I would like to share about an exercise that benefits everyone with good fitness by activating all and most of the body muscles. It is none other than swimming. It can be both outdoors as well as indoors in a private pool, canals, wells, rivers and where not. It is one of the oldest known sport/ exercise/ activity that comes with all benefit packages for all age groups.

From recreation, entertaining, physical fitness, sport, hobby it has various shades of activity engaged in it. In summers who does not love to take a dip in cool water,when the sun is high up? 

It is a good all-round activity. Unlike jogging,running, bicycling which involves only muscles of legs, swimming involves workout of total body muscles and tone, healthy lungs, heart, improves cardiovascular fitness, increases muscle strength, provides all-over work out for the body.

It helps in alleviating stress, improving flexible nature and posture of the body, apart from fun and relaxation. In summers, especially in western countries, all the beaches are filled with crowd that visit for various recreational activities including swimming.They also participate in swimming competitions which is gaining popularity all over the world. 

There are many training centers that provide tutoring for swimming classes.Though most of the people learn it by natural way. In fact each and every one of us in fetal life were in swimming position for 9 months inside the womb that is the root cause for the quick swimming learning skills of infant babies. 

Jalavihaar, water club, water park, ocean park are some of the places must to visit in Hyderabad in summers. All fun with work out for muscles, keeping away from stress and sun's heat who doesn't want to enjoy irrespective of age?

Tips for a good swimming

Choose a safe environment, do not over swim if you are a beginner, swim suit to protect from any possible injuries, one should know how to swim before diving or it is wise to go with a trainer and  safety jackets. s swimming literally can exhaust you depending on your activity, make sure to carry some food and juices to replenish after work out. It definitely needs some time and training if you are a beginner. Just dive in, and keep swimming. Once you master it you will never regret swimming.



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