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Behaving properly and in a balanced way are signs of being a normal human person. Some people do laugh on topics, which are not very funny or people become angry easily while they could have taken those matters in their stride easily with out taking those too seriously. These are signs of abnormality of behavior and need to be taken care before the things get out of hands. We should know that if we’re happy inside that would make us healthy and more popular amongst our friends. You must look at yourself if you are facing similar situations.

Signs of a healthy person

1- You feel happy and fresh with no tension at all.happy.bmp

2- You do not feel envious toward anyone; do not become angry on small things and laugh out small things easily.

3- You should tryto find reasons to make things funny and laugh on good jokes also you know better how to bring a grim situation to normal without making too much fuss. You love to laugh and create situations to make others laugh also.

4- You know the art of respecting others and treat every one cordially.

5- You are positive, optimistic and can see a plus point despite all odds. 

6- You ca solve problems easily and know how to sort out problems which may arise between friends sometimes. You do not intend to hate people but have all the love in the world for your friends, neighbors and coworkers. 

If you can do all that mentioned above, you are one of the happiest peoples in this world. People should quote you as their mentors and some of them even find you to be envious with you. You know why! Just because you are more popular than they are. However, do not mind such people and be the way you are, you are most wonderful people whom this world needs so dearly.  

Signs of depressions

unhappyDepression is a common problem, which can take over any one who is overworked, not having enough sleep or not fit physically also some of us feel depressed for not finding a way to our different social problems. Most of us concentrate fully on physical fitness while they should give other aspects as much importance. We should follow certain rules to keep away depression –

1- You should not mix professional and personal life; you should rather leave behind official problems back in office unless a special reason to do that. That would make your family life a lot happier.

2- You should make a proper coordination in between work, rest and exercise that should help largely.

3- Be positive, always, that does wonders.

4- Keep happy moments of life in your mind and keep rebuilding them in your memory that would make you happier and feel better.

5- There is no harm in weeping some times irrespective of your gender after all men too feel pain. Weeping is not exclusive way of releasing depression of women only. 

6- Enjoy your hobbies freely, the best way to keep you happy and healthy.

7- Learn to forget bad incidents that should help you keep away from depressions. I would suggest you to discuss your feelings with someone who understands you well.

8- You know what! If you learn to admit your mistakes with open mind, half your problems would be gone.

9- Go for morning walks regularly, join laughter therapy and see the difference.

10- Read few pages from your favorite books it should help keep you refreshed.

Finally- You should take a regular physical checkup and involve yourself in your favorite hobbies, taking a break from work and go to short or long outings according to time and financial availability. If you still feel that you are not getting desired result, do not hesitate to go to a physiatrist.

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