Yes, self care is as much important, as much is care of others, in your family. But, some people have a, such a habit of ignoring, self care that they does not realize that they have to pay a price, of loosing health one day because of their this habit. There are 2 kind of people among self care ignorer, who does not do self care; one is, who does not do it, out of their laziness and second are those, who does not give 1st preference, to their self care and give it a side track, in taking care of others.

So, for whatever reason, you are ignoring your self-care; whether because of being, 1st kind of self care ignorer or 2nd kind; you have to face self harms that will result out, in future because of ignoring self care. So, you must be thinking to ask that what are those 4 self harms that a person have to face, in future because of ignoring self care continuously?

Well those are-

1) Deteriorating health- Yes, as I said in above paragraphs of article that a person has to face health loss because when health maintenance, is requiring self care and you are not doing it, on that time; then it ultimately result in deterioration of, health on gradual basis.

2) Disease invitation- This 2nd harm result out of 1st harm, in consequence because when your health will deteriorate; it ultimately creates a niche in human body, for disease to get flourished. So, self care ignorance is disease invitation; which result out from, health deterioration caused by self care ignorance.

3) Immunity reduction- Yes, good immunity is a sign of good health. When health deteriorate because of self care ignorance; then human body immunity, also gets reduced.

4) Depressed mood and low confidence- Yes, depressed mood can result out, from self care ignorance. You can't imagine it, to be true fact; but is true that person with time, gradually keep on remaining, in depressed state; when new disease, result out from health deterioration because of self care ignorance. You must have realized that on special occasions of your life; when you do self care; you feel confidence boost. You are falling short on this confidence boost because of self care ignorance, you are doing.

5) Premature aging and low vitality- Yes, premature aging will result; when you will not do self care of your skin, hair, eyes; they will show nothing, but sign of premature aging. Low vitality, weakness will result out, from self care ignorance; because of disease process flourishing, started inside human body because of self care ignorance.

6) Unhygienic body- Yes, your human body will become unhygienic, when you ignore self care, on continuous basis. This unhygienic state, is also reason, for disease invitation inside body because it creates appropriate environment in body, for disease causing pathogens and other inflammatory factors to flourish.

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