There are many benefits in exercising, that too when it is done on a regular basis. In today's hectic life, nobody can deny the importance of exercise and that we have to allot some time in our day to day life for exercise as well. After all, it is in our own interest and well being. Definitely, by doing exercise regularly, we can add years to our life and also more life into the years we live or aspire to live and thus make our life more enjoyable without any disease. So, what are the so called benefits of exercising regularly? Following are the top five benefits that come to my mind.

Weight Loss: Daily Exercise can help a person to lose weight. Whether it is lifting weights or running on a treadmill in a gym, physical activity can help you to burn some calories with ease.

Makes you look Smart: Your brain actually gets a boost with exercise. Brain tissues are lost due to aging. However,when a person starts doing exercise on a regular basis, it makes your brain to lose tissue much slowly.

Prevents Diseases:  To prevent diseases from troubling us, it is better to do some physical exercise regularly. It helps you in preventing diseases to agreat extent. It lowers your risk of developing deadly diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Boosts Energy: Daily exercise can give you extra energy. Beginning the day with strength training exercises or jogging provides you with extra energy for regular household tasks

Improves frame of Mind:  An individual who exercises every day usually feels happier than an individual who doesn’t do any exercise at all. The reason is said to be that exercise can help brain chemicals that can make you feel better and cheerful for the day ahead. 


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