Health is most important to us. It is more important than been wealthy. If we have all the wealth in our life but are not blessed with good health, then we will not be able to enjoy any benefit of been wealthy. Health therefore is more important than wealth and should rank on the top in priority list as nothing is more valuable than it. No matter how much money we earn, no matter how successful we become, we will not be able to enjoy all our earnings and success, if we are not blessed with good health. Bad health is a curse and will never allow a person to enjoy pleasure of wealth.

Good Health Versus Bad Health

Healthy person is one who is free from diseases and disorders. Health does not only refer to physical health but also to mental health. A sound mind in a sound body is what brings perfection in a person's life. This kind of life where health reigns supreme is actually a charm. If bad health robs a person then life rarely has charm for him. To him life becomes a burden and he will find very difficult to carry his life forward. His illness will always make him feel tired and he will keep complaining about one or the other thing.

Health Versus Wealth

A healthy person is capable of carrying his life forward and sings the glory of life. He is always active and happy and thus he is ready to face anything and everything that comes in his life. He may not be rich. Instead he may be deprived of wealth but has capability to work hard and earn his bread. On the other hand, a very wealthy person who is unhealthy will find his life difficult to carry forward. Wealthy man may envy healthy man. Wealth can buy all those entities which are essential as well as not so essential in our life. However, to enjoy them we need to have good health. Bad health steals appetite as well as sleep and no money or wealth can restore what is lost. Wealth is important but not as important as health is and thus it can be clearly stated that health is the biggest and greatest wealth in the whole world.

Good Health is a Blessing

Good health itself is real money of our lives. One can earn wealth as per capabilities and hard work. But more important than that wealth is earning good health which will be considered more precious when compared to all earnings. If we are blessed with good health then we can work hard to earn good wealth but if health is lost then no amount of wealth can bring it back. We overlook health and spend all our time and efforts on accumulating wealth. With time, we succeed in making a good fortune to us but we will also lose our health. This is because we hardly pay any attention to it and devote anytime to maintain it. For time being, we will feel that we are doing right thing and when we will realize our mistake, it will be too late for us to replenish our loss.

Need for Good Health

Most of us feel that wealth is important without understanding that health is the precious gift of life. It is essential for us to accomplish anything and in its absence life will become purposeless. A good health is essential as it will keep us sound and strong in all aspects of life whether it is physical, mental, social or intellectual. It cares for our well being and secures us from sickness and illnesses. it keeps us away from diseases and do not allow any sorts of disorders from developing in our body. It keeps us active and alert. It instills positive attitude in us and provides strength which will enable us to calmly overcome all the hurdles and obstacles in our life. It is the real charm of our life as sickness complicates everything and health simplifies everything.

Healthy person is more energetic. Due to high energy level, he will have high efficiency to accomplish anything and everything and thereby earning wealth too will not be a complicated task for him. In absence of money or wealth, life becomes difficult and yes it does influence life of an individual to a great extent but in absence of health, a person loses the feeling of living a life. We feel money brings happiness and thus wealth makes person happiest and richest in the world. However, good health is the one that brings that spark in an individual which will make him happy and rich. Money can buy things but is not real wealth. Good health is the real wealth.

Good Health Ensures Success

Health does not come very easily to an individual. It cannot be earned by a shortcut or by any means of cheating. There is no easy way out and thus an individual has to live a disciplined life which will help him to keep his physical, mental and intellectual health at its best. This good health as well as discipline what he has inculcated in his life is the real key to achieve success. To achieve anything, no matter how difficult it may be, lots of dedication and discipline is essential and a person who has acquired these virtues in his daily lifestyle will not hesitate to accomplish anything by taking advantage of these virtues, even in the most difficult impossible scenarios. When this is the case, how can success remain away form that individual.

How did Money Overpower Health

We are living a very busy life in a crowded world where our every breath is dedicated to accomplish something and is mainly targeted to acquire and possess more and more wealth. We spend our whole life to gather as much wealth as our possession as possible and it is sad to know that we never realize that money never remains stable. It is the health which will remain with us in future too but money does not guarantee the same. Health brings contentment and security whereas money brings greediness and makes a person insecure. We have become so busy in acquiring gold and silver that we just lost our mind to keep health in good position. As life became more and more challenging and complicated, we started adapting to it and being in rat race means giving a tough competition to others by achieving success at a fast pace. For us success means possessions and wealth and this is how wealth overpowered our health and took the top spot and priority.


Earlier life was too simple and thus people were aware that health is the most precious gift of their life and thus took best care of it and wealth came only after it. But as life got more complicated and filled with challenges, we started giving wealth the top priority and today we hardly care about our health. Earning more wealth is good but concentrating a little more on health is always the best thing we can do. We have to understand that health is the real wealth of our lives and we should thus take proper care of it and maintain it as it will remain with us throughout our lives and guarantees stability to us. Good health can earn lots of wealth. However, no amount of wealth can bring back lost health. Good health is the biggest blessing and is most essential to live a happy life. Health is essential to earn wealth but wealth is not essential for good health. Good health is precious and real jewel of life.

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  1. Venkat S N

Nice write-up, like the great, once said Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

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