Physical exercises are equally important to us the way food and water are. If we wish to be healthy, strong, alert and active then exercise is very necessary to us. But in today's life we have become so lazy and relaxed minded that even walking a few steps is considered by us as uncomfortable and task of low dignity and we give importance to travel by vehicles. Because of this laziness we are giving an open invitation to lots of diseases including heart diseases. If we exercise regularly, only then we can stop diseases by approaching us in fact can even stop day to day abnormalities like indigestion, constipation, insomnia etc..... without taking any medications.

Mainly the effect of exercises is seen on our respiratory system. A healthy individual in one minute inspires and expires for 14 to 15 times. While inspiring he takes pure air in the form of oxygen. It reaches each and every organ of our body and in the form of carbon dioxide is expelled. While performing exercises, breathing fastens. Blood circulation increases and one sweats profusely by which wastes of body get eliminated. Apart from this even other benefits of exercises are also seen like it gives protection against many diseases. Risk of heart disease is reduced greatly. Body gets relaxed, due to which insomnia, restlessness and stress get eliminated. Mental peace and alertness is achieved. Asthma, diabetes, back pain etc..... get cured. Problem of being over weight is solved. Yields protection against disease of stomach.


Before exercising it is essential to know our capabilities and our push limits. One who works hard need not exercise hard. One who only does mental labor without any physical work needs to exercise harder. Thin and week individuals need to do such exercises which can  make their body parts active. These individuals need to understand that their weakness is not because they are thin but because of the weakness of their muscles. Thus, they have to perform such exercises which would yield them good muscles. In opposition to this, stronger individuals whose muscles are quite big need to push themselves to a large extent by working hard which could make their muscles still stronger. Fat individuals instead of choosing tough exercises should choose such kind of exercises which would help in melting the stored unwanted fat of their body. It is necessary for them to consult a physician who would prescribe them a good exercise regime.

   Before exercising several factors have to be kept in mind. Always wear loose clothes. Tight fitting clothes should not be worn. After every exercise, 10 to 12 deep breaths have to be taken. If someone is disease prone they need to take proper consultation from doctors before starting any kind of exercise regime. Exercise should always be done in open space like grounds where fresh oxygen is available in plenty and air is pure and pollution free. Exercising in impure and unhealthy environment does not prove to be beneficial. The most beneficial time for exercising is in early morning.


How to exercise? It's different in case of different individuals. According to some experts one has to work in hard pace while exercising. Others recommend slow pace of exercising. Whatever may be the pace, right exercise is the one which enables an individual to be active, fit and alert. Actually, exercise should be of such type which enables muscles to build up and grow. By exercising a person sweats and feels tired which is totally natural. To get rid of tiredness it is essential to rest our body for some time. Rest should be taken till sweat dries up. After this one must have a bath. By bathing, the left over tiredness too evaporates and body becomes clean and active.

   The best exercise is to walk. And the best time to go for walk is in the early morning. At this time of the day environment is very lively and air is pure and healthy. Early morning's walk if done on bare foot on green grass is said to be very beneficial. This keeps body healthy. A person feels hungry that is, it increase appetite as well as doesn't make a person tired. Before walking bare foot ensure that there are no thorns and the grass is clean enough with no dirt and dust.

   Thus, exercise is of great importance in an individual's life. No matter of what age an individual is, one may be teenager, grown up or of old age, exercise is a must for each and every one of us. It's importance in our life cannot be ruled out. Through a regular exercise regime we can keep diseases at bay and live happily.

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