No doubt, there are lot of medicines available, these days in market to heal your body of diseases; but that does not mean, stop maintaining your health with proper health care. Yes, easy availability of medicines at every corner, nook or corner of most of cities and easy availability of health facilities, with increase of number of hospitals in most of cities; have made people, house of laziness. They know that ready made health solution of, a health problem is now easily available; then why to take effort of doing self health care, to prevent disease from developing in your body.

But, they are not aware of fact that if they implement these vital health steps, in their daily life; then it will hinder diseases, from developing inside your body and ultimately, will save lot of your expenses that you have to spent; to curb, already developed disease in body. So, as a Doctor, my best advice to you is that nothing is better than preventing the disease development, inside your body; by taking 5 vital health steps, at right time. And, what are those 5 vital health steps and how many, they are in total?

Well, they are total 5 and they are-

1) Give right fuel (food) to your body to run it- Yes, as we say, to have best output from machine, give it right fuel; similarly, to have best output from your human body, give it right food. Giving your body wrong food and expecting best output, can only thought of in dreams; but not possible in reality.

2) Give right food at right time- Yes, giving food at right time, is that much necessary; to have best output from body, as much is important to give right food. The reason behind is that it will not get properly digested and essential nutrients would not get absorbed, in as efficiently; as they are, when right food is eaten at right time.

3) Give proper rest (3rd step); as well as do proper exercise (4th step)- Yes, both steps are very much essential because lack of any of them, cause lifestyle disease in body. Lack of rest will develop fatigue, mal-absorption and premature aging.

4) Sufficient sleep (5th step)- Yes, sufficient sleep is as much necessary, for body to heal it; as much above steps are because during sleep, body repairs itself of daily wear and tear and lack of sleep, will not let this vital healing task happen.

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