Good memory is essential and everyone needs it to excel in their respective departments irrespective of whether they are working or busy in their household lives, whether they are kids trying to enter kinder gardens or students cracking IIT's. Good memory means increased memory power. It is an ability to quickly understand what is being told or what is being explained and then reproducing the same exactly whenever required. Once analyzed and understood, storing it in files of brains and then recollecting data whenever required are the signs of good memory. People who can do this quickly and efficiently are told to have good memory power and the one who find themselves inefficient in doing the same, seems to lack memory power.

During earlier times only aged individuals used to have a weak memory power. They seemed to forget everything around them. it was a sign of aging. However, today it is a common thing we see and it is no longer age related. We forget things very easily and later give it the name of carelessness. For hours together we keep ourselves busy in finding things which we have kept somewhere and are finding difficult to remember the exact location. Kids try to recollect the content they studied but fail to do so. Everyone wants an easy way out. Lots of medicines has been introduced in the market. These companies who sell medications for sharpening memory claim unexpected results within a given time. it all looks like a dream but reality is something else. As everyone wants an easy way out they get attracted to the ads they see and feel like trying these medicines so that they can sharpen their memory power. People are not even inspecting and analyzing how effective these medicines can be and are getting addicted to them. Such medicines are not at all cheap. They are quite expensive. In spite of being charged high, these medicines are been purchased more and more and as demand is high, more and more such companies are entering in market to reap financial benefits.

Medicals today are flooded with such medicines who claim to increase memory power magically. A person does not even require prescription to obtain such medicines. In various book stalls, one can find hundreds of books which claim to increase memory power. Lots of centers have been opened which claim to sharpen memory by coaching people. If checked on internet, lots of websites are available which claim the same. All these medicines, tips given in books and websites, coaching given in centers are beneficial or not is a matter of later discussion. Most important thing is people are not even aware whether they are really suffering from such disorder or not. They do not analyze their condition properly. If someone is  finding difficulty to remember things and events they feel like it is because of their weak memory power. It may also be due to carelessness. It may be a myth that they may be suffering from weak memory. Weak memory is not one where we forget birthday's of our friends and relatives. Weak memory is when we wish them the same every week. Weak memory is not when we forget the jokes we need to crack. Weak memory is when we crack the same jokes over and over again every day. We often compare ourselves with others and thereby complain that we have less memory power than others. A laymen can increase his memory by adopting certain techniques of remembering things.

All such books and all such websites which claim to drastically improve memory are full of nothing but tips and techniques to remember more and more. These techniques help people remember number, names, things i.e., it provides a proper format which helps in remembering everything easily. Once remembering becomes easy, people start feeling as if there is a drastic advancement in their memory power. They are unaware that they are using simple techniques which are helping them in their day to day lives. For example, when we meet a person try to analyze and come across some special feature of that person that may be in his physical appearance or the way he communicates etc..... and then relate his name with his special feature. Or else, once that person has introduced himself, repeat his name and try to ask him whether you have pronounced his name properly. This will help one to remember names of people they come across in their day to day lives. Another technique of remembering name is to utter the name of that person again and again during conversation.

Some of us may not be very keen in using such tips and techniques as we find it time consuming and tiring. We need quick results which greatly and efficiently increase our memory power. Thus, some of us for quick solutions incline towards memory power increasing medications. These medicines claim to sharpen weak memory within a certain duration and some of them even guarantee money back, if desired results are not obtained. It is still not proved how effective these medicines can be. However, their side effects have definitely come into light. Efficient or not is yet to be discovered but the ill-effects they exert on body have come into light in the form of side-effects. Vitamin B and Vitamin E are essential to increase brain power. However, in traces it will not do any good. Excess of dosage is required to sharpen memory and heavy doses taken in form of medication has worsened the situation as high dose of Vitamin E thins blood and can be fatal. This is because it increases internal blood loss.

With progressing age, memory too fades away. It is natural and not an issue on which one has to get threatened. Brain has a very important area called as frontal lobe. It is responsible for recollecting memories stored in other areas of brain as well as helps to remember events along with names and dates. With age, it's efficiency of working decreases. It's efficiency to recollect data from other parts of brain too decreases. This is the reason that with age, memory power fades. In certain cases, situation worsens. Too much worst condition can result in Alzheimer's disease. Main cause of Alzheimer's disease is any stimulus that exerts ill-effects on central nervous system. It may be a medication taken for reducing stress or medication for keeping blood pressure within control. Excess consumption of alcohol and other such addictions which exert negative effects on brain are also responsible for causing Alzheimer's disease. People often mistake their situation with Alzheimer. There is a whole lot of difference between forgetting a few things and almost remembering nothing.

Sharp, efficient memory is essential to excel in any field. Sharp memory yields excellent results. Instead of falling prey and becoming addicted to such medicines and spending thousands of amount on purchasing books, becoming members of websites or joining coaching to increase memory, it's beneficial to work on oneself. Most important thing to be kept in mind that for increasing memory power, concentration is essential. One needs to concentrate on things they have to analyze or remember in long run. Concentration is the key factor. There is no short cut or a master key that can sharpen memory power overnight. Sheer efforts, lots of concentration, complete dedication can only yield fruitful benefits.

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