Staying healthy is an important thing for anyone. But for current generation it is even more important as they have more sitting work to in compare to past. Thanks to technology they get all readymade things for them so they have less physical activity.  I am not talking about everybody but many of them have less activity to do in whole day in compare to past. Not only that, these days they love to eat junk foods and all that, which give even more extra calorie to burn. But obviously they are not burning any of those extra calories and result is in front of us. So they have to spend extra time for exercising as if they will not do required physical activity then they will start gaining extra weight in no time. And that’s what we have seen in young generation, many of them are over weighted.

As I said technology is making our life easy and comfortable. But you know technology can help us in exercising as well and can help us to stay healthy. I am not saying we have technology that can straight away lose your weight in instant. But it can surely help you out to maintain your body and weight. Let’s see what we have.

Different technologies which can help us to maintain our health and weight

Internet is the best book you can ever have

Internet is part of technology. And I am sure you all will be agreed with me that internet is the best place where you can know about different ways of losing weight and stay healthy. On internet you will get all A to Z all the things you want to know. No need of buying any book related to health. Here you can read all articles regarding health and issues regarding health. You can know all ways of losing your weight by different workouts. There are several guidance videos available on the youtube which are really helpful in different ways.

You have internet with you, and with that you can short out most of the problem without asking anyone by yourself. So I have to put internet first on my list. Surely many of you are already using it for health purpose.

Few mobile apps

Do you know, there are many useful mobile apps out there which you can easily record all your exercising data. These apps can track your workout and can tell you if you have achieved your daily goal or not. Let’s learn about those apps.

Pedometer: This application is so simple to use. But it works perfectly what it says. This application tracks yoursteps steps almost perfectly. It can tell you how many steps and distance you have covered during your walking session, not only that it also tells you your walking speed. It stores your everyday chart of walking day wise so that you can refer your old data when you required. It also tells you the time you have walked.  In short it track almost all required data during you walking session. Just press start button on this application and put your phone in your pocket, it will start tracking your activity automatically. You can minimize the working app and on other application like music during your walking session. Personally I like this application most among all.

MyFitnessPal: This application helps you out to maintain your diet chart daily. It contains all options which required during maintaining your diet. After installation this application it will ask you questions about your body and weight if you want to lose or gain. With that mini survey this application will automatically set your daily calorie goal which you required as per your current health. After setting daily goal, you can put all your daily data of exercising and food you have in a day. So with help of all these data you can easily know that how much calorie you have taken in day and how much you can still take. And with help of that you can decrease your daily taking calorie and put off your weight. You can also connect this application with other fitness applications so that this application can directly collect your workout data from them. So this application has all the options using which you can easily make your chart of having your meals to minimize it.

calorieHeartRate: There is another application called Heartrate using which you can know about your heart rate using your mobile phone’s camera. I don’t know how but it works almost perfectly. You just need to put your finger on camera lens of your phone and within seconds this application will count your heart rate. I have tried it out after my running session too and it changes its data as per it. So I guess it is working. This application has provided options to set your data day wise. So using this application you can easily track your heart rate instantly.

Google Fit: This application is from technology giant Google. This application also has lot many features to track your health related activities. Just carry your phone with you while you are walking or running and it will track all necessary data for you. Just like other applications, in this app you can set daily goals and achieve with all reminders. It works with GPS location feature on so that it provides additional features to you which were missing in above apps. So Google fit is another good option available for the same purpose.

Wearable gadgets which track your activity

I talked about mobile apps which keep track of our physical activity. Now there are wearable gadgets available in the market for the same purpose. Now you will ask how it is different from those applications I mentioned above and why one should go for such gadget if we already have those apps. Well, these gadgets are specially made for this purpose. So they have extra gadgets which are specially made for tracking our activity. Other thing is that many of them also having the sensor which monitors our heart activities. So for heart patients this is like life saving tool. You can put morning alarms and reminders for health related activity which can be useful to you.

So you are going to have extra features with most accurate data on such wearable gadgets. These days we already saw smart watches in the market available from big brands. And they are quite in demand too. They do this kind of tracking work really well. And this is comfortable to carry as well. No one knows what we can have in future. So we have bright future over it.

Technology at home: Saves your time

These days we have many instruments available which can save our lots of time. In a health section we are having lot improved technology now. In past for normal blood pressure measurement we have to go to doctors, but now we have technology with us, and we can easily measure it by small electronic device. We can make daily chart of our blood pressure measurement by our self. Same goes for diabetes test. In past we have to go through blood and urine test to measure our blood sugar problem. But now we have small instrument on it we can put blood drop and it will measure all things for you. So such technology can really save your time by lot. Plus you can track your health record by yourself and have healthy life.

 So this is it. These days technology can do lot for you in every field. So same goes for having healthy life. These days we have seen lots of improvement in technology in this section. So better we use it more frequently, after all our health is more important thing in compare to everything. I am sure in future time we will see many new things and technology which more help us in this field. So be healthy and safe. Have fun.

Images: By me

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