Most recently a young man of 23 years went to an ENT clinic at Thiruvananthapuram. He had some hearing defects. For the past 2 years, he has been suffering from this problem. Also, a bee humming sound always! Through check up it was confirmed that he had some hearing defects. But doctor couldn’t find reason at first. Through detailed check ups it was found that mobile phone was the villain. For the past 7 years, he has been using cell phone for 1-2 hours every day. Main problem was that he used his left ear only, which multiplied the problems many fold. It’s just a small example. We won’t be surprised if similar problems related to ears or health will be reported in the distant future as we all know well, mobile phones are harmful to our health and life in the long term.


Cell phone - The cigarette of 21st century

Within 12-13 years itself, mobiles have earned this bad fame. This title was given by experts related to health. It’s true also. In distant future, health problems due to the excess use of mobiles will surely exceed the health hazards of cigarettes. Not only mobiles, those multiplying mobile towers are also giving us a lot of health problems. Yet, day by day, both are increasing in their number.

When we are talking to someone, we are not only losing our call charges, but also our health – the new world has slowly begun to understand this fact. As a result of protests country wide, Central Telecom Department of India has put forward new instructions regarding radiation from towers and mobile phone radiations. Radiation rate SAR of mobile phones sold in India has been reduced from 2 to 1.6 and transmission power of towers to 1/10 th the present value. To implement both these instructions, mobile companies have been given a little time as well. Till then, we are living in a radiation world with life threatening calls.
No doubt, radiation of mobile towers can lead to cancer. World Health Organization has most recently declared so, warning everyone. Now it’s already proved that excess use of mobile phones can lead to Alzheimer disease, hearing impaired, eye problems, memory problems and even many mental disorders.

Towers – the real villains

Mobile phone radiation affects persons who use mobile phones regularly. But it’s not the case of mobile towers – even those who have never used mobiles even once. When we are giving our upper apartment or free agricultural land for such towers, we never imagine that we are inviting many disasters for free. International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) – the official organization which studies the effect of mobile towers says that 450 Mw/Cm2 is the safe radiation level and that minimum 400-500 metre distance is not safe for humans or animals to live. But in a highly populated country like India, towers are placed in high residential areas also. Also, most towers are not caring about the minimum specified radiation variants.

Most recently studies were conducted on people living within ½ km surface area of towers in India. Reports are really shocking! Number of cancer patients is more in such people than those who live in tower-free places. In addition to microwave radiation, these people are affected by thermal radiation as well. Body temperature of people who live near towers is slightly high than others, almost differ by one degree celsious. It affects male potency as well. Birds are reducing in number. Milk reduced in cows. Eggs are not hatched as before. Thus goes a lengthy list of problems related to towers and its radiations.

Nowadays towers are seen everywhere, even in the congested places. Very often, many companies are using the same tower. To reduce radiation of towers Government need to intertwine. But to reduce phone radiation, it’s solely depends on we people.

Where have those birds gone?

mobile10If you want to know if a place is suited for humans, just turn around your eyes and check if small birds and animals are seen. If you notice a bird nest, it’s sure this place suits men also for a healthy living. Also, we can assure that water, air and plants are pollution free. But the arrival of mobile towers has destroyed the balance of nature a lot.

Most recently Dr.Sainudeen Patazi, the lecturer of Kollam S.N.College has proved that when a new mobile tower is fixed in a place all birds flew from that place and the remaining eggs in their nests won’t hatch due to radiations. Even bees and small insects leave the place, at least 1 km distant. While central government introduced certain regulations regarding the radiation of mobile towers, his report was also considered. Such radiations cause big treats to squirrels and similar animals as well.

How phone and tower radiation affect you?

It’s already proved that persons living within 0.5 kms of a tower will be affected by its radiations. Some of the common problems are listed below.


