We all face failures and mishappenings in our life and all these are part of human life which we cannot avoid even if we try our best. It only means that some things have wrongly happened which were not desired but human minds are so designed that they add two and two together and make four. In other words we make things complicated by intensifying the problems adding together. Psychiatrists would describe about such a human behavior in terms of clustering disillusion, the people suffering from this problem generally make things more complicated than what they really are otherwise normal people take such problems normally and solve them easily. 

Failures and mishappenings

We all have our quota of problems and when we face them like we will never overcome them and if we face multiple problems at the same time the situation becomes worse. Some of us might lose our self confidence too. But let us not forget that when it rains hard it takes away everything sweeping everything with it. There is an old saying that says sometimes, we don’t get what we want but this is a well meaning and kindly world where we may face them all at least once in a while and we can't simply avoid them. That simply means joy and sorrow are part of our life or they take their turn, one by one or sometime together, everything comes back to normal unless the sorrows do not take the center stage. 

People suffering with clustering disillusion feel they are the only ones who are suffering from problems but the fact there is not a single person in this world who is not going through some or the other problems but all are not taking them so seriously.  For example, it’s common that people lose their job suddenly especially in private sector and they do not have enough savings for such a rainy season.  Now, people with strong mind set will try to cope with the situation until they find another job. But in case of people suffering from disillusion they do not take them normally but start adding up problems together which make things even complicated. And in most cases all those incidents which bother people suffering from clustering disillusion do not have any connection with each other. In fact, there are people who are busy worrying about their future problems but are unable to solve their current ones.     

In other words how we tackle problems depend upon our own mindset or it is directly related to our brains power of tackling the complications. For example, if you are used to climb the stairs in a routine you will not feel any problem while you climb them but if you have done something which have caused you stressed leg muscles (an exercise perhaps) you will feel difficulty in climbing up the stairs because you are suffering from a bigger stress so you will face problems even with very small further stress. But the fact is your brain sees the group of marbles first and individual marbles later.  Now, try to watch the marbles separately one by one, individually and you will find that it’s not a difficult task. Incidentally this is the same process which makes you a better player of scrabble. 

I suggest you to go for a small experiment. Fill up a bag with an equal number of different colored marbles and then suddenly pour them in a glass bowl. You will see a pattern of designs and colors but not a group of marbles at the first glance. Same process is applicable on our method of thinking and solving the problems. The problems keep coming and the process will go on but we have to find a way to solve them with a proper mindset. 

How to solve our complicated problems? 

Now the question arises how we can solve the problems. We shall have to find a way step by step-

1- First of all, we have to maintain our composure, the very the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself as there is no alternative of composure to face problems of life. Look at the problems with a neutral mind set and not attaching them with your personal feelings. If you are in serious situation facing complicated problems note them down on a paper as the experts believe that once you write down your problems you feel better.

2- You might find yourself at a point where things would look impossible but never leave the positivity of your mindset the things will improve for sure. You will be surprised to note that there is a very thin line in between success and failure the need is to look at them with positive point of view. 

3- When you find yourself struggling with your problems for a longer duration you begin to believe that there are some particular reasons or persons who are the cause of your problems but you have to choose the right path for getting out of the situation without thinking in terms of giving up the struggle midway.  

4- There is no doubt about the fact that we cannot transport ourselves in the past to learn something but we have to learn it now even if we could have done it earlier. Same is true about our insults and failures which we had to face earlier, now we can do best is reduce their effect only and not start our life all over again.

5- You must understand the fact that there is no short cut for a successful life so you will have to undergo all the trouble that takes to be a successful man, there is no other way.

6- Take all your decisions based on their merits and not to please others. You should understand the fact that we do not have to please everyone on our way to success. Also, it’s not possible that all others like us too so do what you feel are best for you the rest will happen on own course as per the situation.

7- Life is not a competition so take your own time for reaching to a proper decision. Maybe you are finding something tough today is not at all tough or not that tough which you cannot handle without much problem. The persons you think are doing better than you today but with little bit of efforts you may find yourself ahead of them. 

8- Stay with positive minded people who provide a proper inspiration and guidance to you.

9- When you accept yourself with all your minus and plus points but keep watching at your positive points which will help improve your mental and satisfaction level.


Your life is entirely your personal venture which you have to live on your own way so while it’s fine to respect others’ view points but you must write your own success story. It’s easy to go with the flow but you always face problem trying to go against the flow and that’s the reason we chose the easier ways or follow others and complain about not achieving what we always wanted to do. Let’s face the realities of life as we can reach nowhere if keep comparing ourselves with others. Stop thinking in terms that you do so much about others but they do nothing for you as this mentality will take you to nowhere.   

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