All the foods and drinks that we consume throughout the day comprises our diet. Food and health are closely related. Food consumed daily helps in the development of body and enables us to work by providing energy. But most of us do not know what type of food has to be consumed. We have no knowledge regarding the kind of essential food elements that our body requires and the sources from where these elements can be obtained. For example, individuals involved in doing hard physical work should eat more amount of nutritious food. In contrast to this, individuals who do less physical work should consume light, easily digestible food. In actual terms, food should be such that which keeps body healthy, active and disease free.

How should our diet be?

Essential food elements can be obtained from various foods. These are essential for working of various body organs efficiently. For example, milk contains vitamin A in large amount. This is essential to protect body from various diseases and also keeps eye sight good. In its deficiency, body becomes prone to diseases and eye sight weakens. Thus, in our diet we need all the essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals etc..... in adequate quantities.

Food related necessary rules:-

An individual's diet should be as per his physical work. If he does tough physical work, he should eat more nutritious food. If he does light physical work then he has to consume light, easy digestible food.

  • Daily food has to be consumed on same time.
  • Food should not be gulped down as soon as it is put in mouth. It should be chewed for many a times. This will enable quick digestion.
  • One should not rush themselves while eating food nor should even indulge themselves in any sort of communication.
  • One should not eat excessively spicy and fried snacks. This will lead to the disorders of digestive system.
  • A person has to rest for sometime after finishing his meals.
  • Immediately after consuming food one should not drink water. It would be better to drink water half an hour after finishing meals. If at all very necessary then very little amount of water has to be taken in.
  • One should take care that consumption of excessively hot or cold eating stuff can be harmful. Also, along or after hot meals one should not drink cold water.
  • While eating meals one should keep themselves tension free and relaxed.
  • After the meals, one should not indulge themselves in a habit of consuming some digestible powders which promise to aid in digestion. This will weaken digestive power.
  • A glass of milk should be consumed during bed time.
  • After meals if fruit juices are consumed, it will not only enable easy digestion of food that is consumed but also yields energy.
  • One should eat only till hunger gets satisfied. Food should not be consumed in large amount falling prey to taste buds after hunger gets satisfied. It can prove to be harmful.
  • During night time curd should not be taken.


Most of us are health conscious and think day and night regarding health related issues. We follow most of the health related rules. We eat nutritious food to keep ourselves healthy. But without maintaining cleanliness, all these efforts we are putting in are of no use. This is because cleanliness is very essential for health protection. Cleanliness does not only include keeping body clean in fact also includes cleanliness of house and surroundings. Regarding this, following points have to be remembered:-

  • One has to bath daily with clean water. After bath, body has to be dried by rubbing the skin with towel. This will enable removal of dead skin from body.
  • Twice in a day, brushing has to be done which will ensure cleanliness of teeth and oral cavity.
  • One has to always wear clean clothes.
  • Drinking water and other raw foods that we consume should be clean because uncleanliness promotes onset of diseases.
  • Home and working place should be neat and clean, well ventilated and should allow proper penetration of sunlight.
  • Along with clothes, bed sheets and blankets should also be kept clean. Bed sheets should be washed daily.
  • Along with clothes, one should not allow exchange of soap, towel, comb etc..... with other family members. If exchange of things are done then it will enable spread of microbes and will cause diseases.
  • Eatables which are dirty, smelling awfully and the ones which are surrounded by fly's should never be consumed.
  • One should cover their mouth and nose with the help of napkin while coughing and sneezing. This will avoid spread of infectious microbes.
  • If some one in a house is affected from some serious ailment then care and precautions should be taken while coming in contact with him and should follow all the rules of cleanliness.
  • Many people are habituated to spit over here and there. This has to be stopped as it will promote spread of infection.
  • While cleaning body, under arms and private areas should be cleaned properly.
  • Long nails of hands and legs should be trimmed. Dirt and dust accumulated in them can cause various infections and diseases.
  • Biting nails, licking fingers or thumb, putting a finger in nose and ears have to be stopped.
  • One should not breath from mouth. As much as possible one has to breath from nose as air gets filtered through nose.
  • One should not cover their face while sleeping. Individuals who cover their face while sleeping are deprived of fresh oxygen. Carbon dioxide they have expelled keeps circulating over there which is not good for health.


