Your worst enemies 

A man reacts the way he thinks, sees things around him in his day-to-day life and this makes a big impact on his mind. Moreover, this is a scientifically proven fact that our body develops according to instructions coming from our brain, like we think, kike our body shapes, simple as that. There is another fact that suggestions coming from different quarters make a magical impact on our brain. The only difference is that positive suggestions improve our mental status and the negative ones let us down. That is why the saying goes that “Our friends who create doubts in our mind while asking about our well-being are kind of our worst enemies” 

Avoid people with negative mindset

You might have experienced that when you talk to someone with positive mindset, you feel as if you were filled with positive energy. People with positive thinking find ray of hope in absolute darkness and the people who always think negative do nothing but make you feel depressed and hopeless even if you were doing all right in your life. We should avoid negative people and more so when we ourselves going through a lean patch, because such people do nothing but to do more harm to your mental status. Such people leave their impact everywhere they go, they make everyone hopeless. Avoid them to save yourself from going into the grip of sadness. 

Most of us are not aware of positive forces

The world is full of examples of the places people find them absolutely transformed into altogether state of mind. These places may vary from religious to picnic spots, hill stations to fountains, parks or other tourist destinations, and this all happens despite the fact that people going to such places do not get all the facilities available to them back at home. These all changes come due to the happiness we feel during our visit to places, which provide us with positive energy. We feel better and free from all physical or mental sickness as the effect of the places works better than medicines on us. 

Most of us are not aware of the effects of positive forces available to us in different forms. These forces can come from our parents, friends, partners or even strangers. Most of us do not get or ask for financial help from friends but we keep faith in our subconscious that we have someone to support in form of friends to come forward to support us in our need. Love of parents, your lover, and friends is like a shield that saves us from worst of situations. People those have trust in God find their relief in their prayers, which can troubleshoot all their problems within no time. They find all their troubles gone once they open their heart in front of the almighty power that runs the whole universe. This all is the power of positive mindset, if you have faith in something, it works well for you and if you believe in negation, you know what you will get. 


Pessimism is a horrible word in itself, it is the belief that all the evil and pain in the world outweigh compared to goodness or happiness or the belief that all things move toward evil only. There is nothing good in the world. Pessimism is a tendency that increases stress to fill you with negative or to make your views gloomiest possible in every possible manner. That is what every book in the world will tell you about pessimism or pessimistic people. A person with pessimistic approach finds himself defeated even before he begins his struggle for anything. Persons with pessimistic views only create an atmosphere and tendency of negative ideas or what is gloomy or disadvantageous around them. They cannot see advantages but disadvantages only. All good things in life make no difference on such people because they look in other directions only. 

Your way of thinking makes you young or old

Everyone is made to believe that old age makes you dull and worthless. A person in our country, when enters in his fifties is considered old and made to thinks that he is fast reaching towards the end of the road of his life. We all can see such persons all around us who feel ‘old’ and hopeless with increasing age. They think that they have already past the age of enjoyment of life and have nothing but to wait for the ultimate. But, my question is, why can’t a person enjoy his life that can eat, walk, can chat with neighbors, go to office and market? The fact is, that persons like these remain physically fit but their minds suggest them that they have become ‘old’ therefore no more useful for the society or worthy of enjoying their lives like other normal people. 

So, the term ‘old’ is comparative statement, a person can feel ‘old’ at 40, while others can still be as active in their sixties as they were when at 30. Actually speaking, most of us who think that old age is beginning of weakness of mind are wrong but the fact is old age has the advantage of hard-earned experiences, which come with the aging process. A person enriched with knowledge through the years who could be source of knowledge for others, sits cursing his own uselessness. 

A person is young as long he is not sick, feels young within and the fact that he has the will to remain young forever. It does not come with dying of hair, wearing modern dresses and consuming those 30+ pills available with drug stores. There is no need of artificial methods to show oneself a young person but it comes from within. The only need is to keep kicking the thought of aging and feel young and happy you will never feel ‘old’. Old age is only a feeling that can destroy a person if he thinks in terms of too much in a negative approach. The people who think that this world is running on their shoulders and never find themselves in a position to enjoy their life. The lifestyle of a person is also responsible to certain extent, people who always remain under the pressure of extra work or stressed, feel old at an early age. But the truth will always remain the same; the old age is only a feeling that depends on how you think, the way you think. 

Here are some easy methods 

Forget all about past and live a life allover again. Meet everyone with open mind without having any malice for anyone. If you are still busy with your job or business, you have no reason to feel old. Keep in mind that people who mingle freely with younger people and do not object to their way of lifestyle live better and healthier life. People who keep learning newer things in their life never become old, the person having willingness to learn never thinks in terms of old age, because he has a different mindset.   

Never feel awkwardness in fulfilling you desires, whatever motivates you to do newer things in life are the basic reasons of keeping you forever young. It is you life after all and you have right to live as per your own choice and that is the only way to stay forever young if you listen to your own inner voice without giving an ear to hearsay about old age. Now, what are you waiting for just give the colors of your own choice to your imaginations and live the life your own ways. Besides the learning gives the power to learn the world in a new perceptive, we can always gain strength from others who know better than we do. It is better to keep connected with others those who know this world in a better way so that we can ask for their help if the need be so. 


If we have entered into an age where others feel the old age begins, it should not affect our mindset. If we think in terms of old age and death constantly, no one can stop us from becoming old. Such a mindset brings us closer to old age and death faster than we reach there. I for one have a faith that a person stays young as long as he feels he is young and discharges his duties faithfully and regularly. Thinking in a negative way will destroy your creativity and physical activities. I can see people over 80 live a trouble free life without a care in the world and enjoying as much as a 30 year old does. Therefore, I will suggest you to keep repeating that being old is your choice and you will never be old. Everyone including you relatives, friends and other members of the society will try to ‘make’ you old but do not care for them. You should have the faith in the saying that ‘truth, beauty and thoughts’ never become old then how is it possible that you, who believe in all these three, will ever become old!  

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