Women have many changes in her body, during her pregnancy period. At that time, hormones won’t be balanced and they feel crazy.

She should have some knowledge about the sudden changes in her body in these 9 months.

Experts say, pregnant women should be happy always, so that Blood Pressure, stress and pregnancy related problems won’t occur.

At this period, if 3 things enter her life, then it will be very difficult for her. So let us know how pregnant women should be happy.

She should accept the changes which are occurring in her body and mind. She should read about pregnancy and should maintain strong relationship with the baby.

The Husband should do his best to keep his wife happy.

Few things which pregnant women should keep in mind in these 9 months

1. Posture:

During pregnancy, you should maintain correct posture of sleeping, sitting and walking. If you want to be fit, healthy and happy, then you need to join pre-natal classes.

2. Balance diet:

Should take food which contains protein, iron and calcium. By taking such diet, baby and pregnant women will be healthier.

3. Taking folic acid:

Folic acids are available in beans, citrus food and leafy vegetables. According to the doctor’s advice, it is good to take folic acid tablets and it is very important. It helps in treating problems which occur during delivery.

4. Check the weight:

You need to maintain a balanced weight throughout the pregnancy period of 9 months. If you are thin, then more problems occur at pregnancy period.  The obesity women who is pregnant, there is a chance of blood pressure and diabetes occurrence. Even if the family background consists of diabetes there is a chance of diabetes for mother or child. So it is better to control your desires and maintain weight consistently throughout preganancy.

5. Know about pregnancy:

You need to read books about pregnancy to know how these 9 months will be and what chances occur in your body and mind. 


6. Regular checkup:

The pregnant should have regular checkups. We can know the growth and health of the baby and your health also. Moreover we can know problems of the baby.

7. Vaccination:

There will be few health problems which may harm you and your baby. You need to have precautionary tetanus injections twice in the period. 

8. Stop having coffee:

Coffee contains caffeine and it may be harmful to the body. There may be a chance of getting problems to the baby due to caffeine. So it’s better to avoid having coffee.

8. Stress:

Need to keep stress away. Stress will show its effect on babies

9. Alcohol and smoking:

At the early pregnancy itself women is pregnant should stop having alcohol and smoking as it will show impact on the baby. But this doesn’t apply for Indian women. 

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