When it comes to exercising, all we know is that it helps to lose weight and build muscle mass. However, exercise is not just confined to these benefits. Exercise is beneficial in many ways. Top reasons to exercise regularly are described in this article. With every passing day, new benefits of exercise get discovered. The more a person is physically active, in more sound shape his body and mind will remain. Exercise doesn’t have to be intense. Follow an exercise regime depending on the current health status and age. 


Here are some of the benefits of exercising regularly on physical health-


Enhances the aerobic capacity

Aerobic power or also known as the aerobic capacity is the capability of the body to carry out tasks at maximum ability by supplying oxygen available in the atmosphere to the body’s tissue system. On average an individual loses 1% of aerobic power every year. Exercise can magically cut the loss in half. Thus, if an individual is losing 20% of aerobic capacity in 20 years time, he can indulge in regular exercise and only lose 10% of it.


Regulates blood pressure levels

Increased levels of blood pressure can result in heart diseases. There are various reasons for hypertension. One of them is built of arterial plaques by regular intake of diet that is rich in fat. Exercising regularly targets plaque build-up and decreases blood pressure. When plaque gets removed, arteries become wide. Blood through these arteries flows freely. Consequently, blood pressure comes down to normal levels. Moreover, blood pressure also decreases because the heart also gets a workout during work out session. Regular exercise will make the heart muscles strong. Thus, its capability to pump blood and overall functioning will improve and thus blood pressure will reach its normal level.


Boosts up the energy levels

Most of us feel that after a workout session we will feel tired because of all the energy that we have used up. However, it is not true. Only those individuals who workout once in a while will feel tired. Individuals who regularly workout will feel energetic not only during the session but also throughout the day. Those who work out regularly but due to any reasons miss it for a day or two will tell the actual difference. On the days when they don’t indulge in some form of exercise, they will complain of low energy compared to those days when they exercise and charge up their energy levels.


Decreases the blood sugar levels

Type 2 diabetes is becoming common in people all around the world. Increased levels of blood sugar levels are a threat to overall health. If it is not controlled early, it can lead to serious complications such as ketosis, retinopathy, neuropathy, kidney diseases, heart diseases, etc. Medicines which control diabetes, as well as insulin injections are associated with side effects. A simple yet effective technique to control blood sugar level is by regularly indulging in some form of physical exercise. Gradually one can see the improvement in the body’s capability to metabolize sugar.


Increases life span by improving the immune system

Do you want to live longer? If yes, then it’s not a big secret. The healthier a human being is the longer he will remain alive. Exercise will keep the diseases at bay. Those who regularly exercise will boost their immune system and as a result, they will less likely fall ill or invite the diseases and disorders in their body system. The immune system protects from infections and chemical toxins. Thus, a body which is free from illnesses will survive for a long period of time. Thus, exercise regularly and improve your life expectancy.


Slims down the body

All those people who suffer from obesity or carry weight more than required should indulge in aerobic exercises regularly. Exercise helps to melt the fat deposition from the tissues. Muscles and tissues are able to burn more calories as exercise increases the metabolism. Thus, the individuals who work out more regularly and more intensely are likely to lose weight faster than those who do not make it a regular activity.


Fixes the body posture

Now, who doesn’t want to have a good body posture? Everyone does and the reason is that it is important to have a better personality. The need is to find out the common problems associated with body posture. Now, find out the muscles that you need to work out to help correct the body posture. Exercise regularly those muscles, back and abs. Slowly but gradually regular exercising will help an individual to correct the body posture.


Increases bone strength

Everyone is familiar that with age, bone mineral density gets decreased and bone loses its strength. With age, our bones get weaker and thinner. Bone loss takes place at the ratio of 1% per year. Exercise again comes to rescue. If you want to maintain the bone health, regularly devote some time on a daily basis for exercising. Although any type of exercise is beneficial, still there are specific ones to improve bone strength. Resistance training which mainly comprises of lifting weights is good for bone health. Depending on the physical strength and age, an individual needs to indulge in resistance training. 


Increases the muscle strength

Exercises, in particular, the resistance training ones help to build muscle mass. Regular exercising will reduce the 1% loss of muscle strength which takes place every year into half. Stronger the muscles, aerobically fit an individual remains. Lifting weight will create tension in the body muscles which takes place against the bones. Thus, bones also benefit from weight lifting. Those who work regularly will have good muscle strength. Such individuals will either have a fat-free body or a lean but healthy body mass. 


Brings efficiency in breathing

With age, lung tissues get affected. Exercise can reverse the effects of aging. It strengthens the lung muscles and improves breathing. It targets the lungs muscles that are associated with the opening of lungs to allow passage of oxygen and then compress to send the carbon dioxide outside. Exercise also increases the aerobic capacity which in turn efficiently permits the oxygen to enter the cells and tissue system. It is important to have an efficient breathing capacity. Those who exercise regularly will have a good breathing capacity. They can work out and carry out tasks without having to stop to catch a break whereas those who don’t exercise needs frequent stops.


Improves sex life

Exercise improves muscles strength. Thus, endocrine glands of those individuals who work regularly are able to produce an adequate amount of hormones. When the muscle mass is more, stimulation in the production of androgens is also increased. These androgens help both the sexes in the maintenance of sexual functioning. Regular exercising thus enhances sexual arousal. It decreases erectile dysfunction risk in men. All these benefits are because exercise improves circulation which is significant when it comes to sex life. Moreover, men and women who exercise regularly will feel more fit physically to indulge in the activity. 


Decreases the arthritis risk

Arthritis is common in middle-aged and old-aged individuals. This chronic condition is mainly caused when bones outgrow in joints and also due to cartilage associated abnormalities. To reduce the risk of this chronic illness, it is not at all necessary to indulge in weight training or aerobic exercises. Simple stretching exercises such as Tai Chi, yoga are equally beneficial. The purpose should be to permit movements of joints and gradually increase the range. These kinds of exercises also decrease the risk of injury such as torn ligaments or tears in the muscles. Don’t perform the wrong exercises. Wearing wrong shoes while running can also increase the risk of arthritis.


Burns calories even at rest

Exercising regularly helps an individual in losing fat and building up of muscle mass in the body. Resistance exercises such as lifting weights are in particular helpful to increase muscle mass in the body. More muscles in the body burn fat faster even when the person is at rest. Thus, muscular individuals resting metabolic rate is higher than others. It is another reason to regularly exercise and build up more muscle mass in the body. It is because it offers dual benefits. Metabolic rate is increased during exercise session as well as resting metabolic rate is also increased.



The above mentioned are some of the impressive results which regular exercising can gift an individual. To remain physically fit and in the best possible shape, it is not at all necessary to indulge in an intense exercise. Not everyone can train their body intensely. If an exercise regime is followed without keeping in consideration of current health status and age, then it is going to do more harm rather than good. It is beneficial, to begin with, simple and easy to carry out exercises and then slowly but gradually try to increase the intensity. The most important rule is to be regular. One who exercises regularly enjoys a number of benefits out of it and manages to remain physically fit and healthy.

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