Need For Juice Therapy:-

In today's world, there are tons of diseases affecting both physical as well as mental health of human beings. With the discoveries of new diseases, there follows extensive research leading to invention of new medicines. Modern scientific research teams all around the world have been doing research and inventing more and more medicines which enable the treatment of various diseases. However, sometimes these medicines fail to produce desired effects. Even in those critical times, one can derive enormous benefits by following natural care therapies like adopting a proper balanced diet. By incorporating more and more amount of fruits and vegetables in diet and by following a juice therapy, one can see excellent effects on their health. Each and every medicine has its own side effects. Whereas these kinds of natural treatments neither bring with them any sort of side effect nor are very expensive. Incorporation of more and more amount of raw fruits, vegetables and juices improve overall health and treat disorders of the body bringing a remarkable improvement in acute and chronic diseases.

Right from early age one should adopt healthy eating habits. Consumption of more and more amount of raw foods, vegetables including green leafy ones and juices made out of fresh fruits and vegetables fulfill most of the nutritional needs. No sort of disorder will develop in that person who takes care of his health in a proper manner. A person is what he eats. Healthy nutritional foods present in plenty in lapse of mother nature will bless everyone with good health. On the other hand, unhealthy eating habits will definitely deteriorate health and openly invites thousands of ailments. One who is already suffering from ailments can also start making slight changes in their diet under the prescription of their doctors or dietitians. Within few days they too can see remarkable difference in their state of health. These kind of patients are to be prescribed with special juicing therapy which is based on the kind of ailment they are suffering from. Even serious ailments like cancer can be very well treated by juice therapy provided patient shows some discipline in following it. Lots of juices extracted from raw vegetables along with green leafy ones are given to cancer patients. When consumed in timely manner and in proper amount their cancer is seen to be treated very effectively. Diseases of urinary tract and other kidney related diseases can be very well treated as well as in fact more effectively when patient is subjected to fruit juice therapy rather than kept on modern medicines. In the same way, gout can be treated if patient regularly consume cherry juice.

Thousands of experiments have been done and result shows that right diet slows down aging. No anti aging cream or any sort of cosmetic treatment can bring the desired effects when compared to eating right and following a balanced high nutritional diet. Raw foods like sprouts, vegetables, lots of fresh fruits help to remove toxins from the body and blood. These food stuffs are rich in vitamins and thus bring a glow on the face. On the other hand, fried unhealthy food items clog pores resulting in pimples, acne, untimely wrinkles, not sufficient protection from sun resulting in sunburns and many more such skin related diseases. Even with two to three days of juice therapy, one can notice pinkish glow on face. Acne seems to get treated along with disappearance of blemishes and dark under eye circles. Fine lines gradually disappear and one can enjoy a fairer glowing skin. No beauty treatment is as effective as natural therapy. Today we all complain of hair loss and spend thousands on shampoos, conditioners and other expensive hair treatments. Whereas root cause is our wrong eating habits. Our untimely and wrong eating habits, our unhealthy life styles etc.....lead to stress which is the main cause for hair loss, premature greying of hair and baldness. Along with expensive hair treatments, any hair expert will also prescribe expensive medicines which have to be taken for certain period regularly. These medicines are nothing but a capsule full of vitamins and essential minerals which we can easily derive in plenty from nature if we eat required amount of fruits and vegetables. In this way, slight changes in our diet can easily solve not only our health related problems and concern but also saves lots of money.

There is no medicine which does not bring with it some sort of side effects. Certain medicines have lots of side effects where as others have a few. But none of them is free from any negative effect. In order to treat these side effects, doctors prescribe some more medicines and thereby the cycle never stops. Excessive drug dosage only brings harm to the body system. Ailment may get cured but it weaken the whole system. However, natural therapies like juice therapy is free from any sort of side effects. It only brings with it goodness and richness of lots of fruits and vegetables. Even if consumed in excess does not create any ill-effects. Vitamin tablets if taken in excess dose can result in hypervitaminosis. Juices no matter how well packed they are with lots of vitamins and minerals will never cause any harm and thus there is no risk of over dosage. Juice therapy if followed is not only free from any risk but is also completely safe and effective. It keeps a healthy person always healthy and brings back health to a person suffering form disorder of any kind or a disease which is completely weakening his immune system. Juice system thereby strengthens his immunity and brings improvement in his overall health.