Rest is as much as important to health the way work is. Body gets energy and becomes, active after rest. Our body has many parts and each part either individually or in a group performs various functions. While carrying out functions, they spend energy i.e., calories. If this energy is not replenished, they will not be able to work further. These parts obtain energy through food and from various means, in which rest also has an important contribution.

Rest helps tired organs to relax. This will enable them to work more efficiently. Apart from this in today's world man is facing lots of mental troubles. If he does not rest adequately he through mental pressure and excitement may suffer from epilepsy, hysteria etc..... Thus, rest is essential for mental and physical health.

Rest is of two types. One is resting for some time and the second one is to fall asleep. First one does not include rest related exact rules. Whenever one feels tired after physical or mental efforts can rest for some time by loosening the body, making mind free of thoughts and then lying down. This will make a person active after the rest. Similarly, in the afternoon after lunch one can rest for some time. This has to be done only in summers. Resting in winters can prove to be harmful health wise.

Second condition is to sleep. Regarding sleep certain things have to be taken care of. Individuals who do lots of physical work throughout the day should sleep for at least 8-10 hours in a day. Individuals who do less physical work should sleep for maximum of 8 hours in a day. Individuals irrespective of being involved in any sort of physical or mental work should sleep  for at least 6 hours in a day. Small kids sleep for lots of time. There is no rule related to their sleep duration. In today's busy world many of us are suffering from insomnia. To cure the state of insomnia, falling prey to medicines helpful to fall asleep can prove to be harmful.

To rest, one needs quite environment. One cannot sleep in noise. While resting, no sort of physical or mental stress has to be entertained. If an individual is experiencing mental stress, it becomes very essential for him to make his mind free from all thoughts, close his eyes and relax. While resting if mind is free from thoughts within 5-7 minutes of rest itself he will start feeling fresh. To sleep adequately and deeply it becomes essential that we make ourselves free from all sorts of stress and mental troubles.

While sleeping, clothes worn should be loose enough. Tight clothes will impart pressure on various body organs. This will interfere with their working and they will not be subjected to rest of any type. Sleeping late night and waking up in mid-afternoon is not good for health. Time to go to bed and time to wake up should be scheduled properly and in normal instances no change has to be made in it.

Early morning after waking up from sleep before leaving bed one has to spread his arms and legs on bed some time. After this, he should circulate his palms on whole body in the fashion of massage. This will help in the increase of blood circulation. Before waking up, person has to sleep on his stomach for some time. This will avoid constipation. It also relaxes body and back bone. After this person has to sleep on his back. He should squeeze both his legs and bring knees near his chest. This also helps to cure constipation. Before leaving bed, he can exercise for some time. He can do cycling lying down on his back. These exercises will make body active and alert and will help to remain healthy.


Wearing clothes is not just a remark of being civilized, in fact clothes are essential for physical as well as mental health. Thus, while buying clothes care should be taken in choosing right clothes which will help to protect health. In this aspect, care should also be taken and clothes should be chosen as per the weather. Nylon and other synthetic clothes should not be worn. These clothes are harmful from health point of view. These clothes do not have ability to absorb sweat. This can result in skin infection.


Living a tensed life in as similar as to be in a grave. Tension primarily leads to stress and later gives birth to unhealthy body. Thus for good health, it is very essential that we keep ourselves free from all types of tension anger, stress etc..... We can live a healthy life style after we free ourselves from tension and living a tension free life is not a very difficult task. By following certain things one can get relief from tension.

