Bhujangasana is called as cobra pose because it symbolises a cobra. It has so many good benefits physically and spiritually when practised regularly. This cobra pose is a good warm up pose which benefits all the abdominal organs. All the important organs like kidneys, liver and spleen are stimulated. yoga asanas have been one of the ancient ways to stay healthy and young. But the lifestyle changes of people today are so drastic that we don't find enough time to exercise. So try to learn all these simple yoga asanas and spend some daily time to improve health.


  1. Lie up side on the yoga mat with hands beneath the shoulders.
  2. Relax and try to breathe normally.
  3. Slowly inhale and raise your upper body from the mat placing the palms on the floor to balance.
  4. Place the hands firm and raise your head to look up.
  5. Make a curve on the body do that it looks like a cobra as shown in the figure.
  6. Breathe normally.
  7. Maintain it for as long as you can.
  8. Then come back to original position.
  9. Repeat it for three times.

Special tips

  • Always use a yoga mat, it will make you feel comfortable.
  • Select a place with good air supply and space.
  • Initially raising your body might be difficult.
  • But you can learn it by practise.
  • Do the asanas in the early morning without eating anything.

Word of caution

  • People with back pain do it carefully.
  • Elderly people and children must do the asana with proper supervision.
  • Please get proper advice form a doctor before starting the routine.
  • Initially do it slowly and then practice regularly can help.


  • Strengthens spine.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Increases Flexibility of body.
  • Awakens kundalini.
  • Improves digestion and working of abdominal organs by increasing blood flow.
  • Reduces stress and fatigue.
  • Improves working of spleen and liver.

Practise this asana daily and stay healthy.

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