We take a lot of care for our beauty and to protect our hair.  We always desire to have long, shining, strong and beautiful hair. Protecting our hair completely is very difficult and we should spend some time in taking care of hair. We should need to have correct knowledge and information about this. There are many beauty products are available in the market to protect our hair. But these beauty products may damage your hair and reduce the shining and make them dull. So instead of depending on the beauty products, it is good follow homemade treatments which are available in the kitchen.

Some of the things which are available in the kitchen are wonderfully helpful in protecting our hair and making them beautiful. The things like eggs, lemon, curd which  kitchen are available in the show natural effect on our hair. All these things are used to obtain a beautify are hair. These are natural things so they reduce the hair damage.These things are used in different hair treatment for different kinds of hairs, dull hair, dandruff hair, dry hair, oily hair. Therefore, you can take care of your hair with things listed below. 

Get healthy hair with things available in our home:


In most of the hair packs eggs are used. By adding lemon juice in egg yolk .and 2 drops of honey. Beat them finely and then apply this mixture to your hair. After a half an hour wash your hair, therefore, your hair turns to silky, smooth, shining and healthy.

Apple cider vinegar:

This is a very affective hair care item. This is mostly used for dry and damaged hair. After fine hair wash, we should add a few drops of apple sider vinegar in a mug of water and pour this water on our hair, therefore, our hair turns into beautiful.


This is used in different hair problems like dandruff, splits, itching and getting dry. With the help of curd, our hair turns in soft  and sensitive in nature.

Baking soda:

By mixing baking soda with water and washing your hair with shampoo using this water, and then conditioning gives you a healthy hair. Baking soda cleans our scalp completely. It removes dirt and stickiness from the hair.

Lime juice:

When you mix lime juice in hair oil and apply to your hair then it heals all the scalp related problems. This is mostly used as a remedy for stickiness, dandruff and itching problems.

Honey :

Honey acts as a natural moisturizer for protecting hair and skin. This is a thing which always available in our kitchen for more days so we can include this in hair packs. Therefore, our hair turns into silky and soft.

Corn starch:

The corn starch soup helpful for the oily hair. This will be a natural product to remove the stickiness and oiliness in our hair. 

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