  • One should always live happily. Should not fear of difficulties. Difficulties have to be faced with bravery. Individuals who fear of difficulties not only bow down in difficult times but also ruin their health.
  • Without caring much regarding reward for the work done we should carry out all our responsibilities well and with honesty. Our hard work will surely get noticed and we will be rewarded as per it.
  • One should never get disappointed irrespective of the circumstances they face. Individuals who become disappointed take life as a burden. Life is not a burden, it's like a boon.
  • We should fulfill all our duties and responsibilities. They help mind to remain calm and happy. Sitting idle gives rise to evil thoughts.
  • Most of the diseases develop in case of mental imbalance, mental troubles and stress. One should always be away from them.
  • One should not look at things with suspicion. Suspicion is the major cause for the onset of diseases and does not have a treatment.


Our body postures are directly related to our body health. Our body organs, various muscles experience pressure while we stand up or sit down, while we sleep etc..... If body postures are incorrect while sitting, standing or lying down then a person will suffer from back pain, shoulder pain along with pain in various organs and joints of the body. Thus, we need to identify our incorrect body postures and try to correct them. If one follows correct body postures then organs of the body remains protected from various disorders and a person lives healthy life.

Correct body posture while standing:-

Correct body posture while standing is one which puts less pressure on back bone and it remains in its natural 'S' position. If one needs to stand for a long time in his work place then he should keep his one leg on a stool of 4 inch height. This will put minimal effect on his back bone.

Correct body posture while sitting:-

For individuals who work for hours together sitting in one place for them it becomes necessary to sit and relax themselves on a comfortably designed chair. Now a days, lots of such chairs are easily available. These chairs have a special curvature to relax lower part of back. Height of chair should be appropriate to height of table. This will rule out any unnecessary pressure been exerted on shoulders and back of neck.

Correct body postures while sleeping:-

Correct body posture for sleeping depends on individuals necessities. Some are fond of sleeping on their sides where as others love to sleep on their back. Studies have shown that best posture to sleep is to sleep on the back. This will ensure minimal pressure on back bone.


Smoking and alcohol consumption have become a trend and fashion in today's modern world. Women living  in metro cities are also in this race. Men and women both are seen smoking and consuming alcohol in their homes, during festivals, in clubs etc..... This is a part of their lives and they consider it as a major attraction of their personality. They do not know that these habits can give rise to various dreadful diseases in them. Studies have shown that smoking and alcohol consumption causes heart diseases, cancer etc..... Thus, if one wishes to stay healthy then they should stay far away from these diseases and if they are addicted to them should try to quit them.


Massage is not only an easy and useful exercise in fact also acts like a tonic for our body. Massage increases blood circulation. Through it, stress of various body parts gets eliminated. Body becomes active and alert. All over the body, massage should be done slowly with the help of almond oil or mustard oil. Massage should never be done by exerting too much pressure and in quick pace. Patients suffering from diseases especially respiratory disorders, digestive diseases should never be given massage unless suggested by their doctors themselves. Immediately before or after massage, bath should not be taken neither food has to be consumed. Half an hour rest should be taken after massage and then one should go for bath. Along with health, massage is also essential for beauty and it also enhances it. Similarly, head massage helps brain and makes hair thick, shiny and strong.


Fasting is a natural and easy process which is very essential for health. Fasting relaxes body and also helps in its cleansing. Fast of 1-2 days at regular intervals proves beneficial in case of not only certain disorders but also in case of diabetes, piles etc..... It also shows surprising effects in case of disorders of digestive system like constipation, indigestion etc..... One should get rid of the myth from their brain that fasting will bring weakness in the body. Fasting helps a person to remain calm and happy and brings lots of activeness in the body. During fasting, people experiences halitosis very commonly and this is not a matter of concern. In case of tuberculosis, heart diseases and other serious diseases fasting is considered to be inappropriate. Similarly, women too during pregnancy should not fast. There are certain diseases in which fasting is not enough. Along with fasting many other treatments should also be brought into account as suggested by their physician. In order to fast for long duration they have to consult their doctors. 24 hours before fasting, excessively fat rich products should not be consumed, in fact fruits have to be eaten. During fasting lots of precautions have to be taken. Many parts of the stomach do not remain active during fasting period. Thus, immediately after ending fast, solid foods should not be eaten. Fruit juices have to be taken.

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