Lead poisoning usually occurs when there is a build up of lead in the body. Poisoning of lead usually causes serious problems of health. Children who are under the age of 6 are very susceptible to lead poisoning. This kind of poisoning also affects the mental and physical development. At times, lead poisoning could also be fatal.

There are many sources of lead contamination, which cause problems of lead. Lead based paint and ontaminated lead in old buildings are the most common sources of poisoning of lead in the children. There are other sources of lead that include air, soil, and water. Normally adults who work with renovations, batteries, auto repair etc get exposed to lead. There are lot of treatments available for lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning is very hard to detect. People who are very healthy can at times have high levels of lead in the blood. The signs of lead poisoning do not appear till dangerous amounts of lead has accumulated. There are some basic symptoms of poisoning of lead. The basic symptoms include loss of appetite. There is irritability in the children. There is a sudden weight loss. The person feels a fatigue and sluggishness. There is considerable abdominal pain. The child has vomiting and constipation. A certain amount of learning difficulty is there.

Newborns also shows signs and symptoms of lead poisoning. Babies who are exposed to lead have slow growth, learning difficulties and high blood pressure. There are lot of symptoms in adults when they have lead poisoning.

Children are at greater risk than adults for lead poisoning. Adults have a steady decline in mental functioning.
There is sufficient muscular weakness, abdominal pain, mood disorders, reduced sperm count. At times women have a miscarriage due to lead poisoning. Lead is a metal, which is on the crust of the earth and is a main ingredient in gasoline and paint. There are some traditional remedies, which help in the cure of lead poisoning.
It is worthwhile to try these and solve these problems.

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