  • Cancer – Cancers including brain. Nervous disorders increase.
  • Eye/ear diseases – if you use mobiles more than half hour daily
  • Skin problems – Itching, burning, reddening and swelling
  • Potency – reduces sperm count to 70%

Are you checking SAR value while buying mobiles?


It can be well determined and measured by SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). It’s the rate at which radiations emitted by a cell phone are absorbed by 1 km of body cells in a period of 6 minutes. If you buy mobiles from a well-recognized company SAR value will be noted somewhere behind your hand set or in the catalogue. According to new instructions given, it has been made compulsory to note the SAR value. Permissible rate is 1.6 watt/kg. But the naked truth is that most of the phones that we are using now have SAR value higher than the permissible rate.

When you buy a new mobile, you may be busy checking its beauty, features and price. Only a few people give attention to SAR values. Never think that we shall buy a mobile with SAR value 1.6. Instead opt for a cell phone with lowest SAR value. If you buy a mobile with SAR value 1.6, you can use it for 6 minutes safely. But if you purchase one with value 0.8, you can have a harmless talk for 12 minutes. So, check SAR value of your mobile now so that you can know how many minutes you can use mobile safely for a day.

10 ways to reduce mobile radiations

Even after knowing health hazards of mobile phones, we can’t throw it away from our daily life. So, it’s better to use it wisely reducing its health related problems as much as possible. If we take certain precautions, it’s able to reduce its after effects up to 90%. As skull of kids and babies are not strong, never allow them to use mobiles. Also, never allow them to play with it as radiations can easily penetrate their brains. Let me give you 10 simple tips for you people to follow.

Talk time – reduce it as much as possible

Central telecom department has put forward a strange suggestion. Avoid talk time as much as possible. Instead use messaging system. Never keep your mobile too close to your ears, particularly after 6 minutes a day. If you can’t avoid such a situation, change the phone in between two ears once in every 1 or 2 minutes. Never use a single ear continuously for minutes or make it a habit.

Keep distance – keep mobiles at 1 inch distant

Radiation intensity is high around 1-2 inches of a mobile. We have seen many people who press their mobiles to their ears so closely. While doing this, more radiations are penetrating to brain easily. Studies have proved that if you keep 1 inch distant from your mobile while attending a call or calling someone, radiation penetration reduces almost half. If you use ear piece, you can hear well even if phone is kept at distance. If can’t you can activate speaker mode with reduced volume. Also, while calling someone, till he receives keep mobile away from your ears as radiation emission is more at that time.

Hand free – for free use

If you are able to place your mobile 15 cm away after activating speaker, it’s safe. But it’s not possible if you are in a public place or office. Make use of hand free sets that time. Now two types are available in market – with wire or wireless blue tooth technology. Though many people believe that both are 100% safe, it’s not the case. Through both these hand free sets, radiations in minute quantities do enter our body. So while buying a new hand free set, always go for a good one with good qualities. Many hand sets are there that can be penetrated inside the ears. It helps to hear well. Yet choose the other type.

While using head set

You can go for any type of head sets. But always minimize the volume. It’s very important for your ear health and tympanum. If you hear at high voice regularly, it may damage your ears a lot. Also, after conversation, remove ear pieces from your ears. While choosing blue tooth models, instead of choosing mounted unit with ear piece and receiver, opt one with separate units. It’s a regular practice that people use blue tooth as a part of their body, they never remove it after a call. It’s a bad habit never to be followed. Remove blue tooth as soon as you disconnect a call.

Retro Handset


It’s a substitute of hand set. It looks similar to our land phone receiver and can be used by connecting to our cell phone. Though it’s inconvenient to carry everywhere, you can make use of it while at home or office.

If low range avoid phone calls

You may have noticed that your battery charge of mobile lowers suddenly if you are in low range place. It happens as a result of using more energy to get signals. So, radiations of your mobile also increase in the same rate. So, while you are at a place with low range or while traveling by car or train through low mobile range places, avoid use of mobiles as much as possible. Same is the case while you are sitting inside metallic cased vehicles like cars, trucks and trains. Use hand free sets at these occasions.

