Person adopting juice therapy that too for the first time should follow this therapy under supervision of expert. Their advice and frequent follow ups will ensure that we are following it right and error free. Juices help to purify blood. It helps body to get rid of poisonous and harmful chemicals. It helps to replenish loss of blood cells and body cells. These are the reasons that in almost all the diseases, one can benefit by following juice therapy alone or in combination with other therapies.

Along with wrong eating habits and unhealthy life style there are many other reasons responsible for the causation of disease. Unless all the factors responsible for causing diseases are removed, a person cannot get rid of his disease completely. For example, if a person is suffering from common cold and if he continues to eat cold food stuffs and does not protect himself from cold weather or from getting drenched in rain then he can never treat his common cold very easily. Thus, it is essential to eliminate underlying causes to get rid of disease quickly.

This kind of myth should never be developed that juice therapy itself is treatment for all kinds of diseases. In certain serious diseases as well as chronic illness, it becomes essential that different treatments should also be followed. If certain treatment is popularly known to cure certain type of disease and is been used since numerous years then one should adopt it. For example, sauna bath helps to remove excess of toxins from the body as well as all stomach related disorders get cured. Thus, one should not hesitate to take advantage of it. Every treatment or therapy as well as every specialist's main aim is to heal patient by helping him to get rid of disease as quickly as possible.

Before beginning any treatment, it becomes essential that one acquires complete knowledge regarding the disease. Same thing goes with juice therapy. One should acquire complete knowledge about the disease they are aiming to treat with juice therapy and the kind of juice therapy they should adopt that will speed up their healing process. Only after gaining proper knowledge, juice therapy has to be followed with complete dedication and discipline by following all the rules. Juice therapy has been effective in many diseases. Some of them are:-


Mixed juice of cabbage and carrot is effective in treating acidity. Apart from this, juices of carrot, potato, watermelon can also be consumed. Along with these juices, milk can also be taken. One should avoid oily, spicy and excessive sweet foods.

Oral ulcers:-

Underlying stomach related disorders are responsible to cause oral ulcers along with vitamin deficiency. Thus, one needs to get rid of underlying cause. Constipation has to be treated. Juices of cabbage is beneficial in this disease.


A mixed juice of beetroot, cabbage and carrot is very effective in the treatment of asthma. Juices of green leafy vegetables, juice of apple mixed with potato are also effective along with papaya juice. Eating raw garlic or consuming it in juice form helps in the treatment of asthma greatly.


To treat anemia, following juices can be consumed like juices of green leafy vegetables, cabbage, beetle gourd, beetroot and grapes.


Consume juice of spinach and apple. Drink mixture of  juices of grapes, cucumber, potato and beetroot. Juices of watermelon and papaya are also very effective and provides cleansing effect. Steam taken twice a week can open up the clogged pores and decreases acne. Also massage small amount of juice of mashed papaya or potato. It decreases acne as well as helps to clear blemishes. Care should be taken that face should not be allowed to become oily. Lots of cosmetics can harm the skin. Thus, always try to keep oneself internally clean by detoxifying oneself and apply natural juices and fruit pulp on face.

Common cold:-

Take hot steam. Squeeze lemon juice in warm water and drink it. Also drink juices of orange, carrot , radish, ginger, garlic etc.....


Usually to treat cancer, juices of carrot, beetroot, grapes, ginger, apple, papaya, tomato, wheat grass are very beneficial. Magnetic therapy is also beneficial for the treatment of cancer.

Respiratory tract disorders:-

Early morning consumption of juices of honey, ginger and lemon mixed with warm water or mixture of juice of garlic and onion in warm water is also very effective. Apart from this, also drink juices of cabbage, cucumber, beetroot, radish and carrot. Avoid smoking.

Heart diseases:-

In heart diseases, it is beneficial to drink juices of papaya, pineapple, garlic and honey. Coconut water particularly is very effective in treatment of various cardiac disorders and diseases.


During fever, raw foods or cooked food stuffs should not be eaten. One needs to save energy of body and thus one has to drink more and more amount of juices. Drinking juice of lemon and honey mixed with warm water, early in the morning is particularly beneficial. One can also opt to drink juice of garlic and onion mixed with warm water which will help in bringing their body temperature down. Apart from these treatments, also drink juices of basil leaves, pomegranate, oranges, cabbage etc.....

High blood pressure:-

Juices of basil leaves, wheat grass and garlic are highly effective. Other than these, also drink juices of papaya, oranges, carrot, beetroot, cucumber etc..... Avoid ghee, butter and other fat rich products. Less amount of oily foods should be consumed. Juice of wheat grass should be consumed regularly on daily basis. It effectively brings back blood pressure within the normal range.


This disorder can be treated in 2 ways. One is either by consuming raw fruits and vegetables by chewing them properly and second is by drinking their juices. Both the methods are highly effective. It is essential to do regular exercise as well as lots of physical work. A mixture of spinach and carrot juice or a mixture made by combination of cucumber, apple and potato both are effective. One can also drink extracted out of figs and orange.

To keep eye healthy:-

To keep eye healthy, Vitamin A is very essential. Along with Vitamin A, other vitamins too are also very essential. Juices which are rich in Vitamin A and other vitamins along with calcium should be taken regularly. Juices of carrot and green leafy vegetables are also very beneficial for healthy eyes. Decrease the amount of sugar intake in diet.

Improve complexion:-

Drink plenty of cucumber juice and also massage it on skin. Also drink a mixture of cucumber, beetroot, raw turmeric and apple.


