Jealous is nothing but a dominant emotion that keeps thrashing our head internally. It is a state of being envy- natured mind of someone. There can be many ways through which it can penetrate into us. It can arise due to someone else's high possession or richness. It is no less than a disease, as like a disease affects the host body similarly, it affects the person too. With the passage of time, it can make us fragile. If you inherit a jealously type of habit, your mind will never be free of stress. It can turn you upset and moreover, it has the ability to make you think negatively.

It can be of many types. Though it good for students yet harmful for others. We consider it to be a part of our life which act a source of discouragement and dishonored. Though being jealous of someone is not good for us yet we inherit it. We rarely share it with others. On seeing a royal palace or any beautiful car, our mind automatically diverts towards them. When we see our neighbors have bought a new refrigerator or a car, we also start aspiring for the same. Jealous mainly comes from our friends, neighbors and family relations because of their richness or socially, economically more cultured humor. If you are keeping jealous it means you are keeping a headache. It is very important to have control over your mind. Thinking positively is better than being stressed out for something you desire most.

Why do we desire for more? We can stay happy with what we have. The day we will adopt the habit of satisfaction, that day will be the happiest day of a simple living man. When I researched about its effects, I found that it is no less harmful than a virus. First of all, it eliminates your positive thinking capacity. You cannot live tension- free minded. Your focus on it will increase day by day. Most of the time, you will feel tired. With the time, you will start ignoring the good and concentrate more towards the bad. 'Self-Talking' can become a habit of you. You will keep imagining about those which you want most. And your face will rarely light up with laughter. Even your good days can also turn bad. Even if you will try to do so, you will not. Your thoughts will be your own. Also, your body actions may change with the time.

These all indicates that possessing the habit of jealous can result in physical harm of our health. These blemishes not only spoil one's outfit but also it makes us unwell, ailing and we look unhealthy. The act of being jealous is seen mostly in women. They indulge themselves more in these unsurprising feeble emotions. Where jealous is harmful for someone the same is good for someone too like in case of studies. It is important in the field of education. It acts an incentive to work hard. In the field of knowledge, when we see someone expressing his brilliancy before us, we try to relegate him down by preparing ourselves more knowledgeable. It is good also. We need to keep such jealous like nature to score more.

Lastly, I would end up with saying that jealous is not good for health. It would be better if we not allow it to enter into our mind. A man is healthy when he is healthy from his mind. Think positive, live positive.

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