On a daily basis numerous body and blood cells get destroyed. Food plays an important role as it provides nutrition to the body which will enable replenishment of lost cells. If this food consumed is rich in nutrition which is obtained from raw foods, fresh fruits and vegetables then this replenishment takes place rapidly. This kind of nutrition is important to keep a person healthy but in fact more essential to patients suffering from various diseases as well as for them who are aged. Essential elements obtained from raw foods and various fruits and vegetables play an important role in maintaining balance between amount of cells destroyed and replenished. Sugar as well as other elements present in it are easily digested and gets mixed in blood. This quick process provides a kick start in the replenishment process. In unhealthy individuals, nutritional deficiencies result in delaying of replenishment process. Patients who are given enzymes externally when do not respond to treatment should be given natural fruit and vegetable juices. Enzymes present in them quickly start exerting their effect resulting in marvelous health benefits.

There are certain drawbacks of consumption of fruits and raw vegetables. They contain lots of fibers in them. Small amount of fibrous element is good for digestive system as well as for body. However, fruits and vegetables contain enormous amount of fiber in them. It poses a problem for digestive system. A healthy body and a good digestive system too has its own limit. It can only digest 35% of fruits and vegetables consumed by separating its fibers and extracting nutrition from it which is thereby circulated throughout the body. In case of old age and individuals suffering from various diseases and disorders this limit drastically decreases. Their body as well as digestive system is not very strong enough to extract nutrition from fruits and raw vegetables. Here, juices play a very important role. Thus, fresh juices extracted from fruits and vegetables including green leafy vegetables are prescribed. Body can easily digest 95% of juices consumed which is a very good amount with hardly 5% been left undigested. Digestion begins in mouth itself. In case of raw diet, strong teeth with lots of saliva, breakdown these raw fruits and vegetables there by passing on to other organs. This requires plenty of time and after going through the whole process, the consequent nutrition obtained is not as high as required. Thus, to obtain proper amount of nutrition, one needs to consume more amount of fruits and vegetables. In a day, at least 5 portions should be consumed. 2 portions of fruits and 3 portions of vegetables will help an individual to remain fit. In case of deficiencies and diseases, this portion size as well as number needs to be increased but body of a diseased person is hardly strong enough to digest so much of raw food. Irrespective of whether an individual is healthy or unhealthy, these raw fruits and vegetables have to be consumed in plenty amount to derive right amount of nutrition. To derive right amount of nutrition, it is recommended to drink fruit and vegetable juices.

It is often seen that people complain regarding taste of these juices. Fruit juices are sweet and full of taste. However, juices extracted from vegetables can be bitter, sour or sometimes plain in taste which is not very well liked by most of us. This complain can be ruled out if combination of certain fruits is tried with vegetable juices. Sweetness and aroma present in fruit will overpower other tastes and such juices will be liked by everyone as it will satisfy craving of taste buds. For example, carrot, apple, lemon juice when are mixed with juices extracted from various vegetables will really enhance the taste and mask the unpleasant taste. In this way, even the vegetables which do not amuse palate can be easily consumed in the form of juice and one can derive various health benefits from them. Fruit juices and vegetable juices should not be consumed together. It is essential to keep a difference of 3-4 hours between consumption of fruit juice and vegetable juice. Fruit juice has to be consumed by afternoon and vegetable juice has to be consumed after the noon hours or even during evening time. It is not recommended to consume fruits or fruit juices in the evening or late night as they contain lots of sugar in them which is difficult to digest. Vegetables are easily digestible and thus raw vegetables or vegetable juices can be consumed even during late evenings as they do not pose any difficulty in digestion.

