alt                                                       Benefits of pushups!

Pushups are single most effective exercise for improving overall body muscle.

A beginner who is doing pushups for the first or second time might feel them really difficult because so many muscles are involved in doing them.

 Many of which are under trained for a beginner who try’s doing them. Even for a veteran who used to really heavy weights may feel doing pushups if he does not do them for a while.

                                                                                         The actual motion of pushups trains the chest, triceps and the anterior deltoids, while stretching the back and biceps.


 Many people consider push ups as the best known workout for chest. They are great at increasing muscle size, tone and also blood circulation and cardiovascular health.


                                           When we are performing pushups it can also increase human growth hormone, boosting overall muscle growth which is a hidden secret of pushups that many people never discover

. Therefore pushups can be considered as primary chest workout rather than just supplementary exercise.

 If you are really depend on pushups as primary chest workout then do 500 pushups a day to see great results even though they are painful and challenging.


Stay healthy!

 Thank you deepti!

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