Want to enjoy sound mental health? You don’t have to look for some miracles or spend a fortune on expensive treatments. It’s not a secret anymore. Exercise is the remedy for your vitality and health. Make it your secret weapon and retard your aging process and prevent the mental illnesses from approaching you. It is a beneficial pill that is able to bring happiness and good mental health to you and your family. The need is to embrace it regularly and for that devote some time of your day on a regular basis. 


Here are some benefits of exercising regularly on mental health-


Sharpens memory

Daily exercise will sharpen the mind and will help in better learning i.e., the grasping power and concentration will improve to a great extent. During the workout session, a large amount of oxygen and energy is supplied to the brain. The better the circulation, the better will be functioning of the organ. Regular exercise keeps neurons healthy, especially those in the memory section. Hippocampus is the memory center located in the brain. Intense exercise is not at all necessary to sharpen memory. The regular moderate walk can maintain the health of the memory center and boost memory of an individual. Regular workouts also decrease the cortisol level in the body. It is a stress hormone that is associated with improvement in mood. It also decreases anxiety levels. Decreased cortisol level thus, in turn, boosts memory.


Allows to sleep well

Now, who doesn’t want to sleep safe and sound during night hours? All those individuals who experience difficulty falling asleep should exercise regularly in the morning time which will help to sleep better at night. Don’t indulge in exercise during night hours or just before bed. Exercising in hours that are too close to the bedtime will have a reverse effect. During the day time, the physical exertion in which an individual engages helps the circadian rhythm of the body to be in tune. Those who can sleep without disturbance in night enjoys good physical, as well as mental health and all the diseases and disorders associated with mind and body, are kept at bay.


Increases confidence

It is but obvious that exercising regularly can improve an individual’s appearance to a great extent. It is a reason to boost confidence. Moreover, indirectly it will make an individual become social. If he works out in the gym or in the park along with other enthusiasts, it is very much possible that his social circle is going to increase. Thus, the feelings of being social and being accomplished often follows. Some are not able to work out intensely as others thus; they may not experience the remarkable changes. No matter how little efforts they put in but those efforts boost confidence and make them feel better. 


Helps to get rid of stress

Do you want to de-stress? We all look for various ways to get rid of the stress that builds up in our lives. A simple yet effective way and the best thing about exercise is that it does not cost us compared to those expensive de-stressing therapies. Combat stress with regular exercising. When an individual is exercising, he takes off his mind from those things which stress him. Moreover, endorphins released fight stress naturally and create calming effects.


Exercise promotes happiness

All the credit does not go to the endorphins that are released in the body that fight stress naturally. Exercise also overall helps to improve the quality of life in a much better way. When an individual devotes some time of his daily schedule in exercise, he is making it a habit. Those who exercise regularly knows the difference. On the days on which they exercise they feel better and are in a good mood throughout the day and on the days when they don’t, they feel tired and dull. Thus, exercise regularly and be happy.


Enhances Mood

Individuals who regularly exercise are not likely to suffer from depression. Depression and other psychological disorders need not be treated with a heavy dosage of drugs. Simple exercises performed regularly can show remarkable improvement in these conditions. Moreover, prevention is better than cure. One who exercises regularly is at the least risk of suffering from them. Thus, give emphasis on behavioral treatments such as exercise and not support pill culture anymore. Aerobic exercises carried out in open fresh air enhances the mood of an individual by releasing endorphins in the body. Endorphins are feel-good hormones that naturally improves mood and are released within 20-25 minutes of exercising. When an individual exercise regularly, these neurotransmitters get released regularly and as a result, it improves the mental health of an individual.


Decreases the risk of dementia

It is difficult to distinguish between dementia that is caused due to heart disease and other forms of dementia. One who exercises regularly is lowering the risk of dementia that is caused by cardiovascular disease. The reason is exercise improves blood circulation throughout the body. Thus, blood circulation in the brain also improves. It either slows down or completely prevents the death of neurons that are responsible for causing Alzheimer. Fat and glucose metabolism also gets improved which in turn brings improvement in Alzheimer’s. Abnormalities in these metabolic processes are also the reason for causing brain alterations in the disease. Scientific studies have proven that a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Exercising regularly is the most effective way to promote healthy living.


Decreases anxiety

As discussed earlier that regular exercise is capable of exerting positive effects on mood. Same effects are seen on anxiety levels too. Exercise increases the endorphins and as a result, the feelings of anxiousness and worries bid goodbye. Exercise sessions help an individual to shift focus from daily troubles to workout regimes. Thus, an individual starts gaining a new perspective on life. He shifts his focus from the things which used to preoccupy him and the concerns which used to bother him to his exercise session. He takes a workout break to decrease his anxiety levels. Exercise boosts energy levels in the body. Thus, after an exercise break when an individual returns to his regular work, he returns completely recharged and with energy levels that are renewed. Thus, instead of becoming anxious over every little thing, he quickly figures out new solutions for them.


Increases intelligence

Not only the memory of an individual improves with exercise but also intellectual skills improve a lot. More amount of oxygen flows to the brain. Thus, the prefrontal cortex gets enough oxygen and improves intelligence. The prefrontal cortex is a part of the brain that helps in reasoning and carrying out planning. Physical exercises carried out on a regular basis are good for increasing intelligence. To reap added benefits, it is also recommended that an individual offers some mental activity to the brain on a regular basis. These kinds of activities usually require an individual to offer quick responses. They are associated with boosting intelligence and improve the individual’s ability to smoothly carry out daily activities of his life.


Builds fun

Fun is a time period in an individual’s life when his mind is most relaxed and free. The more mind remains relaxed and free of anxiety and stress, overall mental health improves. Exercising regularly can be a fun task. The only need is to find out the type of exercises that you enjoy the most and motivates you to carry out regularly. Thus, an individual can enjoy his workout session and feel like fun while his body is carrying out the task. Some individuals prefer to workout by themselves and not with family or friends. Others go to the gym or work out with a group as they enjoy a social gathering. It does not matter what type of workout style is adopted. All that matters is that exercising is carried out regularly. When an exercise regime is followed for the long term, it improves the quality of life.


Increases mental focus

We all make plans and try to remain on the schedule as much as possible. How many of us are successful in sticking to our plans? Only a few of us can do that successfully. The main reason is lack of focus. Attention or focus is important for us so that our day can successfully lead as we have planned. In the absence of it, we will often get delayed and fall back. To increase our focus we need to exercise regularly. It improves blood circulation to our brain and thus we will be able to concentrate properly. Moreover, hormones are released at optimum levels which again increase the focus.



There are many reasons to exercise. The top reasons which help in maintaining overall mental health are mentioned in the article. Devote some time on a daily basis and indulge in some form of exercise depending on health status and age. Make it a habit to dedicate that particular duration of the day for following an exercise regime. Soon it will become a fun task and the benefits it brings on mental health are numerous. Exercise regularly and keep your mind fit and healthy.

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