Never make your mobile your life partner

It’s a habit for many of us to keep mobiles under pillows or near window while sleeping. Such persons will be affected by radiations even while they are sleeping. Continuous head ache and loss of sleep to many dangerous radiation problems are its after effects. Phone should be kept at least 1 meter from your mattress, particularly from your head position.

Moist hair and spectacles can increase radiation

Sometimes it may be needed to attend a call soon after a bath. Recent researches say moist hair catalyses radiation absorption almost double. Same is the case of those persons wearing spectacles with metallic frames. Remove such spectacles while using a mobile phone as it can increase the rate of radiation absorption.

Never place it near your heart

Mobiles are emitting radiations not only while speaking but also when it’s in ‘switched on’ mode. Keeping mobiles in pant pockets can lead to impotency in man and if kept in shirt pockets can lead to heart problems. Keep your cell phone at least 1 inch distant from you. If you are a heart patient using pace maker, your mobile should be at least 30 cm away from your heart. It’s safe to keep phone in bag or hand. If not possible, most safe is to put in back pockets of your pants. Pregnant ladies should never bring mobiles near their bellies. It should be kept at least 15 cm away.

Low charges and pouches

When battery charge is low your mobile carries high radiation and hence avoid ‘mobile talks’ when your mobile indicates red signal. Metallic pouches and magnetic pouches intensify radiations at this stage and if you need to talk to someone while your mobile charge is low, take it out of the pouch while doing so.

4 tips for safety use

If you need to talk for more than 5 minutes, use hand set.


Head set with separate hand set and receiver is the best. Blue tooth handsets are also nice.


Never use mobiles by covering its back side. It increases radiation.


If you place mobile too close to your ears, radiations penetrate your brain more easily.


Health related problems due to the excess use of mobiles

How continuous use of mobiles can affect our health – many reports are still to come. Yet researches and studies are going on everyday. If we closely watch our past years, we can easily notice some problems caused in this short term.

If you feel head ache while using mobile or ear pain, eye tiredness, hearing impaired or colour change soon after, never neglect such symptoms. Such signs are easily noted in weak and low weighed persons. Such persons should surely use hand free sets while using mobiles.

Mental disorders and diseases

Many psychologists say, due to the continuous use of mobiles, many mental problems are rising in such persons. Radiations through cell phones are enough to cause mutations in nerve cells and neurotransmitters resulting in many mental disorders. Stress, strain, depression, sleeplessness, disturbances in sleep – many problems are yet to be found. Also, use of mobile phones can intensify many mental disorders for sure.

Mobile phone addiction is a mental disorder most seen in teens and youth. If you begin to use mobiles during your early ages, you may be attacked by this disorder easily. It’s a serious mental problem. If phone switches off suddenly or someone disconnect it, the victim may become anxious or restlessness. He may feel depressed, loss of sleep and even digestive problems and shivering.

Ringxiety – It’s a new generation disease

It’s not as serious as other mental disorders caused by mobile phones. It’s also known as Phantom Rings. Do you often feel that your mobile is ringing, even while it’s quiet? If so, it may be a sign of Phantum Rings, a mental disorder. When someone else’s phone is ringing, he may feel that it’s his call. In such persons, stress hormones may increase during every ring sound which is not at all good for body or mind. Such persons should keep distinct ring tones for their mobiles and select ring tones in the ascending mode. You can seek doctor’s help if still such problems persist.


Before a Jupiter year, we lived in an era without cell phones. Yet nothing happened to our life style. We just adjusted to that situation. Now we are adjusting ourselves to each and every new ‘technological’ situation without caring our body or mind. Yes, it’s true we are a part of this modern world and if we need to travel forward we have to use many such devices. Yet, it lies in our boundary how we use them wisely. So, never abandon your land phone connections. Perhaps in the distant future we many notice many great reforms!

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