You might have seen many people (especially male youngsters) with bloated and swollen face.  Most of the time people think its because of drinking excess alcohol. Alcohol is one of the reason but there are several other reasons that contribute to facial bloating.

Swelling over the face is due to the accumulation of water or fluid in the soft tissue of the body. The swelling / bloating/ puffiness of face occurs due to several reasons.

Lets go through them in detail.

Bloating of face once in a while is not serious however recurrent occurrences can be dangerous and need immediate attention.

  1. Dehydration is one of the important cause of facial bloating or puffiness over your face. People who drink less water mainly suffer from facial puffiness. Excess alcohol intake usually causes dehydration, where water level in body goes down. In such situation, kidneys conserves water by increasing absorption of water that is stored in the soft tissues of our body. 
  2.  Puffiness can be also due to poor diet and lack of essential nutrients in your body. Deficiency of vitamin C and vitamin A can cause facial bloating.
  3. Some kidney diseases like nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and kidney failure lead to swelling around the eyes and feet. These kidney diseases disrupts the proper functioning of the kidneys and thus affects the process of absorption of water from the body.
  4. Lack of thyroid hormones on the body (hypothyroidism) results in rapid weight gain and makes the face bloated. Along with puffiness of face, people suffering from hypothyroidism also complains of constipation, dryness of skin and generalized weight gain.
  5. Allergies and insect bites causes puffiness over face due to allergic reaction. The swelling and puffiness is usually present at the site of bite in case of insect bite or generalized swelling in case of allergic reaction.
  6. Fat face is a serious concern faced by many people. Such people even though not overweight, their face seems to be fat and puffed, it is due to the fact that their body tend to collect the fat around the cheek and chin areas which makes their face look as if bloated.
  7. Sinus inflammation also causes facial bloating. In such kind of infections, the facial bloating develops gradually and the person my show other symptoms of the infection along with the bloating.

Knowing the cause for facial bloating would help to treat and prevent the recurrences.

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