Exercising in hot weather is a persona preference but there are some time tested benefits of this method.  Exercising in hot weather raises the body temperature. It is extra stress on the body. It has to be done with care and caution. It is better to avoid the heat, stay indoors, and do some resistance training. It is important to take care of yourself during such kinds of exercises. Make it a point to drink up lot of water during such times.
Our bodies have a built in cooling system that adjusts heat. If we exercise in hot weather, this cooling system takes a beating. Drink lot of water but not too much and stay hydrated.

Exercising in heat has to be done with a lot of patience and tolerance. Do not overtire yourself. If you are used to walking or jogging do it, but with care. Do not exercise at noon. Either rise up early or exercise after sunset.

Clothing is an important aspect of this kind of exercising. As it is very hot, it is better to wear clothes that are comfortable. Keep your clothes as loose as possible. Keep your dress very simple and not very intricately designed ones. Have loose fitting clothes so that they circulate the air around. While exercising you would get fatigued. There are ways of comb tatting this.

Do not have too much fried stuff and binge on juicy snacks like fruit. Do not binge on dry crackers, energy bars, and popcorn that make your body ask for water? Dry snacks also are filled with calories, which is not well appreciated.

If you find any of the following symptoms, it is better to consult a doctor. Lightheartedness and a feeling of giddiness The skin suddenly starts paling. There is a persistent headache. Muscles get cramped.The heartbeats get louder.

If you have finally decided to go ahead with your exercising in hot weather, then there are certain foods, which will help you to do this. Do not exercise without fuel. Take lots of grapefruit, carrots, lettuce, and apples. Do not leave yourself dehydrated. Take lot of water.

As with other exercising techniques, this method also has a time. Dieters try to hit the streets at any time of the day. Do not do this instead start your routine before 10 in the morning or after 3 p.m in the evening. Do not go on paths that are sun absorbed instead walk on dirt paths.

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