Which is the one thing in common that all women shares among them? Yeah! You're right, MAKEUP is the only one thing in common that all ladies share whenever they meet each other. In fact, it is only with their Makeup that their beauty reaches to topmost level. But many times, regular usage of makeup cosmetic product makes their skin prone to infections and skin problems. However, now you don't need to apply makeup for beautiful look as you can simply attain it with natural tips described here:-

Use Moisturizer:- To improve glow on your skin, you must use moisturizer daily. Your moisturizer will play a vital role in keeping your skin nourished and moisturized. Regular use of moisturizer dries saggy skin and keep away wrinkles on skin.

Drink Plenty of Water:-Find it hard to believe? But it is the truth that drinking plenty of water each day improves the skin. Drinking water also regulates metabolism of the body and prevents skin from infection.

Use face wash daily:- Using branded face wash from market daily after shower helps in keeping the skin fair. Also, it helps in removing the traces of lost makeup without causing any skin irritation or skin problem. Beauticians suggest to apply face wash twice a day to remove dirt from skin as face wash opens pores and delivers freshness to the facial skin.

Drink lemon and hot water:-Drinking 1 cup of warm water with slice of lemon inside it will remove all the toxins from your body. It is only the toxin of the body that generates skin sensitivities and drinking lemon mix in the morning will reduces chances of such issue.

Use Toner:- This is the most important product for skin care and is easily available in the market at very reasonable cost. Skin toners helps in removing the traces of makeup, oil and grease. It also tightens the skin pores thereby cleaning the skin and improving fairness.


These are the best natural method which you can try to look beautiful naturally without applying any type of makeup.

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