Women are considered as the treasure of a nation and wealth of every home. The success of each and every family lies in the women of that particular home, which in turn is the secret of development of a nation. Each and every woman should come across the following nine stages in her complete life cycle.

Thirteen years:

When a girl reaches thirteen years of age, she is no more a child. It is during this stage that lots of changes seem to occur in her body. This stage brings about a differentiation between a female and a male child. Girls tend to become anxious about the changes that occur in their body. By this time she should have reached the stage of puberty. She will find herself glowing and spends most of her time in showing herself very appealing.

The girl should be educated about cleanliness by her mother. The mother could find various changes in the behavior of her daughter. This is a normal physiological and psychological attitude and she need not be worried about the changes.

Eighteen years:

This stage is commonly termed as teen-age and regular menstruation starts here. The nutrition of the girl is of utmost importance during this stage because of the increasing demands of the body mainly to overcome the iron lost during menstruation. A well balanced diet enriched with proteins, vitamin and minerals is essential so as to build up a healthy body. The girl should be aware of the differences between the men and women relationships. She should be given education regarding sex. This will ensure in the development of safer relationships with peer group men.

Twenty one years:

This is the most exciting period of a woman’s life since she will be enjoying her college days. She should concentrate more on her studies in order to settle in a better career and make her life flourished. Healthy life style which includes both well balanced diet and exercise is very important. The concepts and the attitude developed during this stage will decide the future life of the woman.

Twenty five years:

The responsibility of the woman is much more increased in this age as she will be leading a family after her marriage. Regular health check ups of each and every member are necessary in order to avoid any complications. The breast check up for the woman should be done once in every two years. This will help to detect the incidence of breast cancer at an early stage. It is very essential to reduce the content of salt, rice and sugar in the diet from this age.

Thirty years:

A majority of the women are energetic during this period of life. There will be weight gain in the woman’s body. In spite of the weight gain, they tend to be careless with respect to diet. It is not safe to have an unhealthy life style during this age of life. The diet should be restricted in calories, salt and rich in proteins, fiber, calcium, iron and other vitamins. During this age women are not suspected to be affected by complications, but still blood pressure might seem to increase significantly because of the stress involved. Regular health check ups will keep a check to this problem.

Forty years:

There occurs a slight variation in the health condition of woman and they feel tired often. It very essential to get themselves checked up for diseases like lung cancer, blood pressure, breast cancer, liver disorders, cysts or any lump formation in any part of the body. Any excess weight gain for the specific height should also be monitored.

Fifty years:

Women easily get affected by diseases during this age. Hence they must give more importance to their health by taking up medical check ups and by consuming an easily digestible disease. Exercising regularly would also improve the health condition. Women of this age are susceptible to be affected by osteoporosis due to the erosion of calcium from the bones. This mainly occurs as a result of lowering of the estrogen hormone in the body because of the onset of menopause.

Sixty years:

This is the time of rest for women and they are supposed to relax now. The level of immunity will be very low and hence are easily infected by contagious diseases. Women tend to become depressed very soon due to the problems of the surrounding and their home. Their mind should be deviated from such tensions by friendly conversations with friends and neighbors. A morning and an evening walk will keep the mind relaxed. Monthly medical check ups could serve as a source of betterment from these troubles.

Seventy years:

It is a very important stage of the woman’s life. The family members should see to the old woman in their family should not be indulged in family problems. This is the time to relax and this could be achieved by easy exercise, consumption of easily digestible diet, arranging family get-togethers, developing hobbies such as reading good books, art and craft works, and spiritual ideas and so on.

A thorough knowledge of the various stages in a woman’s life will definitely be of great help for overcoming the problems of each and every age group and leading a wonderful life and being a role model in the society.


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