Try stem cells therapy for beauty

There have been a number of experiments in the field stem cells technology during the last few years providing stem cell therapy in different forms to make the better recovery of patient in orthopedics, neuro-application, eye related disorders, vascular applications. The best stem cell therapy for the needed patients in all those application, which can treat by stem cell therapy. In addition, the therapy can help serious patients of Diabetes, acute or chronic liver diseases, muscular dystrophy, chronic kidney disease, lung disease, hair regeneration, and myocardial infarction, now in the field of beauty enhancement field with stem cells abstract from the fat of the subject.   

stem cell

What is stem cell - to be precise on this subject, every individual starts from a single cell known as zygote that is fertilized by spermatozoon. This zygote has all the instructions written on our DNA, which decides our future depending upon the conditions and upbringing. This is important to note that Stem cell therapy provided after evaluating patient/disease specific condition only, but this does not give assurance that this therapy will improve condition of patients perfectly or is foolproof treatment. This therapy may be or may not be an effective treatment. I must add here that stem cell therapy is not a FDA approved therapy and still it is in experimental stage. However, it is being used widely for beauty treatment.

The process of using live cells from the placenta of human kept preserved for twenty-five years has made things easier up to a great extent but since this technique has come into existence recently. Most patients being treated through the fat of their own body, which is great source of stem cells that can be extracted by liposuction technique from the patients’ fat easily. The technique used in this process is to collect 100-150 ml fat from a particular part of the body at a time the fat abstracted through this technique is sent to labs immediately for processing to convert stem cells from it to be used on a later stage.

How and where to use

-Human stem cells

The stem cells technique can decrease the anti aging effects successfully especially in cases of-

  1. Keeping breasts in proper shape 
  2. Hips therapy
  3. Anti wrinkle treatment for face 
  4. Thigh or leg contouring 
  5. To treat nerves system
  6. For diabetic patients

A word of wisdom

The process of abstracting fat from patients own body, converting into stem cells and then injecting in to body parts to be treated is a complicated team work of cosmetic and stem cells transplant surgeons in perfect combination in a good medical center where all facilities should be available. However, one should not ignore the side effects of stem cell therapy, as it could prove fatal in case of some patients especially the ones suffering from hypertension can find it risky for their cardiovascular system while under treatment. There is another risk involved of uncontrolled growth of stem cells due to injecting them in a patient as the extra ordinary growth could turn out to be destructive in shape of cancer at a later stage.  

Therefore, persons looking for such treatments should go for experts with proven records of accomplishment for a better result. The technique of fat-stem cells has brought forward the unlimited possibilities in regenerative medicines for a faster recovery of a patient in age related problems especially an aged patient who needs a timely treatment. 

However, complicated or not people are going for stem cell based treatment as long as this is based on their own stem cells abstracted from their own body and taking full advantage as it’s proving too good for their needs of better looks, figure and shape.

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