Cholesterol benefits is not topic of today, on opposite topic is totally different. Topic of today is 4 types of cholesterol. Yes, today's nutrition discussion is on topic of different types of cholesterol. It will start with it and end with it. So, here is 4 different types of cholesterol:-

There are mainly 4-

1) Very Low Density Lipoprotein-

Very low density lipoproteins are one of the types of cholesterol, into which it is categorized; due to different properties of each of these type. Very low density lipoproteins are some what similar to chylo-microns as they contain most of time triglycerides and very less of protein. They are manufactured from free fatty acid from liver or from endogenous triglycerides in human body.

2) Intermediate Density Lipoprotein-

Whereas this type of cholesterol is not manufactured from free fatty acids in liver or endogenous triglycerides of human body. Instead, it is manufactured from very low density lipoprotein. When the very low density lipoprotein undergoes hydrolysis enzymatic reaction, then it got break down into 2 parts, first is free fatty acids and second is intermediate density lipoprotein.

3) Low density lipoprotein-

Low density lipoprotein is that type of cholesterol, which is synthesized from intermediate density lipoprotein through enzymatic reaction. It also do functional activity of supplying cholesterol from liver to peripheral tissues. And, it is type, which most body cells and liver can absorb through receptor meant for its absorption. One very important thing about this type, it is sub-divided into 2 parts of which one causes metabolic diseases like, insulin resistance, imbalanced lipid level and other metabolic diseases related to heart. First part is, large buoyant LDL and 2nd part is small dense LDL. This is 2nd part which causes metabolic heart diseases.

4) High Density Lipoprotein-

Whereas high density lipoprotein as compared to very low density lipoprotein have most of protein in it and less of cholesterol, that is why name high density attached to this type of cholesterol. It is small in size and dense as compared to rest of above 3 types. This type of lipoproteins do the functional activity just opposite to very low density lipoproteins; that is, instead of supplying cholesterol from live to peripheral tissues, they do the reverse. They bring back cholesterol from peripheral tissues back to liver.

One very important quality of this lipoprotein is unlike 3rd type, it does not causes metabolic diseases of heart, instead it prevents them.

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