Juice of ginger has to be consumed regularly. Lots of people thus incorporate ginger in their daily tea. Along with this also drink lots of juices of cabbage, apple, carrot, cucumber and tomato.


In a mixture of carrot and spinach juice, add juice of green leafy vegetables. Also juices of potato, papaya and watermelon can be consumed. On the area where itching is been occurring, apply potato juice.

Stomach ulcers:-

Do not consume citric fruits as they tend to worsen the situations. At least 450 ml of cabbage juice should be taken regularly. Milk can also be consumed as it exerts certain healing effect. One can also drink juices of cucumber, potato and papaya. Do not eat spicy food. Also Avoid alcohol.

Patches on skin:-

Drink lots of thick butter milk. Pomegranate juice is also very effective.


This disease should be treated as early as possible. Drink juice of pineapple. One can also drink juice of garlic and onion mixed in warm water.


Drink lots of juices of jamblang, cucumber, lemon, beetle gourd, spinach, cabbage, tomato etc.....


Early morning drink warm water mixed with honey and lemon. Apart from this, one can also drink 1 glass of carrot juice mixed with 1 tsp each of juices of garlic, onion and basil leaves.

Loose motion:-

Complete rest should be taken. Drink juices of raw turmeric, garlic, apple, beetroot and pineapple.

Impure blood:-

Drink a mixture of carrot and spinach juice. On a regular basis consumption of 1 tsp of raw turmeric juice is also very effective.


Early morning on empty stomach drink 1 glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed in it. Half an hour before meals drink 1 tsp of ginger juice. Prepare a mixture of carrot, spinach and beetroot. On regular intake of this mixture, blood gets purified. Do not eat more than required and work out on regular basis.


Early morning on empty stomach drink 1 glass of beetle gourd. Sugarcane juice is very effective. Avoid alcohol and fat rich foods. Drink juices of papaya, grapes, oranges along with a mixture prepared by combining carrot, beetroot, cucumber and apple.

Kidney stones:-

Coconut water is very beneficial. Avoid green leafy vegetables. Magnetic therapy can be very effective. Drink juices of carrot, cucumber, apple and beetroot.


Immediately should consult a doctor and treatment should be started. Side by side one can drink juice of lemon, honey and ginger mixed in warm water or mixture of garlic and onion mixed with 1 glass of warm water.

Irregularities in menstruation:-

Juices of green leafy vegetables should be taken regularly along with juices of carrot, papaya, pineapple, grapes etc..... This will make menstrual cycle more regular.


To treat migraine, take 1 glass of water in which 1 tsp of ginger and lemon juice should be added. This should be taken regularly. Breathing exercise for at least 15 minutes should be done daily.


To treat bleeding piles, drink onion juice. Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber should be eaten. Drink juices of carrot, potato, fig and green leafy vegetables.

Decreased appetite:-

Early morning drink 1 glass of lemon water. Later drink juices of carrot, beetle gourd and ginger. Do lots of physical work and exercise. Treat underlying constipation.

Intestinal ulcer:-

Increased hydrochloric acid in digestive juices can degenerate mucous membrane. As a result, ulcers develop in intestine. This increased secretion is usually due to stress and tension. To heal these ulcers, juice of cabbage is considered to be very effective. Thus, everyday at least 400-500 ml of cabbage juice should be taken. Along with cabbage juice also consume juices of cucumber, papaya and potato. Do not consume citrus fruits as they may worsen the situation.

Nausea and vomiting:-

There are many reasons for causation of nausea and vomiting. If it is due to excessive food consumption or wrong habits of eating then it is very essential to fast for a few days. For immediate relief, do drink juices of lemon, pomegranate, papaya, orange, pineapple and tomato.


During pregnancy it is very essential that pregnant ladies get sufficient amount of vitamin A, D and C along with iron. They should drink sufficient amount of juices of green leafy vegetables, carrot, apple, tomato, beetroot and figs.

Throat pain:-

Early morning drink warm water mixed with lemon and honey. Daily intake of 1 tsp of raw turmeric juice, pineapple juice, 1 tsp each of ginger, garlic and onion juices mixed in warm water are all useful remedies.


1 glass of warm water with a mixture of 1 tsp of honey and half a lemon squeezed in it or 1 glass of warm water with 1 tsp each of garlic and onion are effective in treatment of typhoid. Drink juices of orange, pomegranate, basil leaves etc.....


To reduce weight drink lots of carrot, cucumber and tomato juice. Reduce the amount of food intake. Physical work and exercise is also necessary.

Increase weight:-

Consume more amount of milk and dry fruits. Drink fruit juices.

Dental diseases:-

Drink juices of green leafy vegetables, carrot, apple and orange. Leafy vegetables should be chewed and consumed. Lemon juice is very effective. Decrease sugar intake in diet.


Carrot and apple should be consumed on daily basis by chewing properly. This will ensure proper exercise and weak gums and underlying periodontal tissues starts becoming strong. Consume juices of lemon, orange, green leafy vegetables, carrot and apple. Sometimes also drink garlic and onion juice.

Skin diseases:-

Mix juices of carrot and spinach. Also drink juices of potato, beetroot, raw turmeric, apple, watermelon, papaya etc..... Juices of papaya and potato can be applied on affected area.


It is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C. Drink citrus fruit juices like lemon, gooseberry, oranges, pineapple, cherry etc..... which will ensure that body receives sufficient amount of Vitamin C and will help in the treatment of disease.

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