Importance of moisturizing

You should have no doubts if I say that healthy hair is not all about greasing them with oils but what you need is a healthy diet. There should be no doubt about another fact that your body has almost 80% of water so you every body part needs water to run it smoothly including hair which is nothing but dead protein. However the fact remains that winters reduce moisture from the hair and that become the cause of damage to hair when they come in contact with air. In fact, your hair needs special care in winters.  Yes, for a healthy and natural hair, you need water otherwise humidity will harm your hair.

Hot Oil Massage

Winters make your hair dry so you need a hot oil massage by an ayurvedic oil because most ayurvedic oils are made of ingredients which keep your skull warm which saves you from cold. You can try either mustered or coconut oil for the purpose. As suggested earlier it’s better to use lukewarm oil which gives the best result. Actually massage generates a cover for your hair which protects from winds and humidity and keeps your hair shining. Some experts suggest mixture of olive and mustered for the purpose.

Shampoo keeps your hair clean

Shampooing your hair is good for your skull and hair both as it keeps them clean. You should choose your shampoo carefully according to your hair which will remove the extra oil from your hair besides saving your hair from dandruff. It’s better to use mild or baby shampoo during winters which helps keep texture of your hair in good condition. Therefore using right shampoo according to structure and texture of your hair is the best way of keeping your hair healthy. 

Conditioning and steaming

You must take special care of your hair by conditioning and giving them steaming treatment in winters. It helps create a protective layer and saves them from dryness and being split ended. Whatever the way you must keep your hair well moisturized if your hair looks dry and brittle. You must use wet towel therapy after applying conditioner to your hair such vaporizing method makes your hair feel and look silky but make sure you do not go through the vaporizing process for longer duration as this could cause you harm if the towel is not properly warm. 

You can use hair serum in place of steam towel during extreme cold weather which is as effective and provides a protective layer besides giving a shine to your hair. Hair serum which is made of silicon based content, is a live on conditioner which provides a coating to the hair at the same time. Hair serums protect your hair from ultraviolet rays and keep your hair smooth and healthy.  

Use of hair packs

Hair packs are another good method for keeping your hair shiny and protected from the weather. You can mix an egg with olive oil, coconut oil, glycerin, honey and vinegar and use the mixture in your hair. Keep the mixture in your hair for two hours and then wash your hair with lukewarm water. You can use another hair pack using banana, fresh juice of elovera, lemon juice and honey, keeping the mixture in your hair for 45 minutes and then wash your hair with lukewarm water.  You should not keep the mixture for more than required period which can harm you due to cold weather conditions.

Natural Hair Care

1. The use of Amla, Reetha and Shikakai (Indian Gooseberry, soap nut and hair fruit) is common in Indian households for centuries and perhaps the better alternative of shampoos. You might find the use and the experience bit different from what you get while using a shampoo but the results are absolutely astonishing. The process of using is simple as the three ingredients are soaked in water overnight and used during hair wash in the morning.  This combination works beyond expectation of most users so they stick to it in some cases it stops even the hair fall.

2. Use of powdered fenugreek mixed with curd makes your hair shining and black 

3. Use of lemon juice mixed with water after a shampoo is great way of protecting hair from sun rays and keep them shining.

4. Use of olive oil keeps your hair shining and protected from cold weather

5. Use of honey in your hair keeps them shining and well protected from ultraviolet rays

6. Use of oil twice a week and henna mixed with egg and fuller’s earth gives your hair a new life during winters


The general belief that your hair needs no extra care during changing weather has no base and can cause hair fall and graying of hair. You should take a proper care of your hair during every changing season and more so during winters.  

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