Oral cavity is an important part of our body. Digestion begins in oral cavity. As soon as one eats food, it gets masticated in oral cavity i.e., crushed into fine pieces by teeth and passed on further the throat into the food pipe further into the stomach for digestion. Thus, any disease or infection of oral cavity spreads down further and affects the health of the whole of the body. Usually oral diseases caused are halitosis, oral ulcers, diseases of teeth etc..... Along with these diseases, certain severe diseases also develop like periodontal diseases, cancer of tongue and other areas of oral cavity. Since oral cavity is connected with other body parts and mainly stomach, any disease that occurs in oral cavity spreads to stomach too. Regarding stomach it is being told that if stomach of an individual is healthy, rest of the body remains healthy and if stomach becomes disease prone, within no time health of an individual will start deteriorating. Thus, one has to check his oral care and maintain oral hygiene as much as possible so that his stomach as well as overall health remains in a sound state. Many home remedies, natural therapies, yoga etc..... also helps to maintain good oral health care.

Oral ulcers occur very commonly in different age groups. They appear on their own and clear out by themselves. Thus, most of us show negligence towards their occurrence. Oral ulcers occur due to some underlying cause. They are the signs which show something is wrong with our diet pattern and thus negligence should not be shown. A person who has digestion related disorder or is suffering from constipation often is seen affected from oral ulcers. Colitis is another condition responsible for occurrence of ulcers in oral cavity. Our body requires vitamins and minerals in adequate quantity on daily basis for its efficient working. However, when through diet we are not able to replenish vitamins and minerals in our body, various deficiency disorders form and oral ulcer is one of them. Another cause is hormonal changes occurring in the body. Stress and tension can also result in occurrence of oral ulcers. These ulcers can form in any part of the oral cavity. Commonly they occur on tongue and on inner areas of cheeks. Sometimes, they can also be seen on inner side of lips, on surface of palate, near tonsils etc..... They can be small, irregular in size or may be large and in a rounded form. They may be filled with clear watery liquid or sometimes with pus and blood.

When oral ulcers are formed in oral cavity, a person often finds difficulty in consuming hot and spicy foods as they causes burning sensation. If ulcers are large, discomfort is caused. A person who chews tobacco or smokes cigarette regularly experience these kind of oral ulcers along with occurrence of white and red patches which can be a sign of cancer. Thus, whenever one experience burning sensation in areas of mouth or redness should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Oral ulcers are not a matter of great concern as they heal by themselves but sometimes if they do not heal within a certain period can take the form of cancer.

Since oral ulcers are mainly caused due to digestion related disorders, care should be taken that digestion is proper. Psyllium husk taken regularly along with milk or water twice a day provides enough fiber to facilitate good digestion. Along with this a healthy balanced nutritious diet which is rich in fibrous fruits and vegetables if followed can result in good digestion. There are many home remedies which can keep digestion proper. One such is intake of 1 tsp of ghee in 1 glass of milk in the night. Trifala churn is also very effective in clearing constipation. Once stomach is healthy, oral ulcers too do not occur.

When oral ulcers form in oral cavity, do not consume very hot and spicy foods. Keep diet healthy and less spicy. Gargling with warm water mixed with salt twice a day is effective. Do not eat excessive spicy foods, fast foods, very sour foods, citrus fruits, excessively cold foods etc..... Oral ulcer creams and gels are available in market. On topical application, they tend to provide a relief and start healing them. Doctors often prescribe B-Complex tablets as deficiency of vitamin B in body gets replenished and oral ulcers gradually start healing. Curd is very beneficial both if taken in diet as well as on application on ulcer. Special care should be taken regarding oral hygiene. Sometimes it is seen when oral ulcers take the form of severe painful ulcer, people out of concern do not brush or maintain their oral hygiene. Regular twice a day brushing of teeth is essential. For gargling purpose, either salt mixed with warm water or else mouth washes can be used which will provide great effect on healing.

Halitosis is an important oral hygiene related problem faced by many. Bad odor or unpleasant odor coming from mouth itself is known as halitosis. It occurs when oral hygiene is in bad condition. Lack of proper maintenance of oral hygiene results in halitosis. It not only troubles one who is been affected from it but also others who come in contact with that person. It brings down confidence of a person and lowers his self esteem. Oral cavity is home to various micro-organisms. Few of them are friendly as they help in digestion whereas others are harmful releasing toxins causing various dental problems like tooth decay, gingival diseases, periodontal diseases, halitosis etc..... More the number of harmful micro-organisms grow in oral cavity, more severe more of halitosis develops. Bad odor is also seen among individuals who is suffering from tooth decay in large number and in individuals who are suffering from pyorrhea. Improper brushing techniques and irregularity in brushing is also an important cause. If care is not taken that while brushing all the areas of all the teeth are covered then food debris left in between teeth may result in tooth decay which in turn will result in halitosis. Thus, it's essential that one has to cultivate a habit of brushing twice a day i.e., once in the morning as soon as one wakes up and second time after finishing dinner, before going to bed. If essential, dental floss should be used which can help in the removal of food debris from in between teeth. Regular dental check-ups assure good oral health care. Tooth brushes, tooth pastes and tooth picks should only be used of good quality or as recommended by dentist.

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