Man's relation with nature is quite strong and both are inseparable. Following rules of nature is very essential as well as beneficial for mankind. For reaping benefits of health, first and foremost rule is to wake up early morning.

Time up to one hour before sunrise is considered to be Brahma mahurat. This is the auspicious time. In the eastern sky one can see a slight pinkish tint. Few stars also gaze from the clouds over here and there in the sky. This is the best time to wake up. One should wake up during Brahma mahurat and worship the earth, parents and teachers. One should finish off their daily chores like brushing, bathing etc..... before sunrise itself. After this, they can indulge themselves in physical exercises, yoga, pranayama, meditation etc..... They can go for walk and reap dual benefits. One benefit is their health will get improved and the second benefit is they will enjoy the nature at its best. In this way, by waking up early morning one can take care of their health.

According to the rule of nature, all the birds and animals wake up early and experience the ultimate happiness. If in such situation, man who is considered as the supreme living being of this world keeps sleeping engrossed in laziness then it is the matter of great insult. He is insulting nature's most valuable gift. Individual who sleep even after sunrise, it is said regarding him that mind and body of that individual are not efficient enough in their work. Laziness gets filled in his body. His face loses its glow. Person who wakes up quite late is remarked as poor from all aspects.

It is written in our epics, that people who wear dirty clothes, eat excessively, speak rudely, whose teeth are stained and who wakes up quite late after sunrise are poor people. It is said that these bad habits if practiced by Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi will get separated from him and he will not be spared for his deeds. Thus, one should leave this bad habit of waking up after sunrise and should cultivate a habit of rising up in early morning before sunrise. If we make a firm determination, there is no such task which we cannot accomplish.

Lord Manu has written in his Manu Samhita that one should wake up in Brahma mahurat and get involved in deeper thoughts regarding Dharma and Artha (money). First, they should concentrate regarding Dharma i.e., they should get involved in spiritual matters and honestly carry out their religious duties. They should think about God and worship the supreme entity. They should make a firm decision that throughout the day they will carry out all the tasks honestly. Meaning of thinking about money matters is to make plans which will help him throughout the day to work honestly and earn money. This is essential for him, for his family as well as to help others who are in need. One should also think regarding his body's health, difficulties it's facing and the causes for its difficulties. This will help him greatly to remain healthy. Health is the basic requirement to carry out all sorts of activities including progress in spiritual world.

As soon as one wakes up in the early morning, one should have a look at their palms. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati and Lord Brahma all are present in palms. They reside over there. Thus, one should have a look as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Their blessings will ensure smooth running of the day and all chores will be carried out without any obstruction.

In actual terms, early morning, nature looks sort of blessed. It gives a mesmerizing effect to the viewers. We can experience it only if we wake up early and keep our time table in conjunction with the time table of nature. Thus, waking up early before sunrise should be made as a prime rule of our lives by all of us and we should use every second of our lives to carry out good useful activities.

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