Laughter is good for health. Since this is an era where everyone of us is busy with their lives, we rarely get time to laugh our hearts out. Everything around us is polluted. We no longer get clean water to drink, pure air to breathe and stress-free environment to live. Even fruits, vegetables, grains and all those food items that we eat are neither fresh nor clean. In such an environment where everything is so polluted, we try to put in so many efforts so that we can keep ourselves fit and healthy. We even in our hectic schedule, spare a little time for exercise, try to eat healthy as and when we can, consult our physician for regular check-ups. However, this is not enough. A simple and best therapy our elders used to care for and today we do not care at all, is to laugh a little. Today we do not care to find ourselves some time so that we can enjoy this therapy and take great benefits from it. Best part of this therapy is that it hardly takes any time or toll. It is very simple as well as effective form of medicine. It can be done by anyone and age does not matter as it hardly requires any effort.

Advanced scientific research has proved that laughter improves mental health of a person. When an individual starts this therapy, for that particular duration he frees himself of his stress and tension. Whatever turbulence that is going around in his life stops. This shows remarkable improvement in his mental health. Physical health is mere reflection of mental health. When there is a sound mind, body definitely will regain its health. More than 90% of the diseases today are psychosomatic. It means our stress and turbulence we create in our minds are responsible for causation of diseases and formation of disorders in the body. When the stress itself gets eradicated, there is no way a person will suffer from dreadful diseases.

A smile or laughter can light up the whole arena. One has to laugh out loud. It is an exercise very popularly practiced today. We can see sometimes a group in a park laughing loudly. This is an exercise they perform which fills in them lots of enthusiasm and helps them to get rid of stress from their lives. This in turn will help them to get rid of their diseases. It is been widely practiced throughout the world. Earlier one had enough time to complete their work in required duration. Once they were done with work, they would find enough time to spend with their family and friends. They spent enough time and laughed hard and enjoyed a lot. Thus, this was no more a exercise then. It was more of a routine one would follow and enjoy. Today we do not indulge in getting together and spending quality time with others. Family time too has been engaged by television or mobile internet. We go out with friends but all we do over there is shop or listen to loud music. Laughter has long gone from our lives. Thus, today when we ask some one to laugh loudly it seems more like an unnatural act to them. It has thus been named as laughter exercise.

Initially one would find difficulty in doing it, as it seems a little unnatural to laugh without any reason. Therefore this exercise is best carried out in groups. While in groups, when we look at one another, laughter comes out naturally and all the hesitation goes away. It is a best exercise one can perform. It instills in us lots of enthusiasm, even in each and every part of the body. As the mind gets relaxed, so does the body and we becomes active and energized. This is the reason that today it is been practiced in almost all the yoga centers. Such is its importance. All we have to do is understand how important it is for our health and make it a routine of our every day lives. It is been popularly said that for good health, one has to reduce their food consumption to half of what they are already consuming, double the amount of water one is drinking, triple the intensity and duration of exercise one is performing and most important is quadruple the laughter in life. If one analyzes everything, one can see how difficult the other three are. Today we find it extremely difficult to reduce our food intake. On the other hand, we do not increase our water intake, no matter how many times it is been told to us. Exercise to most of us is like a nightmare and we rarely do it. Most of us hardly go for a walk and in such case, increasing the duration and intensity of exercise to almost triple the amount, almost seems impossible. Out of all the options given, laughter is the simplest and best option one can select for a healthy living.

Endorphin is a hormone in human body that helps human to get rid of pain. Human body itself is able to generate this pain relieving hormone in body. Individuals who practice this laughter therapy have excess amount of this pain relieving endorphin hormone in their body. As a result, such individuals experience very less amount of joint pains, headaches etc..... Laughter not only reduces stiffness of joints resulting in decreased joint pain even in old age but also decreases stress and thus stress related headaches does not develop. Laughter always exerts positive effects on health. It increases blood circulation. As the blood circulation in body increases, blood carries more and more amount of oxygen and nutrients to all the vital organs which in turn increases their working efficiency. Laughter is particularly helpful to individuals suffering from stress related disorders.

People usually smile or laugh when they are happy. Now let us look other way around. While we laugh loudly, our brain secretes a chemical known as serotonin. This chemical helps us to remain stress free and thereby makes us happy. We instead of giving justification that we cannot laugh unless we are happy, we can go for other way around. We should follow this laughter therapy and make ourselves happy. Laughter exerts positive effect on each and every cell in our body. It increases working efficiency of each and every organ in our body especially our digestive system. While we laugh all the muscles of our digestive system undergo exercise which increases the working efficiency. One can get rid of constipation very easily. All the other digestion related disorders too seem getting corrected by themselves. Respiratory related disorders too get corrected if an individual takes this laughter therapy seriously. Individuals who are suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases in which excess of sputum gets collected in lungs, if regularly follows laughter therapy, will gradually see improvement in their condition. This is because laughter increases working efficiency of lungs and the sputum that is blocking channels or the one which is collected in lungs can be seen clearing out the way resulting in clear lungs. Within few days an individual can see drastic improvement in his condition.

Today most of us are sleep deprived. Reason is our busy life and hectic life style. Though most of us go for a sufficient sleep of 6-8 hours. even then we feel that we have not slept enough. This is all because it is just our body that sleeps. Mind still works even when body is recovering in sleep. This is because of stress that we go through in our day today lives. Whereas there are others who do not sleep at all i.e., the one who are suffering from insomnia. Laughter therapy helps them to correct their disorder and provides them a sound sleep. All the stress and tension gradually decreases. It relaxes mind and helps an individual to sleep peacefully. It decreases high blood pressure and various heart related diseases and disorders. Today right from early age even kids are suffering from depression. It has affected almost all age groups and the reason for its cause is not known in most of the cases. Laughter therapy serves as a boon as it helps greatly in treating depression and other mind related disorders. Laughter increases the process of inhalation and exhalation i.e., exchange of gases on its own. It acts like a cleansing process. Excess amount of oxygen enters the body and mixes with blood which is then carried to all vital organs in the body as well as excess amount of carbon dioxide gets excreted from the body. This provides sufficient energy as well as strength to respiratory organs and they work more efficiently. Laughter also increases defense power of body. It increases the immunity and helps body to fight against all sorts of infections and diseases.

Laughter therapy is a boon to mankind. It does not require any extra effort and thus can be carried out by individuals of all age groups, irrespective of whether they are kids or belonging to elderly age group. It does not require any strenuous efforts or modern equipment, the way physical exercises do, thus can be even carried out by physically weak individuals who are suffering from chronic illness. It is completely cost free. It does not require any special equipment nor there is a per-requisite of joining of any membership and thus it is cost free. It can be done individually or in a group. It can be done indoor within premises of one's house or outdoor in fresh air. Thus, it does not bring any hard and fast rules with it. It is a very simple and effective therapy and should be followed by each and every one. It exerts no negative effects. In contrary, it does good to each and every part and each and every organ of our body. It not only helps us to get rid of our physical diseases but is also mainly effective in treating mind related disorders. It is a tonic for brain. It completely eradicates stress and tension from one's life and helps them to live a happy and cheerful life. An individual who practices laughter therapy will always remain active and will be blessed by lots of enthusiasm which will always keep him healthy. Since laughter exerts positive effect on each and every cell of our body, a person who practice it from early age will keep himself free from all sorts of diseases and disorders as well as will show signs of delayed aging. His skin will glow and will remain wrinkle free. Laughter therapy is an easy technique of keeping our stress and turbulence we create in our daily lives aside and live a stable, disease free and healthy life.

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