. For fitness centres, AC motor treadmills are used. The peculiarity of AC motors is that they won’t get heated even if used continuously for hours. Over heating of DC motor treadmills can be avoided if not used continuously.

While using your treadmill


  • If ladies are using treadmill, avoid saris, gowns, skirts etc. Instead use track suit or churidur. It helps you to use treadmill conveniently.
  • You should do warm up exercise before using treadmill. 10 minutes is sufficient. For that, turn your head on either side, upwards and downwards. Rotate your hands in circles. Repeat these exercises 20 times each before starting your treadmill.
  • Fix the safety switch in your dress before you start. In case you slide or fall, treadmill switches off automatically.
  • Always use shoes while running. Otherwise it can cause burns in your feet. Also, it may damage small nerves of your feet as well.
  • While you run, heals should touch the surface first. Then only fingers.
  • Normally you can start at 2 km or 3 km speed in a treadmill. It’s best to start at low speed and gradually increase it. Just walk for 4-5 minutes at low speed and gradually increase your speed bit by bit. When you stop also, repeat the same procedure step by step. Sudden increase or decrease of speed can cause muscle cramps and many problems to joints and muscles.
  • When you start, just walk slowly with small foot steps similar to jogging. Gradually you can increase it. Also, if you run in excess speed, it may lead to pain in joins, knee, legs and even back pain. So, do your exercise moderately while using a treadmill.
  • It’s better to do 20 minutes work outs daily and 30 minutes treadmill. Using treadmill in excess may lead to knee pain and back pain in future.
  • If you workout for one hour, drink 1 litre water. But never drink whole water in a stretch. It may lead to stomach cramps and other problems. Better drink water at frequent intervals.
  • Also make sure that your body is not dehydrated. Before exercising also, you can drink water or fresh juice. But avoid solid food. While exercising you are losing water content from your body and if you feel so, drink water in between.
  • Avoid drinking cold water in between the exercise as it reduces the defense power of our body. Also, since our body is heated while doing exercise, sudden supply of cold water may lead to cold, fever or other health problems. Luke warm water is best.
  • Those persons suffering from fever or arthritis should avoid treadmill. Also those persons having cholesterol, diabetics or heart problems should consult a doctor before starting treadmill exercise.
  • If you are a person above 40, it’s better to ask suggestions from a doctor and do sufficient checkups before starting any exercise.
  • It’s better for ladies to avoid treadmill during periods.
  • You can seek an expert’s opinion to know the speed and time needed for using treadmill, according to your body weight and health conditions.
  • If you are starting treadmill or any form of exercise after a long time, do not attempt heavy exercises. Instead start running at lower speeds and gradually increase speed and workout time as days pass by.
  • If you are a low weight person or a child, it’s better not to use treadmill. Also, only persons above 15 years old should use treadmill

Special care for your treadmill

  • Never keep your treadmill in moisture contact.
  • Use only dry cloth for cleaning
  • Moisture and dust are the two enemies of treadmill. Both can reduce its performance.
  • Service your treadmill periodically and keep it clean for increasing its life span.
  • Use lubricants to avoid friction. It helps your treadmill to run smoothly.
  • Use it once in a while to keep it functioning and in good condition.

A small note

Yes, treadmill is a convenient device to reduce our body weight at home itself. It saves a lot of time as well. Yet, prefer a morning walk in the nearby garden or a play ground than a treadmill. It gives fresh air, freshness to mind, a few relations, a feeling of being a social creature and of course, closeness to our nature!

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