Benefits Of Fresh Juices:-

Both body and blood cells formation require nutrition. In some amount body itself help in their formation. But with progress of age, this activity of body decreases. Thus in old age, diet should be such that which enables minimum effort in digestion and yields maximum nutritional benefits. Thus, diet should mainly comprise of plenty of fruit and vegetable juices. Nutrition obtained from such juices will help in replenishment of lost cells in body as well as in blood ruling out risk for any disorder.

Fresh juice is beneficial for kids as well as for growing individuals. Kids often remain deprived of nutrition. They do not eat properly and thus often suffer from early age disorder due to nutritional deficiencies which create long term chronic effects on their body. Kids as well as youngsters who are in growing age should get sufficient amount of nutrition. If they are deprived of it then they may suffer from retarded growth. Thus, they should follow a balanced nutrition rich healthy diet. Neither kids nor grown ups today know the importance of chewing food properly before swallowing. They neither know its necessity nor are aware with the benefits it imparts. Above all they hardly have any patience to chew their food. Until raw foods, fruits, vegetables are chewed many times properly, nutrition present in their skin and fibers cannot be derived completely and most of it will be left unused. If not adequately chewed, one cannot derive optimal benefits no matter how much portions of fresh fruits and vegetables they consume. Daily consumption of adequate amount of fruit and vegetable juices fulfill nutritional requirements of body. Thus, children has to be encouraged to drink juices especially till growing age so that they do not remain deprived of any nutrition. In this way, juice therapy is essential for all age groups irrespective of whether they are kids, teenagers, in their middle-ages or old age individuals.

It is always beneficial to prevent disease from occurring rather than making numerous efforts later to treat it. Prevention is better than cure. Our untimely eating habits and wrong pattern of eating has made us susceptible to numerous diseases. Young generation is following the same path. They have become slaves of their taste buds and thus this has led to unhealthy eating. Two to three decades ago, diseases and disorders which were known to occur in middle aged individuals are now occurring in early twenties and sometimes even in kids. Thus we need to strictly follow a healthy eating lifestyle and incorporate lots of raw foods like sprouts, vegetables, fruits and their juices so that younger generation too follows our footsteps and adopt a healthy living.

Juice Therapy And Sex Drive:-

Fruit and vegetable juices impart positive effect even on sexual aspect of an individual. Since age old time, our ancestors have been using different types of juices to increase sex drive. Cabbage, onion, carrot and many such vegetables are known to increase sex drive. Water melon is and its juice is very popularly used to increase libido. Both physical as well as sexual health of an individual are directly associated with his diet. Thus in order to remain healthy as well as to maintain a good sexual life, balanced nutritious healthy diet should be followed.

Now a days, people in order to improve their sexual life are getting attracted to products shown in advertisements in television and internet. They sell medicines which claim to improve sexual life of an individual. Once addicted to these sorts of medicines, an individual becomes prone to them. These sorts of medicines neither are effective nor are pocket friendly. Initially one may see slight improvement but in long run they are only known to cause harm to the body. Excessive unnecessary heat production develops in the body on their intake. Some may even develop skin disorders and stomach related disorders. In spite of all these side-effects, marketing and sale of such drugs have not been affected as people are scared and wants to take an easy way out. Advanced research has developed artificial sex hormones and doctors now a days are recommending them. These kinds of hormones should only be injected in individual in whom sexual glands are no longer active. These kind of drugs bring with them numerous dangerous side-effects.

