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It is neither difficult nor very difficult to stay young forever if you love to look young especially the people who want to remain attractive and youthful. This is contrary to common belief that maintaining your grace and attraction is tedious and difficult cause, it is not. It is al in the mind where you have to pay a big role to keep yourself looking as young at fifty as you were at thirty or even at twenty-five. The problem with us Indians is that we do not care for our looks, although it is not with everyone but most of us feel that looks are natural and change with increasing age. 

If most people think that they have past their prime age when they can still look young, they are wrong they can look good and young even at an advanced age or look better compared to what they used to look at an earlier stage of their younger days. This is all in their mindset rather than in body, once you have decided to give yourself a lift you only have to follow certain tips to find yourself delighted and amazingly changed at the results obtained. Checkout for the tips provided below to obtain good results-



It is a proven fact that water works as a purification agent and drinking lots of water helps keep your fine wrinkles and lines away because water flushes out ugly fats. And once the fats that contain fatty acids those are not the ones needed in our body our system becomes clean, we feel much fitter, active and rejuvenated. The result reflects on our face, the skin becomes simply great, glorious and glowing.

I often hear people when they come across people advising them regarding utility of water and its intake murmuring or even protesting loudly about the need or quantity of intake of water possible or its utility. The answer is plain, simple, as much as possible, minimum 2-3 liters a day better make it 3-4, and if you ask me, I drink four to five liters every day depending upon weather conditions.

While it is good to drink lots of water in routine, you cannot say the same about other liquids whether or not these would work on everyone the same way. Some people feel happy with juices and other liquid foods like Lassi, buttermilk while some others may not find these good for their system depending upon their body structure and dietary habits. But liquors should be an absolute no, which will certainly ruin your system. Tea and coffee also should be taken within a limit of your body needs, as these certainly are not beauty and youthful friendly. 



Food is as important for anyone as air or water and you cannot deny the importance of healthy food for a healthy body and mind as well. Before we discuss about nutritious items we must discuss about junk. Junk food is certainly something that destroys your efforts to look younger and fit therefore the junk should be ticked off first thing from your diet. Fast food can affect your health and looks in different ways but two of those are most dangerous, one the oil used in such foods increases level of Trans fats of your body. Also your body is not designed to consume as much energy as much the fast foods generate, which can cause heart related diseases as well making your figure and looks bad. You must always keep in your mind that you cannot look great if you consume lots of fast food because that is not good for your heath.   

Back to good food and one cannot think or talk but foodstuff that contains enough vitamins, proteins and minerals. You know what, we never hesitate to suggest others about importance of good food containing vitamins and minerals and leaving out junk behind from our food habits but we forget the importance of same when it comes to practicalities. The fact is if you love and transform yourself into a younger looking one, you must follow those suggestions religiously. 

Another fact of good health is hidden in eating fruits and vegetables in good quantity, which slows down the process of aging to great extent, and your body feels and looks much younger than your actual age. You only need to learn alphabets like ABCDE and K to know all about the importance of vitamins working wonders for your ageless body and skin. Proteins are other source of good health and for looking good, fitter and younger. Amino acids, which help keep your body develop in a proportional shape should be aptly part of your diet. If you are a non-vegetarian, select your meat carefully, avoid meats harmful for your health, go for fish instead which has many health related benefits.    

Oil and Ghee 

Most of us have a firm belief that cooking oils including ghee are no good for our health; if you are also one of them, you are only partially right. You cannot survive without oil contents in you body which is as essential as other necessary ingredients. You must select your cooking oil from good range of oil available according to your body and health needs. You can go for Sunflower, Olive, Flax and number of low fat oils available in refined form. You can even eat ghee if you are not advised against it by your doctor on any serious health ground. You must take precaution not reuse oil once heated because it increases Trans fats which are no good for your overall health and looks. 

Let us have a look at workouts

Your workouts should not be necessarily too long, time consuming or rigorous ones but limited to waking, jogging or whatever makes you go out have some fresh air to help feel you younger by breathing easily. You morning walks, jogging and cycling for 20-30 minutes achieve you the desired results and keep you fitter, perhaps one of the easiest ways to look younger also. It gives you a feeling of self-satisfaction when you find yourself working more easily in your work place. The light workouts you select for yourself, better with the help of a trained exercise expert should be limited to 3-4 days a week for a short duration without getting yourself tired and getting distracted. See the difference after a month once you start following the tips provided above.

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