A child below 18 years old grows mentally and physically. This is a time of life where they have to take proper care.  Otherwise, children may suffering from problems such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Such problem may hinder the proper growth of your children. You have to solve your children's problem as early as you can do. In modern age children below 18 years old is suffering from neck pain problem. Many factors are responsible for such pain. One of the major factors for such pain is that various students forced to carry heavy bags full of books. Every child has some capacity. If the capacity on their back increases, it will result in neck pain. Due to heavy load on their back and shoulder, your children back and neck become enervate. As a result, problem of back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain arises.

Apart from above mention reason, outdoor activities are another factor that taken into consideration. Children below 18 years old are very active. They like to play games that are full of danger. For example, suppose that your children play cricket or football, they might fall several times on the playground to defeat their opposition. Your children do not think about the ground. Ground might be full of stones and things that harm your children. Your children need proper training and practice playing on such ground. If the practice is not sufficient, your children might suffer from neck pain. To save your children from neck pain and back pain, you have to force your children to wear proper backpacks. Proper backpacks save children from accidents occur at playground. You have to choose proper backpacks. Straps equipped backpacks are very useful for your children. It will distribute the loads of backpacks equally on your child's shoulder and neck. You have to check your children bag's load. Your child contains necessary books and stationary in their bag. It will release some stress from their back.  As a result, children feel some relief from their back. It will avoid neck pain.  You have to take care about the height of backpacks carrying by your children. It is neither very low nor high.

Many children like to play games in which two or more players encounter other players. You have to restrict your children to play such games frequently. You cannot restrict your children to play such games all times, but you have to restrict your children when they recently recovered from illness. Children do not play such contact games when they are feeling tiredness. When your children are tired, It is not possible for your children to face such force from the other side. As a result, your child might take the injury on their neck or back. Many time children suffer from aches in their neck. You have to take care on such aches. Never ignore it. If your children tell you about such aches in their neck and back, it is your prime duty to take your children to the doctor. 


At last, parents as well as children are not ignored any kind of pain in their neck, back and shoulder. You are everything for your children. You have to take care on your children. You need to select activities and backpacks that are good for your children. 

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