Today science too has accepted the fact that fruits and vegetables play an essential role in an individual's sex life. Human brain contains limbic system which is known as the origin of various sensations of hunger, thirst, sexual arousal etc..... Elements present in fruit and vegetable juices is known to stimulate limbic system. Spinach, carrot, watermelon, raw mango, plums, potato, banana are all known to improve sexual performance of an individual. Banana is even known to reduce mental stress. In a person who is mentally stressed definite impact is produced on secretion of his sex hormones. Banana has large amount of potassium in it which decreases mental stress, thereby enabling adequate secretion of sex hormones. Vitamin E is also very essential which is popularly known as anti-sterility vitamin. In its deficiency a person may become impotent. It is present in plenty in raw vegetables, green-leafy vegetables, fruits, sesame seeds, wheat husk etc..... Sexual hormonal glands have to be healthy which makes sure of adequate secretion of sex hormones. Zinc is essential for its adequate health and it is found in French beans, cucumber, onion, spinach, carrot, cauliflower etc.....

Cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol and other addictions result in destruction of essential minerals and vitamins in body thereby resulting in deficiency. Juices of fruits and vegetables stops any sort of such disorder or deficiency been developed in the body and eliminate any side-effects or ill-effects.

Comparison Of Juices Of Fruitss And Vegetables :-

A question may arise in our mind that what is more important for our health. Whether it is fruit juice or vegetable juice? Research has been done and as per studies it is been proved that fruits cannot fulfill all the nutritional requirements of body whereas vegetables can do so. Fruit juices are way tastier and are easy to extract but when it comes to been healthy, vegetable juices are much more healthier than fruit juices. Fruits are full of taste and aroma. But these factors does not make them more healthier than vegetable juices. Thus, we need to consume both fruit and vegetable juices in adequate amount to derive great benefits and achieve good health. Physically healthy person can depend on fruit juices for fitness, however, kids and old aged individuals definitely require both fruit and vegetable juices.

Juices extracted from fruits purify blood by removing toxins accumulated in the body. They act like diuretics. More amount of urine is excreted from the body which helps in the removal of toxin matter thereby purifying the body. Juices of vegetables including green leafy vegetables acts in replenishment process. They help in the formation of new cells.

Person adopting juice therapy should make use of different types of fruits and vegetables.  Each and every fruit and vegetable has its own specific quality. Some are rich in vitamins whereas others contain essential minerals. Thus, to get all essential nutrients in adequate amount, one should include all sorts of fruits and vegetables in one's diet.

Protein Content In Juices:-

We require protein to build up muscle and is also very essential for growth. In its absence especially during growth age, a kid can suffer from growth retardation. Thus, we carefully include sufficient amount of protein in our diet. Milk, curd, butter, cheese and other milk products, eggs are all good sources of protein. Fruits and vegetables are usually thought of not carrying any protein content in them. Thus, while adopting juice therapy or going on a juice fasting, people are concerned about fulfilling their daily protein requirement and fear of losing their muscle mass which will consequently occur due to protein depletion from the body.

Protein is very essential element required for body and plays an important role in growth. However, it is a myth that in its absence even for few days, body will start facing its deficiency. A person only requires 50 gm of protein everyday. This amount is more than sufficient for maintaining good health, for working efficiently with good energy and for been active. Non-vegetarians often feel that in absence of non-veg food they will suffer from protein deficiency. However, this is not true. One can easily obtain 50 gm of protein easily from milk and its products, nuts etc..... Thus, a balanced vegetarian diet can also very effectively fulfill all the daily nutritional requirements of a person.

It's a myth that fruits and vegetables do not contain any protein content in them. Green leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll and this is known to carry large amount of protein in it. Thus, people who eat green leafy vegetables need not worry about their daily protein requirement. Apart from green leafy vegetables, many fruits and vegetables too contain protein in them. Fruits like apple and cherry carry almost 0.2 to 0.4gm of protein every 100 gm. Vegetables which contain protein are carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, peas, spinach, onion, garlic, beetroot etc.....

