Since time immemorial, Yoga has been a most reliable method to heal the common health problems. It is basically about practicing some body postures daily and retaining them for some time limit. It should be practiced at the time of dusk and dawn for better results. There are many Yoga postures that can help you to deal with the health problems such as joint pains, sprains and muscle cramps. Some of them are explained below:


It is a very effective yoga posture that requires adequate body stretching. First of all, you have to stand straight and bring forward your arms. Gradually raise your hands above and stretch the body properly. Then, you have to stand on your toes. Remain in this position for as much time as you can. It will enhance the flexibility of your backbone. It is very useful Asana for people suffering from pain in backbone. Moreover, it helps in increasing the height also.


Chakrasana is another immensely useful Yogasana which helps in increasing the flexibility of leg and arm muscles. In this asana, you have to stand straight with legs apart. Then, bring forward your arms and rotate then once at your left side and then, at your right side or vice-versa. You have to retain the posture for 2 minutes in each direction. 


This is a form of Yogasana which is inspired by snake. In this you have to practice the posture which makes you look like a snake that is why it is named Sarpasana. You have to lie straight on the floor with stomach touching to the floor and back should be at the upper side. Then touch your hands to the floor and taking the support, start raising your upper body. Raise your head above the floor, same way raise up to the back. Breath normally and try to remain in this position for some time. 


This asana is very effective for increasing flexibility of neck bone. In this, you have to stand straight and open your feet in V-shaped position. Slowly raise your hands and try to bend your neck at the back. Try to remain in this position for as much time as you can. 


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