By complications of pregnancy, we mean the occurrence of certain conditions which lead to the termination of pregnancy before full term. Sometimes, the mother’s life is also endangered by these complications. These complications are listed as follows:

Tubal pregnancy:

Conception occurs in the fallopian tube. Immediately after conception, the ovum travels down to uterus and starts growing into a fetus here. In tubal pregnancy, the fertilized ovum continues to develop into the fetus in the fallopian tube itself without traveling down to the uterus. In this kind of pregnancy there is a great risk of rupture of the tube. When the tube ruptures there is bleeding and severe pain. If medical attention is not immediately available, the mother’s life will be in danger.

Toxemia of pregnancy:

It is a condition of pregnancy where the women suffers from hypertension (elevated blood pressure), edema, (collection of fluid in body tissues) and albuminuria (presence of albumin in urine). If not treated at proper time the women may have severe fits which may lead to maternal death, still-birth or neonatal death.


It is a natural abortion. Abortion is interruption of pregnancy at any time before the twenty eighth week of pregnancy. This may occur due to the defects in the germ plasm, endocrine disorder in mother, chronic diseases in mother, certain drugs taken by the mother, shocks, dietary deficiencies in the mother and many other causes. Bleeding is the first symptom and if the woman gets medical attention immediately, abortion can be prevented.

Premature separation of placenta:

Placenta is an organ through which the fetus is nourished. It separates from the uterine wall of uterus at the time of birth. If it separates prematurely, that is, before birth of baby, it may lead to the death of the baby and mother. Immediate medical attention is essential to prevent serious consequences.

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