Do you work out regularly? If no, what’s preventing you from exercising? What excuses do you use as a defensive shield? Is it your busy schedule, current health status, hate towards following an exercise regime or something else? Whatever may be the excuse, the need of the hour is to stop it and devote some time on a regular basis to achieve overall health. Don’t let anything to keep you from exercising. We can always find some time for the things that matter to us the most and for the things which we value the most. Thus, if we value the exercise, we are going to find some time to follow the regime, no matter how busy we are. This article explains different ways to beat the odds and get inspired. 


Lack of time

Most of us complain about the lack of availability of enough time to exercise as the topmost excuse. We often give an excuse of how busy our schedule is and how difficult it is to devote some time out of the hectic timetable. We tend to find time for everything else but when it comes to exercise we clearly say that we don’t have time for that. 

Ways to beat it-

In spite of the hectic work schedule, we spend so much of our time in front of the television and on our smartphone’s. Not only on these electronic devices, but we also waste too much of our precious time on other things too. If we can find some ways to utilize the time, we can gracefully fulfill our requirements of exercising on a daily basis. While watching television, it is a better idea to make use of resistance bands which will help in strength training. Skip the advertisements and use that time for working out. While listening to music channels, you don’t have to sit and watch. Let your favorite songs play and you can work out listening to them or else simply walk in the space available in your room. Always remember that something is better than nothing. If you cannot find a longer duration for exercising, it doesn’t mean that you should not exercise at all. Exercising in smaller sessions also exerts good benefits on body and mind. Carry out the exercise in shorter sessions. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your vehicle in the farthest space so that you get to walk a little more. Walk to the grocery store and market and to all those places where you can easily go without a vehicle.


Lack of energy

Another common excuse that everyone around us seems to use is tiredness. Simply just say that you are too tired and you have too little energy to carry out any exercise. Say that your current health status has deteriorated to such an extent that even brisk walking is difficult to carry out.

Ways to beat it-

Exercise does not use your valuable energy and make you feel tired. Exercise, in fact, boosts your energy level. Thus, stop using it as an excuse for not exercising. Initially, you may feel a little tired while working out and that is because the body is not used to the stretching and exercising. Also, if an exercise regime is not chosen as per the requirements of age and current health status then an individual will get tired soon. Otherwise, exercises increase the energy levels in the body and make you feel fresh and energetic. The body produces endorphins which are often called as happy hormones or the hormones that make you feel good. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. The food that is taken in breakfast metabolizes and offer energy throughout the day. Similarly, working out in the morning time keeps you energized and fresh the entire day. If you are not able to work out in the morning and you are trying to escape by giving an excuse that you are not a morning person, it does not mean that you cannot exercise at all.  Carry out exercise whenever you find the time. If you seem to find some time during the middle of the day or evening, don’t think much and do it. A brisk walk after dinner time is also good.


Kids take up too much of time

How many ladies or moms give this excuse? There are many. Only a few of them don’t use it to escape from exercising and live a healthy lifestyle. Blame it on kids. It is a simple excuse to escape from working out. 

Ways to beat it-

How many moms take their kids to the playground or a garden? What do you do while they are playing? It’s the best time to carry out some exercise while keeping a watch on them. Walk around in the garden or playground. You can also choose to do some yoga and stretching exercises. Your kids get the exercising that they require for their age and in the meantime, you get to enjoy your workout session. It’s a good idea to put badminton net if space is available in your yard. Play with your kids. Badminton, volleyball or any such activity will help your body a lot and in the meantime, it will help you to bond with your kids in a much better way. Go for a walk in the neighborhood along with your kids. If you like cycling then you can all go together for it. Your love for exercising will also benefit your kids in the long run. Walk all the way to pick up your kids from schools, coaching classes, and other classes if the places are not far away.


Working out is boring

How many of us feel that exercise is boring enough to be carried out on a regular basis? Most of us use it as an excuse. Some of us even who exercise do it just for the sake of doing. As their heart isn’t in it, it is very likely they will quit after a certain period of time.

Ways to beat it-

Exercise is not boring at all. There are various forms of exercise and there are various ways to work out. The need of the hour is to find the one that you love the most. Find an activity that interests you. Most of us agree that dancing is not boring. Well, then regularly devote some time in dancing. It is a form of exercise. Do you have a passion for skating than just do it? Do you love spending time in the garden doing all sorts of chores then yes, gardening is an exercise? There is an exercise in some form or the other for everyone. Make exercising a fun task. Multitask if you find it pleasant. Watch your favorite channels and exercise on the treadmill and other exercise equipment such as an exercise bike. If you find doing it alone very tiring and boring then carry out the exercise regime by gathering some friends or family members. If you wish you can even join a group for motivation. Every now and then add something new and just mix and match to avoid getting bored which usually happens by doing something repetitive for a longer duration.


Hate to move

Some of us don’t like sweating and feel that exercise will make body sweaty. Some of us complain that exercising is not easier on joints and thus they don’t work out. Some of us don’t exercise as they are too conscious of being obese or overweight.

Ways to beat it-

If you don’t like sweating, exercise indoors. Air conditioning will not allow the body to sweat too much. Swimming is a good exercise where you will not notice sweating. There are lots of exercises which do not make an individual to sweat a lot such as yoga. If you do not want the exercise to be hard on your joints then go to swimming pools. Swimming is a form of exercise that is not hard on joints. As you start exercising more and more, your muscles will become strong and offer more support to your joints. Consequently the scope for hurting joints decreases. Find a trainer who will make an exercise regime for you which will be easy to perform and guarantee safety at the same time. If you are too conscious to work out alone because of your obesity, ask your friends and family support. Work out with them at your home. Find a trainer who understands and supports you. Work out as per your convenience and wear what makes you feel comfortable.


Fear of failure

Did you try earlier but failed miserably? Now, you are using it as an excuse for not exercising. Most of us do that. Most of us set unrealistic goals and try to reach them overnight. When they fail, they stop attempting and say that it is not meant for them.

Ways to beat it-

Get motivation and make a new exercise regime. This time do not try to set unrealistic goals. Keep it real and small. Need is to be consistent and slowly reach where you really want to be. It is not going to happen overnight. Keep patience as the hard work always pays off. Find a workout buddy who offers you motivation and appreciates every little achievement.

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