We should not give more importance to protein. Only daily requirement has to be fulfilled and this can easily be done by consuming lots of fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables and by drinking their juices in plenty amount. Even sprouts can fulfill daily protein requirement of our body. Thus, a person who follows juice therapy neither he nor that person who eats lots of raw foods like sprouts, fruits, vegetables will face any protein deficiency. Protein obtained from natural foods like sprouts, vegetables including green leafy ones, fruits contain many types of enzymes. Thus, it gets easily digested when compared to the protein obtained from cooked food, non-vegetarian food or even milk and milk products. In this way, while on juice therapy we can remain stress free regarding our daily protein requirement and take full advantage of good health and other beneficial effects of juices.

Rules Associated With Juice Therapy:-

  • One should be clear regarding their purpose for which they are undergoing this treatment. It may be to achieve good health, get rid of diseases, free body from toxins, come out of long-term illness, correct disorders etc.....
  • Discipline should be followed. Irregular and untimely juice consumption will not yield great benefits. If done especially to get rid of fatal disease or chronic illness, it should be followed strictly with complete dedication.
  • Juices have to be consumed everyday regularly on same time and in correct amount.
  • Juice therapy should be a combination of juices of various fruits and vegetables. Patient who wants to get rid of his specific disease, should consult his dietitian and pick specific fruits and vegetables recommended by dietitian and consume their juices specifically which will help him to cure his disease at the earliest.
  • Juice has to be consumed fresh as soon as it is extracted so that one can get maximum nutrients and maximum benefits out of it. Juice has to be taken in slowly with a single sip every time and should not be gulped down at once.
  • If along with juice therapy a person wants to follow a balanced diet which includes sprouts, raw vegetables, fruits, dry fruits then he should drink juice before consuming these things as enzymes present in juices will help in the digestion of the food he eats.
  • Person following juice therapy should be happy and peaceful. He should not become restless and impatient. He should keep a belief in this therapy and thereby yield great benefits.
  • During juice therapy lots of accumulated toxins from body comes out and thus person experiences vomiting, fever, headache and many such symptoms. These symptoms are temporary and get corrected by themselves. Person should neither stop his therapy nor get tensed about all the changes he is been going through.
  • To get rid of toxins from body quickly, some other methods can also be followed like enema and sauna bath. More quickly wastes come out of body, less symptoms person has to face.
  • He should take complete rest during juice therapy.
  • During this period, excessive physical work and strenuous physical exercises should be avoided. However, easy yoga exercises can be done along with brisk walk for certain duration.

Juice Therapy Related Scientific Research:-

Juices as well as raw foods have excellent properties that are able to cure as well as prevent diseases. These qualities have inspired scientists all around the world to experiment on the effectiveness of these juices on various patients suffering from fatal diseases. Today research is been made in various centers and hospitals all around the world. It is been proved that raw diet helps to cure vitamin deficiency, helps in treatment of swelling of urinary bladder, also helpful in treatment of diabetes and constipation. Raw diet helps to get rid of stomach related disorders in kids, heart diseases, urinary tract diseases, obesity etc..... Another experiment was done to know the effect exerted on digestive system by both cooked and raw food. Results show cooked food is not very good for digestion and exerts lots of pressure on digestive system especially if it is fried and unhealthy whereas raw foods increases nitrogen amount in urine which is an indication that in more better and effective way body has derived essential nutrients from food.

Another experiment was done to experiment effect exerted on human body by consumption of raw food and cooked food. Results show that cooked food is responsible to cause certain metabolic disorders whereas raw food can correct these disorders and helps to cure any ailment present. Multiple sclerosis is a serious disease and difficult to treat. In Germany, thousands of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis were kept on raw diet and successfully they could get rid of their disease. Until then, no doctor could treat this dreadful disease. Today doctors are prescribing raw food diet and juice therapy to patients suffering from cancer and patients following their advice can see remarkable difference in their medical condition. Raw diet and juice therapy both are in  today's world blessings for all those who wants to achieve good health. It is the simplest and easy way to achieve good health as well as maintain the same for years together.

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