Every day numerous individuals are affected by headaches. The main reason for the occurrence of headaches is enhanced intracranial pressure, also known as migraine. However, healthy people can also get affected by migraine due to the changes in weather or because of fatigue. As a matter of fact, it has been proved that females suffer more from headaches as compared to men. In the following paragraphs, we will mention several essential natural remedies for headaches.


In case you're suffering from a systematic headache, it is recommended to consume half cup of potato juice on a regular basis. Moreover, you might also apply thin potato strips on the temples, forehead and eyes. This remedy will definitely prove to be very effectual.

Peppermint Essential Oil

In case, you're suffering from a severe headache, massaging your temples with peppermint essential oil can prove to be very useful. It is prudent to apply the oil to your temples and also your shoulders and neck for minimizing tension.

Rosemary Tea

Take a rest for approximately 20 minutes, prepare rosemary tea and consume it slowly in a room which is a bit darkened. Rosemary tea is packed with ingredients which help to lessen the pain and thus assist you to unwind. Recent studies have also proved that this particular tea is able to prevent the pain.

Coffee with Lemon

It is a common habit among lots of individuals to consume coffee whenever they are suffering from a headache. While coffee is definitely capable of reducing the headache, one must not consume it in excess amounts. While it is justified to drink a few cups of coffee daily, excess consumption can result in adverse effects. While it is debatable whether drinking this beverage along with lemon is beneficial for one's health or not, it is not a bad idea to sip coffee with a piece of lemon.


Use a piece of cloth or scarf to tie your forehead tightly. You should get instant relief from headache. However, a better solution would be to soak the cloth in vinegar at first which will give better results.

Raw Beet

Another useful treatment for headache will be to apply some pieces of raw beet to the forehead and temples. Raw beet is packed with lead which helps to eliminate the pain by having a relaxing effect on the brain's blood vessels.

Red Wine, Honey and Lemon

Make a blend of finely chopped lemon, 1 litre of red wine and 1 teaspoon of honey. By drinking several spoons of this mixture regularly can help to alleviate headache as well as stress.

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