Prima facie the proposition appears to be very innocent but it is not so in reality. In underscores some fallacies. I do not intend to contradict it, but I support it with certain reservations. 

Smoking has been an ingrained habit in men from days immemorial. Like many other habits it has remained a part of human life in companies and groups, in solitude, in thinking, in idle hours, before and after dinner. To chuck it through a fiat or command like as proposed in our subject above, will be a bit cruel. 

Today, however, its consumption shows a remarkable decline. Fatal diseases like cancer and cardiac or cerebral strokes have struck terror in the hearts of men. Men are today more enlightened in matters concerning health. It must, however, be acknowledged that the mortality rate owing to fatal diseases is not simply due to smoking. Tensions, malnutrition, hectic having and lack of physical engagements largely contribute to it. 

Thus human life, as such, has becomes susceptible to diseases and cigarette smoking hastens the decimation. The towns and the cities team with overloaded buses. Naturally smoking becomes hazardous for the passengers. A recent theory holds that a non-smoker is more susceptible to cigarette smokes that a smoker. A smoker’s internal combative force is more adjusted to its hazards, whereas it is not so with the non-smoker. Naturally the latter is more likely to fall prey to its bad effect easily enough. 

The regulatory system has mounted a mock-warning to a smoker as every packet stares him with “cigarette smoking is injurious to health“. Every fag that he smokes forbids him to indulge in it. It is doubtless that such measures gradually induce in the smokers an awareness of the harm. There are surveys which show that the incidence of smoking is today much less. In the public places there are smoking corners. 

As stated earlier, smoking has been ever a boon companion for men. To part with is observed, often, to be a painful experience. It helps thinking in men, serves as a delightful diversion to chain smokers who make a tunnel of smoke-rings. Naturally it dies hard. Prohibition of public smoking often places the sinner at a disadvantage. They would slink off from the midst of gathering or elders to act on the sly.

Its history says that it has served men in distress or moments of emotional tension as a relief. Today, however, its evil effect is of going to banish it. I have seen a chain smoker who had to give up smoking being warned by death. Every now and then his hand fished into his trousers pocket in a reflex action. 

Thus the proposition has to be supported no doubt. And today cigarette smoking in public place is regarded as an unwritten offence. But it is like the banishment of a onetime dear friend who has turned rebel suddenly.

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